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Friday, January 25, 2013


RUB is a new discovery made by our foodie couple friends while they were cruising the stretch of restos in Barrio Kapitolyo in Pasig. If you haven't been to the area, YOU MUST... i command you! And if you are still in my spell, troop over to RUB... a simple resto in the far end of Barrio Kapitolyo that serves AWESOME SUPER KADUPER MEATS AND RIBS!!! Just the thought of it makes me drool and lick the pics on my album... ha ha ha ha ah!!!

The great thing about RUB is that prices are CHEAP!!! Very easy on the pocket but you wouldn't think so from the quality and big servings!!! The choices are still limited (they don't have burgers yet that's why Yub was forced to eat ribs... but was thankful later on... ha ha ah) but you wouldn't notice it because THE RIBS ARE THAT GOOD!!!

Try it! I bet my silly little food blog on this... ha ha ha ha ha!

When you get to RUB, expect a bit of a wait as there may be many hungry rubbies in the resto. If you have an extra driver, you may want to bring him (her?) since parking may be something of a mission. 

By the way... extra driver? Naks sosyal ka teh ha! HA HA HA!

But please, parking and braving the crowds are just small hindrances... I advise (or command) you to brave it out and wait. TRUST me, it's worth it.

Dan dan dannnn.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RUB was hugely recommended to us by one of my favorite couples in the world, Mareng Gail and Jun. They discovered this resto when we were supposed to meet and got stuck in traffic. We were supposed to go to a Chinese restaurant that night but had to cancel.

Come to think of it, maybe they MADE UP that sorry traffic excuse and PURPOSELY CANCELLED so that they could eat here? Hmmm... something to consult Madam Auring on... 

Anyhoo, whatever the reason or cancelled meeting was, all was forgotten when we stepped in RUB.

You know when you are being led to your table and you pass by other customers eating with their colorful dishes? That gave me a preview of what is to come for dinner and wow, it got me drooling right then and there. My husband had to use my blouse to wipe the "bubbly saliva" at the right of my lip. Oh yes such a gentleman.

If I may just do a detour... To give you an example of how much my husband loves me. We went to a party where there was food, lotsa drinks, but no ice. The only available tubed ice were the ones in the cooler where they dump the bottled drinks. That's it. While eating, I got thirsty so my husband gave me this cold glass of Coke with ice! 
After happily chugging it down to the last drop, I asked him admiringly, "Galing mo Yub! Where did you get the ice?" 
He answered in a matter of factly "E di sa icebox!"
Toink!!! Imagine dirty bottles of softdrinks and ALL the people in the party dipping their grimy hands in it. THAT'S where he got my ice!
Nakuuu! Kung di ka lang kamukha ni Mark Anthony!!! Kidding! I love you Yubskers! This is a nice story to share always!

Back to RUB... Sorry!

The restaurant is very cozy. It somehow reminded me of a coffee shop where would you would like to just talk and while away the time. They put frames of famous personalities for conversation pieces.

Could you guess who these two are?

If you say VAMPIRE KILLER oh you are soooo in trouble!!!

The place is quite small so here's hoping for a bigger area next time we visit.

Could you guys see Aliyah Parks? :) He he he he!

... and now we're hungry!

Their meynuh! Check out the prices! Not so steep right? Plus they have big servings!

They still have a limited menu since they focused more on the ribs (the Yub was looking for burgers since he HATED ribs. He did not like the sour taste of the sauce). But since there was nothing offered from his usual favorites, he finally settled to just sharing a plate with me. Poor Yub? Not for long.

Second page...

... and now comes the special of the night! The RIBS!!! We ordered the Ribs with 2 sides to share (P370) and from the looks of this, we will have a delicious dinner tonight!

Yub was having a mini-tantrum because he did not really fancy hickory sauce, but after a small bite, he became a convert. He loved the sweetish, malinamnam chunks of meat. He can't stop raving about it!

Same goes for me! Wow! I was NOT disappointed! The only thing I was sorry for is agreeing to share this with the Yubskers. Oh I could finish ALL of this with rice! Yup THAT good!!!

This is Gail and Jun's plate. I loved the side dishes of their ribs! Everything just deliciously complimented the main dish of the night. That coleslaw was very creamy with the right amount of tingle for your taste buds. It was so darn good with their onion rings!

If you're lucky to have a date who is not so nitpicky with his food, you could stick out your tongue and give a loooong lick at that wonderful slab of ribs. If he consents, then he's a keeper. Ha ha ha ha!

If he reacts, he's normal! 

In the meantime, just enjoy the night with great food and goody friends!!!

If you're like me who always want something extra, you could request for more sauce! It's so delicious on everything! I'm not really a fan of hickory sauce but this one, I don't mind putting on my sprice (spiced rice). 

By the way, the rice is not really spicy... It's just something very tasty to shovel in your mouth while your savoring the juicy morsel of a rib! 

Like what I did after this picture was taken...

Moments later...

For somebody who detested ribs before, my husband certainly sucked these babies dry...

It's an epidemic! Everything was WIPED out! (Except for the plain rice though). You would see the same sight when you eat here most definitely!

The bill comes in his cute mug which unfortunately, could NOT be taken home. Anyway, you'll be happy to see though that your pocket will not be damaged or scarred for life. Prices are cheap and very dandy! 

All the more reason for us to troop back to this wondrous place!!


Kapitolyo: 88 East Capitol Drive, Bgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City
11am - 10pm / Tel: 6252939

QC: 64 Scout Rallos, QC / 11am - 12mn /Tel: 5012799


  1. the ribs are too small for 370 pesos. and from the looks of it, mabuto. but i trust it tastes good, i just dont see it sulit while you nibble on those ribs for some meat. was that their full rack?

  2. Hiya Sonny! The size of the ribs were very sufficient especially for its price! Maybe it was not that conveyed in the photos but it was so meaty as well. My friends, who are huge eaters, were full with the platter good for 2 (the P370). It would also very well fill up a person with the appetite of a bear! :)

  3. I have a whole list of places that I wanna try, and this is one of the top ones.. I'm surprised I still havent been here yet!

    1. Me too! Especially in the Kapitolyo area! I just discovered that there are a lot of places indeed there to pig out. Yes you should try this :) I'm sure your lovely Rina will like it too :) Menu is still limited but the ribs will compensate for everything :) Sarap!


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