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Wednesday, January 20, 2021


Our office Christmas party is one event that EVERYONE in our workplace is excited for. When I was new, somebody told me how our parties were epic and I was able to happily discover why.

And yep! It was always awesome!

Let's just say that every time I talk about our office Christmas parties to other people, the usual reactions were "WOWWWW GRABE NAMAN!" or, "ANG SAYA SA OFFICE NYO!!!!"

Syempre ako naman, I'd gleam with pride. The Christmas Party at TAPE Inc is indeed the icing to the cake of being part of a very cool company.

Due to the pandemic however, there were so many changes in our Christmas Party celebration. For one, we cannot have a grand getogether because of rules and regulations prohibiting large social gatherings. So with that, we had a zoom Christmas party where attendees from the studio (because there was a live show), from the office (it was a workday), and those who worked from home, all joined in.

Honestly speaking, it was still fun. Of course, the craziness coming from our big and rowdy crowd may be gone but we were still able to celebrate our Office Christmas Party with a more intimate flair into it. The great thing there is that we were able to confirm that it's not just about the large venues nor the rows of buffet lines, or the kalog games that causes maximum enjoyment.

It's actually the Dabarkads. Mismo. Kahit na zoom call pa!

I'm very thankful to work with cool people (who are already like my family) that wherever we were, we still have a great time. So yes, this year may be different, but I will still welcome the night with hopeful spirits

At least may celebration pa din di ba? :) 

Sharing with you guysh this year's DABARKADS Christmas Party... este.... Night, for the holidays. We may have had a rough 2020 but there were still many things to be thankful for.

And one of those for me is still being part of the longest running noontime show ever!! :)

Merry Christmas! 

Our office Christmas Party!!!!

Days before the Christmas party, we had an early drawing for the minor prize. Everybody wins in the minor raffle so to save time in the actual party, we would usually draw it in advance. There would always be 1 representative per department to be officiated by high management (in this case, our SVP and COO, Mam Malou).

Oo na! May sungay na ako!

The day before the party naman, I helped the Admin girls in putting the cash and GC prizes into the envelopes!

Sayang I wasn't able to zoink some at ang tindi ng bantay nila sakin! He he he he he he!

On another day, we visited APT Studio to check out the ginormous Santa Claus greeting everybody.

Tee Hee! Picture, picture na din kami!

The best view of the ginormous Santa Claus was atop the overpass.


On the day of the party, we got ready for our exchange gift at lunch!

This is my gift for my "baby!"

Tee heeee!

Now let's get this party started!

(Please be reminded not to leave your celphone with me. He he he he eh)

And our exchange gift kicks off!

My "Mommy" is Ate Juvy from Finance!!!! She gave me a diffuser (something I listed in the wish list).

My "baby" is Tita Grace! Teee heee!

Parang ang saya saya ko. Kainis ha ha ha ha ha!

Kuya Jeff went out pa to buy a gift for his Mommy AND baby, Ate Alona! 

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! What were the odds?

And then we had our quick lunch.

Our monitors were on at the conference room because we were going to use it for the zoom party.

After eating, we had a bit of picture taking before some of the staff leave for the studio (as they were needed there).


Come 4:00pm, the Thanksgiving Mass starts.

The mass was officiated by Father Jeff!

I stayed at my table and attended the class via Facebook live.

My officemates did the same.

There was an option available with the big screen screen TV in the conference room but we just stayed at our tables (especially that the others were finishing up with work).

The TITAS of TAPE attending mass.

Uuuuy ang bait ng frenemy ko!

Afterwards, it's EATING TIME!!!!

For social distancing, we had 3 buffet set-ups in TAPE office!!

There was one at the ground floor...

There was another at the Sales room!

We used the tables there since the Sales guys were all working from home. 

The third set up is at the conference room!

Ayan, nakabantay si Sharon para bawal magbalot agad agad for take home. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Check out our grub!

Make your own pancit palabok!

Chicken Relleno!

Braised Lapu Lapu in Soy Sauce!

This was SOOOOO good!

