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Tuesday, February 15, 2022


It's VALENTIMES and like what we do every year, the Yub is tasked to find a place for our loving (kuno) date.

(I said kuno because seriously, we would use ANY excuse to go out for good food. Ha ha ha ha ha!)

Supposedly we would go to our usuals (MAMOU or WAGYU STONE GRILL) but the Yub wanted to try something new.

At first I was complaining because lazy me only want to go someplace near (aka not too far when my tummy comes a-grumbling). However, it's very rare when the Yub doesn't give in to my bratty whims that okay fine, with rolling eyes, I followed na.

And so we ventured out for HIGHLAND'S STEAKHOUSE!


At the entrance....

We already ate in HIGHLANDS STEAKHOUSE before in Tagaytay (see here) but the interiors from this branch are so different from the log cabin feel in Tagaytay.

Le bar....

Our table!

We were supposed to be seated at the middle but good thing they agreed to transfer us when I saw this vacant spot. 

Yihiii date kami!

Yihiii kapal ng kilay ko! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Ordering up!

Le menu this Valentimes!!!!

After they took our orders, we were served with a complimentary bread basket. 

We love bread so it's no wonder that we wiped this out. 

Teee hee!!!! I'm sure you'll not be surprised that we asked for about 3 more extra baskets of bread. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And since there's steak, I asked for wine!!!!!!!

No pretensions on my part, I always say "What's your cheapest wine???" I'm not a wine connoisseur anyway so I wouldn't know the difference. Ha ha ha ha ha!

We were first served with a warm and comforting bowl of soup. 


We were served afterwards with a chilled bowl of salad.

Oh the Yub was so EAGER to eat it! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!


More for me!

Wow! Yub finished the salad before me!!!!!


Another bread basket pleaseeeeee!!!!!!!!!

Our candle was not lit, so.... always prepared me fired it up with my trusty matchsticks from my bag.

Now don't ask why I have a matchbox in my bag.

Okay fine. It's for my restroom moments. He he he he!

Yay! And the entrees arrive!!!!!!

His and hers!

Well actually we'll split this. He he he he! 

Syempre hating magkapatid... este... mag-asawa!

Our set had the 10 oz grilled Rib Eye steak which we requested to be medium in doneness!


Tender.... juicy.... and so tasty!!!!! Sharap!

Our second dish was the Blackened Salmon.

And like the steak, it was Tender.... juicy.... and so tasty!!!!! Sharap!

The Yub started with the Salmon muna...

While I attacked the steak....

Syempre trying to be a lady din. Ha ha ha ha!

Ayannnn...... Split na!

What a wonderful sight!

This was more beautiful because had it with rice!

Happy Valentimes to us!

And after a few minutes...


Dessert was this creamy yet light cheesecake!

And this Chocolate Chip Muffin as gift for the ladies.

What a waste of wrapping because I'll be eating this here! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Kidding!!!! I took it home. 

Le bill!!!!!!

Thank you for tonight Yub... Appreciated that you planned this and pushed for it to happen. Really had a great night!

Ops... spoke too soon.

Because we finished late, the way to the parking area closed on us sooooo we had to around the LONG way!!!!!

Auughhhh! I hate walking!!!


Kidding! It just made the night more memorable!


Seaside Blvd, 123, 
Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila
(02) 8556 0768




  1. hi ms jazzz...

    favorite ko din ang steak sa Wagyu Stone Grill...the grade 12 beef is like so soft tender and so sarap talaga...huhuhu pagkabasa ko ng blog mo, biglang I want steak na din hahahaa

    tpos nacocompare ko tuloy lagi yung beef na niluluto sa house pangcaldereta...sabi ko anong grade kaya yun baka grade 1 or 2 lang kasi ang tagal lumambot...wahahaha eh yung sa wagyu stone grill, nasa ibabaw lang ng mainit na bato ang lambot na agad hihihihi

    1. Hulloooo Tine!!!! Sorry late reply ha....

      Di baaaa? Iba din talaga ang good quality steak. Kahit no gravy or what, basta malambot, solved na solved na. Sometimes kahit magkano, okay lang na once in a while to splurge. He he he he he he!

      THanks dear Tine!!! Missed you!

  2. What a lovely VALENTIMES! I love steak too! Haha! But No one with me thaty day XD

    1. Thank youuuu!!!!! Taraaaaa! Basta steak. Game! Ha ha ha ha haha!


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