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Saturday, May 14, 2011


Deep in my heart (now that's drama for you) I know that it does not take much to make my day happy and complete!

Sometimes it could be the most trivial of things like my husband singing "STEP BY STEP" by New Kids on the Block via Videoke. (Don't ask why, when, and how).

However, this joyful positivity does have its drawbacks especially if you have a husband who is the anti-Romeo or Valentino. Since he knows that the simplest of things make me happy already, he came up with these GUY friendly Anniversary/Birthday gifts and convinced himself that it would bring me utter joy and happiness for the day.

A pathetic example of this would be during our second Valentime's together and he gifted me with this big bouquet of red roses. I was so happy already and excited to take a whiff because it was so flowery fragrant! Lo and behold when I buried my face in the bouquet that I discovered it was PLASTIC roses (with matching fake water droplets). When I gave a strong reaction to my "labski" then (yuk that's what I called him before), he said it's because he knew it would make me happy thinking it will not wither and die like live flowers would.


That HABIT carried on throughout our married life and made our days memorable as well as very simple. We were blessed that both of us have this weird and insane eye that is able to look for laughs in the silliest of things.

I guess that is why our mantra in EricJaz Foodies is we may eat in the most dingiest of places but we find joy in it as long as we are together :)

And the same goes for the somewhat shabby AYSEE!!

The great thing here however, is that the food in AYSEE is just utterly delicious that I don't need to look for a spark in my hub's handsome face just to enjoy the night. The food is MORE than enough for both of us. Ha ha ha!


We always ate at the branch near ULTRA where parking could be a bit of a problem. The restaurant does not have airconditioning and is somewhat similar to a "carinderia". Sometimes we would invite some friends to eat with us but they would be turned off by the looks of it. Ha ha ha ha! 

Oh well, there are really some things that my hub's handsome face cannot control. He he he!

Still, AYSEE serves a DELICIOUS sizzling plate of Sisig and Beef Papaitan that other foodies will not mind the dingy setting and just enjoy the food!

My husband would almost go into joyful somersaults when I suggest that we have dinner at AYSEE. Being the simple guy that he is, he LOVES everything about it.

Especially AYSEE's Beef Papaitan (P130.00) which consists of Innards cooked in the juices from the intestines of the animal. The word "pait" means bitter. And that bitter taste comes from the bile.

I am not sure if this is how authentic papaitan should taste like because there is nothing bitter about the soup. The broth is more like a Filipino style "Tom Yum" with beef instead of Seafoods. Still, it is a must-order in AYSEE. You are even assured that the Beef Papaitan will be served boiling hot as it has its own burner when laid down at your table.

At this point my husband will gallantly serve the AYSEE papaitan and ladle the hot sour soup into the bowls.

Evil me suspects that he does this to get all the Beef Innards to himself! 

Not to worry though. If your husband is not scheming like a Lannister, then an order of AYSEE's Beef Papaitan will be more than enough for a foodie couple since it is usually good for 4 hungry diners! 


Up next is AYSEE'S Pork Sisig with Egg (P130.00).

I implore you that you should NEVER eat at AYSEE without ordering their Pork Sisig. It is their ultimate specialty and a perfect accompaniment with all of their dishes!

Let it be known that hungry foodies voyage far and wide to AYSEE just to have this. So you better do as your ancestors have practiced and you will have a wonderful Sisig spiced life!

Squeeze the calamansi and give this AYSEE sizzling specialty a good mix!

I love how AYSEE's Pork Sisig is crunchy! Perfect to mix with steamed rice!!!

BEHOLD... the 2 most explosive/delicious dishes that would make your dreams come true in AYSEE!

AYSEE offers a lot of other scrumptious and cheap orders but even if you just have the AYSEE Beef Papaitan and the AYSEE Pork Sisig, you... are... good... to.... go!!!

Oh happy happy thin little me (this was taken 2 years ago).

In AYSEE, I find it impossible to diet and not have a good, hefty serving of rice. For me, it is just a matter of having a cup of steamed rice or having a cup and a half instead.

And for all of that marvelous AYSEE dishes, this is the perfect dipping companion.... Soy sauce with  calamansi and chili! YUM!

My plate! My wonderful plate! 

Imagine getting a spoonful of this and slurping some sour soup afterwards...


My husband seems to think so too!

Supplies are almost running out!

Almost done with my first cup of rice!!!

Check out the dress code of the other diners of AYSEE... he he he!

Wiped out!

The same goes for the AYSEE Beef Papaitan!

By the way, this meal complete with rice and drinks just cost us a little less than P300.00 ($7.50). Now who wouldn't be happy at a simple price like that??? 

Oh we were so full afterwards. However, for the faint of heart (literally) you may want to take your meds at this point. My yub and I would usually have this tingly feeling at the nape of our necks after a very delicious AYSEE meal!

But in our case, we do not take lipitor... We just chew on the complimentary dessert of Judge gum! He he he he!


Oh and by the way, just in case you're curious... yes, the plastic roses are still within my keep!


Ultra, St Martin St
Oranbo, Pasig
(02) 634-0443


  1. Whoo! Sisig! My all-time favorite, Thanks for sharing now I'm craving for sizzling sisig. LOL!

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha! Josephine!!! Sisig is my all time favorite too!!! I should always have it in Filipino restaurants. Yummmmm.... SISIG IS DA BEEESSSST!


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