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Sunday, September 11, 2011


My flavor of the month (for the past few months actually) has been ramen. I'm on search for the slurpiest, soupiest, and most flavorful bowl of that famed japanese noodle in all parts of the... internet... ha ha ha! When I came across our awesome planet's recommendation to try UCC Express, I bugged Yub that we just HAVE to eat there sometime...

But... (dramatic pause) that time almost never came.... BECAUSE we're lazy to go to that side of the metropolis!!! I'm sure that if you have read my other blogs (which is unlikely) you would see that we are usually in Makati, San Juan, and Ortigas.

To THINK that UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS was only at the tip of Makati.

Yes. You may judge us. We are THAT lazy.

So when I arrived from Hong Kong, even if I was bulging from all the good eats that we had, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to eat at UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS because it was on the way from the airport going to our beloved home....

And woah! The Ramen in UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS is a definite must try! I loved their long, chewy noodles!! 

By the way, you could also check out Anton Diaz's take on UCC.. it's the site that got me mesmerized to go there... he he he he! :) 


I think it was in UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS that I got a FIRST taste of what ramen should taste like amd it eased my way towards the masters Ukokkei Ramen Ron and Ikkoryu Fukuoka....

I know, I know, UCC may have that "commercial" flavoring but still this beats the tasteless ones in this and this japanese restaurants!  He he he he!

UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS' Tan Tan Mian (P399.00)!

I really wonder why they have different variations in spelling for this spicy noodle dish... Sometimes is Tan Tan Mien..Then Tan-Tan Men... I want to know if there's really a difference other than wanting to distinguish this from other restaurants...

But correct spelling or not, this UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS ramen bowl is making me drool... into my bowl...

Sorry I could be gross at times... 

At first slurp my mouth was delightfully relishing in the creamy and nutty soup that was very rich with a hint of spice!  

This UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS soup was so delicious that I just can't help but to slurp for meself a mighty big one and with feelings....



Oh pooh... Stop judging! I'm sure you know what I meant!!!

UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS noodles were very firm and did not become a bit squishy even if the soup was served piping hot.... 

... and now you're all mine...

My husband ordered a box of UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS Oyakodon (P349.00). From the looks of it everything was saucy, juicy, and perfect for "Mark Anthony's" tummy!!

I was feeling sort of adventurous (for my hips) so I ordered a glass of UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS Mocha cafe cooler (P155.00) 

This UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS chiller was so creamy and refreshing! It also had a good balance between the fudgy chocolate and bitter coffee flavor! YUM!

And in no time...

I love carbs and carbs love me!

I still have a glass of UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS coffee chiller to keep me company!


Come May, 2012, my husband trained for a month at Thailand for his work. When he came home guess where we went?


I think this is fast becoming a tradition for TEAM YAP!

This time I was determined to try THIS dish at UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS since my favorite blogger Jin Loves to Eat raved about it!

My husband hopes that someday, Jin will rave about him too...


This is Andrei Cam by the way...

My husband ordered a boring plate of UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS Pork Katsudon (P349.00) since he was tired of the strange food he was traumatized from in Thailand. 

Just kidding! He loved the food there but like I said, he wanted something "plain" and safe!

Though the UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS rice dish may look a bit blah, the meat was fork tender and very juicy. My little Andrei did not have a hard time chewing on it and even asked for some more.

Still... it was nothing compared to...


UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS Japanese Seafood Soup Spaghetti!!!

Al dente spaghetti noodles swimming in a rich creamy curry sauce with sweet strips of meat and gooey tamago eggs!!

Such a thing puts a smile on my big face!!!

I guess the same for my hub too but he just look a bit creepy here...

Not even a glass of UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS coffee cooler could change it!

At least Andrei could lash out a cute one with his UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS Coffee Jelly Cooler (P175.00)!

Hello from TEAM YAP!

(disclaimer -- in lieu of Mati who went with his lolo and lola rather than fetch his daddy from the airport, we brought Andrei's little puppy to take his place...)

Andrei and his little puppy are inseparable!!!

But he loves his daddy more of course... Andrei is the ultimate Daddy's boy there is!

Awww... my little lord missed his Daddy!



He he he!

Don't worry "Mati"... I got you...

Let's EAT!

UCC Park Café Express
Pasay Rd.
Petron Gas Station, Pasay Rd. cor EDSA
Legazpi Village, Makati
(02) 846-2233

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