And our favorite -- KARE KARE!!!!!


Our catering was done by LA COMIDA!

We also have Mango Salad.

We also have pala Tokwa and Baboy.

For dessert we had Coffee Jelly...

And Puto Bumbong and Bibingka!!!


We always look forward to these every year. 

Drink station!

We got to choose which station to get our food. We all did so one at a time because of social distancing rules!

For the Sales room buffet, the dessert was outside. He he he he he he!


I remember in our Christmas parties before, the lines were sooooo long. Ha ha ha ha ha! Pero masaya pa din. Part of the fun yun!

We ate in the conference room!


I was actually still full from lunch but our food for the party was sooo good that I can't help but fill it up!

While eating, everybody got ready for the zoom party.

DONE with our food.

Grabe! So good... Nakakaantok. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Yayy! The lechon!

May be late pero masarap pa din!

Ayan! More and more people are zooming in.

The wifi at the conference room was soooo weak that we always got disconnected. 

We had no choice but to move outside.

Could you see where we are among the sea of Dabarkads? He he he he....


Welcome to our channel!!! 

Don't forget to like and subscribeeeeee!!!!!!

Ang kukulit!!!

The new set up. Ha ha ha ha ha!

The TV may be smaller pero kita pa din namin.

Me and Jessie went to our "stations" na.

We will also take down the winners from the raffle.

(There were usually about 4 people assigned to do this task in order to ensure the correct/true names of winners. So it's Jessie and me, plus Ate Dalden and Kris who went to the studio).

My view from the table.

Had coffee at the start of the raffle. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And the party has started!!!!!

TAPE Inc is here!

It is important that you're logged into zoom because if they can't see your face in the studio, your prize will be forfeited.

It got too cold in their room so tita Grace and tita Flory joined us. He he he he he!

Drawing of the minor prizes!!!!!!

Yayyy... I got a food steamer and multi cooker!!!!

Larlene and I not only had the same minor prize but we also share the same birthday! He he he he he!

My stub!!!!!

The kalog JoWaPao with Maine reading out the names of the winners for the minor prize (which we pre-draw last week).

They were the hosts for the live show that day so they were already at the studio.

The one and only Pinoy Henyo joins us!

Tito Sennnn!!!!

Yeheyyyyy! I won GC!!!!!!

Soooo happy with this! YAYYYY!!!!!

(future shot)

Belat.... Abbie didn't win anything!!!


In between drawing of prizes and showing of tiktok entries (per department), there was a special video presentation of the year that was.

Then, a message from our dearest President, Mr. Tuviera.

We were really listening!

And the party's DONE!!!!

Tee hee!!! We like seeing our faces on zoom (nabano!!) that we kept on playing around and taking pictures.


Of course given the choice, we would all go for the "usual" Christmas Party celebration where we're all together, no masks and shields, where we're all crowding onto the buffet line, whispering to the waiters for our take outs (he he he eh), picturan galore with the hosts and staff, laughing out loud with the hosting of JoWaPao, nervous with excitement when TVJ draws Grand Prize Winners, being inspired with the loving words of our President, etc etc. What we'll all give to have THAT and without that pesky virus.

To be honest though even if this year's Christmas celebration was a far cry from what we would always have in the previous years, we were all still so happy. It's a different experience but it was still a new and enjoyable night for us. We also appreciate the efforts of everyone who made sure that we would all still have an enjoyable night.

I guess what really went above for that Christmas Party is the feeling of thanks and gratitude...

Thankful that we're all healthy and safe...
Thankful that things are starting to get better for the show...
Thankful that we still had a Christmas celebration with prizes and bonus...
Thankful that we all have jobs and working for a company that takes care of us...
Thankful for the hosts, staff, and officers who all work hard in bringing quality shows for the viewers... 
Thankful to viewers who remain loyal and always tune in...
Thankful for the delicious Kare Kare from La Comida (he he he he he)
Thankful for workmates who are already like family...

and most of all...

Thankful to be a Dabarkads... FOREVER!!!!!

(Belated) MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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