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Friday, December 2, 2011


I'm always on the search for good but cheap eats but I almost missed this one. My husband and I, when we do our grocery and shopping at Robinsons, we always passed and ignored this place because I thought that it would be another food stall offering crappy food.

One time, I was particularly tired and hungry that I just invited the husband to have a quick dinner here. When I saw the menu, everything was so cheap that I chose this, this, and this, OH and this too! Imagine my delight when the kani salad was served and it was this big plate of cucumber and japanese mayo goodness! After that I was hooked! I would now always invite Yub to eat here if we would like a quick and cheap japanese fix... Oh and did I mention it's REAAAAALLY good too???? :)

Okay let me say it again. It was REALLY delicious too!


Little Andrei joined us for a quickie dinner at ASIAN BITES. He promised to be good so that we will play at Tom's World afterwards.

ASIAN BITES meynuh...

ASIAN BITES meynuh too!

Andrei looked at the different toy cars in his magazine and pointed to his daddy which ones he planned to buy when he grows up!

ASIAN BITES posted pictures of their bestsellers on their walls so that first timers would know what to order. 

At least that's how I put it. 

By the way, didn't my sentence up there read like it came off from a Facebook page? Interesting.

hashtag... useless musings!

ASIAN BITES is just in the corner of Robinson Galleria's grocery with only a small divider to separate diners from shoppers. This is a great hub to go to after an hour of shopping with a little kid asking every 5 minutes when we will be going to Tom's World.

I was not referring to Andrei to be clear. It IS a blind item though. Tee hee!

Andrei cam!

I love how thin I am back here.

(Jaz -- post written in October 1, 2013)

ASIAN BITES Crabstick Chahan (P68.00) was enough for 1 hungry person. It was well seasoned and would fare well against the more expensive Japanese restaurants out there. 

ASIAN BITES miso soup (P35.00) was satisfactory and kid friendly. Andrei slurped on it to help him swallow his food.

Yes, my little guy did not like chewing or swallowing his food for that matter. If given the choice, he would not eat and just play all day!

I need his appetite. HAY.

ASIAN BITES Kani Salad (P98.00) was enough for 2 diners and did not scrimp on the Japanese mayo! Everything was just creamy and heaping with shredded crabstick! I think I ate this with rice!!!

Yub ordered ASIAN BITES Ebi Tempura (3 pieces P105.00 / 5 pieces P175.00) and was happy to share it with Andrei. Of course it may be more breading than prawns but the crunch was there and the meat was quite tender. 

My little Andrei was able to finish a significant amount of rice with 1 piece of ASIAN BITES Tempura even if he covered his face ergo, his mouth. 

He used the excuse that he did not want to have his picture taken. Coincidentally though he did it everytime I attempted give him a tablespoon filled with food. Ha ha ha ha!

LET'S EAT! There he is again!

He finally removed the plate from his face after his arms grew tired of holding it. I was then able to feed him the Tempura and rice. He he he he!

Since I was craving for some Sushi that day, I asked for the ASIAN BITES tekkamaki. I was not able to take down how much it cost but definitely it WAS cheap. This was the dish I least liked in ASIAN BITES because the taste lived up to the price. Sorry! He he he he!

Their drinks in ASIAN BITES are only limited to 2 fruit juices. Andrei had THAT while we got some sodas from the grocery. I'm very pleased that ASIAN BITES allows bringing in items from the grocery. They also gave us 2 glasses with ice for our store bought sodas!

Almost done at ASIAN BITES!

And when Andrei was done, he covered his face once more like a little cute star that he is! He he he he!!!

Of course he takes after the MOM.



Ground Floor, Robinsons Galleria, 
Ortigas, Pasig City


  1. They're gooooooooooooone!! ୧((#Φ益Φ#))୨

    -cute anon here mamsi! XD ⊂(´• ω •`⊂)

    1. Huhuhu! Oh nooooooes!!!!!!!

      Sayang the food is good and prices are affordable. :(

      Thanks for the info dearest cute daughter Anny! :)


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