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Sunday, June 30, 2013


No matter how everything is already within my reach (and by "within my reach" I meant, easy for my Yub to get), I could still be very impatient with my cravings. 

Obviously if it was done during my time, I would have FAILED the marshmallow test with flying colors! I just have to have what I wanted NOW! NOW! NOW!

When I crave for something it is as if I have this insatiable thirst that if I don't get it by the minute, my life would drain up little by little. Who knows? Maybe my wrinkles are not really "lines of wisdom" but more like "signs of craving not served". 

So you could just imagine how one time, I woke up on a Sunday morning and I was enraptured to have a bowl on ramen, pronto. You could almost see my poor husband pacifying me because we cannot have it for lunch since we usually have Sunday fests with my family. So that meant he would have to control this little tasmanian creature until dinner and that was like, 12 hours away?

Good luck Mark Anthony aka Chinese stalker.

But as they say, good things happen to those who wait (HA!) and we were finally able to get our Ramen fix for the night. And not just with ANY kind of Ramen, but the WRONG kind!

Before you take pity on my handsome husband once again, don't worry, that WRONG kind of Ramen was SO delicious!!! Read on and you'll see how the 12 hour wait was worth it.

By the way, let me just make it clear though that I am not referring to PREGNANCY cravings. This is just me being my normal self.

What's that you say? Now you know why we live in Mandaluyong City where the Mental Hospital is located?


Ha ha ha! Kidding! 

WRONG RAMEN is the new bad-@#ss Ramen hub on the block of Burgos Circle in Fort Bonifacio.

The restaurant is kind of modest in size so expect to line up along with other hungry foodies who yearn to slurp their very tasty broth and noodles!

While lining up, you would see some chuckle worthy quotes that'll keep you entertained while you wait. This one is my favorite.

HA! Another reason to eat here in WRONG RAMEN! I surely want to see my husband screaming in a different kind of pure ecstasy!!! Tee hee!!! (Wink wink and naughty naughty!)

Here are the other little "touches" in WRONG RAMEN that got my beautiful eye...

Saw this very cute painting as well.... 

I want an order of this one!

Oh STOP! (Blushing)

Tee hee!

Yub! WRONG RAMEN has a room for you!

Yub : "Jaz! WRONG RAMEN has a room for you too!!!"


I am open to do this when WRONG RAMEN does not have bowls available...

This too....

Nice!! I could have my ramen AND Coke at the same time.

It would have to be Coke Zero though....

After a few minutes, we were led to the second floor of WRONG RAMEN and like expected, the noodle house was crowded.

To maximize the number of diners who could eat in WRONG RAMEN, they put special dividers on some of their tables so that customers could share the tables.

If you want to eat by your lonesome, put this up....

If you want your handsome seatmate to see you, then put it down.

I'm referring to the divider okay? 

Hello you hottie guy you!

ERICJAZ FOODIES' view from our counter table... It's like a view from a sleazy  motel...

Not that... we have ever been to one but we imagine that is how it would look it...

Tee hee!

The WRONG RAMEN meynuh may not have a lot of dishes to choose from compared to your other Japanese restaurants but you would have to admit that it may be the most clever one with dishes you won't find in your OTHER Japanese restaurants....

Yub got interested in WRONG RAMEN Tonkotsu light (P295.00) because he is not really a noodle person and did not want to be shocked when we get his ramen cherry popped.

There is also a richer version of this which was strongly recommended at P380.00 a bowl!

As for me, I set my sights on this one because I love everything spicy!!!

If you look at the bottom of your page, WRONG RAMEN has this noodle bowl served with Spam, Bacon, Cheese, and Fried Egg. It may be the dish that the restaurant is known for because it is certainly a rebellious answer to the usual Ramen bowls out there.

Worth a try, but not now for ERICJAZ FOODIES. Maybe next time!

While waiting for our order, we played with the condiments nearby and wowed at how it looked good with their special  "spotlight" for each person at  the counter table.


WRONG RAMEN salt and pepper shakers in battery containers!!!!

WRONG RAMEN chopsticks!!!

WRONG RAMEN battlecry!


Yub, you have someone new to add in your FB account... tee hee!

... and WRONG RAMEN thumb of approval!!!

Just to be clear, this IS my husband's thumb since I doubt if WRONG RAMEN keeps a Addam's Family like Hand in one of their rooms....

Tee hee!



.. and our WRONG RAMEN order is here!

My WRONG RAMEN Communist!

I was surprised to see raw white onions in my WRONG RAMEN order and I was not sure if this was how they really did it in Japan (this is my first time to see this veggie in my ramen bowl). But I realized that we WERE in a restaurant with the word WRONG in it so this might be their own take on such noodle dish.

Authentic or not this WRONG RAMEN looked mighty good!!! It was still piping hot when they served it in front of moi!

Noodles were firm and a bit chewy!! Check out how the steam clouded my camera lenses!

Oh I was so happy!!!!

I added some sesame seeds and more chili oil to my WRONG RAMEN! I was not able to take a picture of it but all condiments was within a hand's reach (he he he)... Sesame seeds... Chili Oil... Chili Powder... Etc...Etc...Etc!!


By the way, somebody is in dire need of a cellophane or hot oil treatment!

(Jaz - I got a haircut instead!!! Tee hee!)

Oh it was soooo good!!! Every slurp of their soup was jam-packed with all the seasoning and umami flavor you could think of. The raw onions even added an extra crunch and a certain kind of sweetness while I was chewing on their "al dente" noodles.

Sorry Yub, your wife will breathe out onions tonight!!!

WRONG RAMEN did not carry out Coke zero (so I guess the portrait is WRONG... pun intended). Instead I had the next best thing... ice cold Pepsi Light!!!

Yub's WRONG RAMEN Tonkotsu light also came!!!

I got a taste of this WRONG RAMEN bowl and it tasted much better compared to what other ordinary Japanese restaurants served!!!

This ramen bowl had creamy pork bone and chicken broth to slurp! For protein there are strips of chashu!!!

Happy Hub excited to eat his first bowl of Ramen all to himself (he usually just shares with the kids since he was not really fond of it).


Tee hee kidding! He couldn't SCORE if he won't let me shoot!



In no time, my husband was done except for some small strands of noodles. 

I was still slowly but surely savoring my WRONG RAMEN bowl...


Everybody was gone and I was still not done! Ha ha ha ha ha!

ALL BY MYSELF.... don't wanna EAT... ALL BY MYSELF....


Oh I could belt that out pretty good I swear!

I didn't want letting food go to waste so I slurped clean my husband's WRONG RAMEN bowl....

... and I am FINALLY done.

The damage!

We really enjoyed our dinner at WRONG RAMEN. Being the Ramen addicts that we (or I) are, we were more than satisfied even if it was not the typical japanese bowls we were used to. Still, we found ourselves craving for some MORE of it.

From what I saw in other Foodie news, WRONG RAMEN introduced their Ramen Burger. Though it is something new in my book which warrants a bite or two from ERICJAZ FOODIES, I'll still use the excuse of having a big bowl of COMMUNIST Ramen before I get that newbie. 

Oh well, whatever reason, we will be back soon.

I still have yet to see my husband screaming in ecstasy in the streets of Burgos Circle. That would be SO funny!

He he he!


Wrong Ramen
Forbes Town Center
Forbes Town Center, Forbestown Rd
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 823-8249

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