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I cannot begin to tell you how much my little Andrei loves basketball. It may not be obvious because of his petite selfy but it is his favorite sport and he loves playing it every day!

When his class was asked to write what their school year goal is, my bunsoy wrote that he will "practice every day and every summer to go to NBA".

Yup. The NBA!

By the way, check out the goal of a little cheater down below. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! 

Anywho, that's why when MANILA BULLETIN was looking for a kiddie correspondent for the presscon of Stephen Curry for Under Armour Shoes, Andrei was the best candidate there is. And as expected, the Chinese Dimpol was all too willing to accompany him.

YUP! Besides Michael Jordan, Stephen Curry is Andrei's super idol. And though his team lost at this year's NBA Championships, Andrei still idolized and admired him. 

I didn't really plan on making a blog post about this since it was already published by MANILA BULLETIN last year, but this was in support of STEPHEN CURRY and how his kind attitude makes him the perfect role model for kids today.

And, with the inspiring words that he gave not just to dear Andrei but for the millions who look up to him, he is still THE winner in our hearts!

Andrei was in FAIRMONT HOTEL, Makati!!!

He was there with a LOT of Stephen Currys. He he he he he he!

There were also other press people invited to the event. Imagine how proud Andrei was when he declared he was for MANILA BULLETIN! Funpage that is. He he he he he he!

Inside the press conference room!

The press conference was for his promotion of UNDER ARMOR shoes!

My cute bunsoy!

Could Andrei have 1 pair of shoes Mr. Curry?


Oh and yes, every picture will have Andrei in it. If you're a mom, you'll understand. Ha ha ha ha ha!

And THE Stephen Curry arrives!

He was just in front of little Andrei when he passed by!

The press people for the day were invited to take their seats in the conference room.

MANILA BULLETIN only allowed 1 companion for Andrei. So the Chinese Dimpol was the natural choice.

Would you guys agree that he looks a bit like Kenneth Duremdes? 

Of course, the Chinese Dimpol is more pogi! He he he he he he! 

Oooh! A TV crew!

And finally, he's here!

Mr.Curry was interviewed by sportscaster, Anthony Suntay!

Andrei can't believe that his idol was just in front of him!


When Mr. Curry was taking in questions, Andrei was supposed to ask for MANILA BULLETIN FUNPAGE. But then, the organizers said that children were not allowed to take the microphone. So it was the Chinese Dimpol who asked Andrei's question for him.

Chinese Dimpol: “What advice could you give my son Andrei, because he wants to play in the NBA in the future”

Stephen Curry : “Well he has already set his goal so he’s already got a big dream himself so he’s on his way. (To Andrei) But you have to be a hard worker now. You gotta work on the competition wherever you are. Whether you spend 2 to 3 hours in the gym every single day…. There are days that you don’t want to go to the gym because you feel tired and you’d want to sit at home and watch TV, go to the gym and work on your game and try to get a little bit better. Whatever your strengths are, brace your strengths and continue to get better. But try to be as a well-rounded basketball player as you can be. So being able to dribble, pass, shoot or rebound,play defense, you gotta be able to do all those things and be the best that you can.”

When my husband asked that, some kids and a few parents gave him a thumbs' up as it's something basketball fanatics would love to hear from their idol. And yes, his answer did not disappoint!

Wow! Such inspiring words from Stephen Curry!

Thank you so much dear Krizette Chu of MANILA BULLETIN for this once in a lifetime opportunity for Andrei!!!!

Too bad little Andrei was not able to take a picture with Mr. Curry or go to his next appearance in SM Arena. So my bunsoy just had a picture with Mr. Suntay. He he he he he!

And with this other sportscaster!

A few weekends later, Andrei woke up to his story printed in the FUNPAGE of MANILA BULLETIN!

Wow! He was so excited!

He was really thrilled to see his name on print!

After Andrei and the Chinese Dimpol got home that night from Stephen Curry's presscon, the bunsoy spoke and wrote about his experience in detail. We then emailed it immediately to the MANILA BULLETIN editors for extra revisions before deadline!


Want to see Andrei's story??

Read on!!!

Part 1...

Part 2!

And part 3!!!

Sorry! That should be 09192015!! :)

Thank you Stephen Curry! Thank you for always being a good example to little Andrei and kids everywhere. I know you could just give the usual "athlete-to-fan" answer but yours was different. You really shared and opened yourself to your wee admirer. 

Now the only time I got into basketball was when Robert Jaworski was still playing so I wasn't really following the NBA Championships last week. I heard Stephen Curry did so well and though there was a certain "mouthguard incident", he played with integrity and with heart. I also read how he displayed such class and sportsmanship when he stayed on court to congratulate Lebron James and the other champions.

So yes, you may have lost this year Stephen Curry but we are still in awe and inspired by you. I may not be a real basketball fan, but I see what you do for Andrei and how you continuously help him to be more passionate about basketball through your attitude on and off the court.

Thank you dear Mr Curry for what you advised Andrei.... Let me just report that yes, he is practicing the best he can because of his love for basketball and your kind words.

We will wait to congratulate you on your win NEXT year!

So that's a big HA for you Mati and the Chinese Dimpol (Lebron James fans).



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