Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Even if THE YAPPY BUNCH doesn't have a Kpop drama in our downloaded list and even if we haven't been to the country yet, we always have a craving for Korean food. At first it was just me and the master Mati. But as time went on, even the Chinese Dimpol and little Andrei learned to love the exciting flavors that Korean cuisine would always bring.

One time I was really yearning for some Jajangmyeon, or the Korean black bean noodles that I often see on Youtube. After a few clicks on the internet, I found out that only a handful of restaurants serve this Korean specialty -- and one of them is KOGI BULGOGI.

I guess you guys know what happened next! 



That very night I called the Chinese Dimpol and asked him to fetch me with the kids because we're having Korean for dinner!

Hmmmm... What should we have???

I have often passed by KOGI BULGOGI whenever we're in Promenade in Greenhills. But I never took much notice of it.

To my surprise, KOGI BULGOGI was full that night and people still kept on coming in!


The happy little lords!


I really wanted to sit somewhere where there is no back light. But it was more comfortable in this area. Oh well.... My food shots are not that good to begin with anyways. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Daenarys and Khal Drogo!!!!

OH YES! Did you see the part when she BLANKED the BLANKS and went out naked?

Oops. Forgot to put the BLANK there. Tee hee!

In KOGI BULGOGI, they serve complimentary Ban Chans! We got petite servings of Kimchi, Bittermelon, and sweetened bananas.

You only get one free refill of the Banchans. Afterwards, nada! But the staff were very gracious and gave us a hefty serving for our refill.

Which shall we go first?

Andrei hated anything spicy (except wasabi) so he just tried out the sweetened bananas.

Like me, Mati LOVED spicy foods and immediately finished the kimchi.

HEY THAT'S OURS! He he he he he!

Little Andrei may be a picky eater but he loved sushi and sashimi!

He saw that KOGI BULGOGI had Salmon Sashimi (P285.00) and immediately went for it.

The Salmon Sashimi was just okay. Though we were able to finish everything, I don't think we'll be ordering this next time.

The Chinese Dimpol ordered the Sweet Soy KOGI Chicken wings (P185.00) to share with Andrei.

The two were very happy with the sweet and crunchy chicken! They were able to finish it all with steamed rice!

Yehey!!! Andrei ate a lot!

The glazed chicken was definitely finger lickin' good!!!!

Master Mati is just obsessed with Bibimbap so it's no wonder that he ordered this (P220.00) in KOGI BULGOGI!

My boy was so excited to dig in. But before devouring down his Bibimbap, he put generous spoonfuls of the Korean chili paste!

I think he asked for more!

My very happy Master Mati!

Yep! Just as I predicted. He DID order some more!

As for me, you know what I got!

KOGI BULGOGI Jajangmyeon (P230.00)!!!

The noodles were served to me so piping hot that when I put my chopsticks in to mix it, some steam went out.

This is how you mix Jajangmyeon!

I've actually had Jajangmyeon before but was not impressed by the taste. However, even if it did not give me instant euphoria the first time I had it, I still find myself craving for it after watching some Youtube videos of mukbangs!

Open wide!!!!

How does Jajangmyeon taste like? It is made with soybean paste so you may be reminded of black licorice when you have it. Honestly, I did not like it before but it IS an acquired taste. You will find yourself enjoying the Jajangmyeon more with bites of spicy Kimchi. 

It was still an enjoyable meal for me because I loved slurping and messing myself up with the black sauce. He he he he he!!!! Try it when you can so that you'd know what those Korean dramas and Mukbangs are fussing about. I warn you though that you may not like it at first but later on you'll find yourself dreaming of it.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in KOGI BULGOGI!!!

And we're done!!!! Simo't sarap! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Once in a while it's great to try something new instead of just going for the "usuals" over and over again.  I'm glad that with my undying craving for the famous black bowl of noodles, we were able to add something new to our restaurant go-tos.

Till we meet again KOGI BULGOGI!!!!!!!

Ground Floor, Promenade, 
Greenhills Shopping Center, Greenhills, San Juan City
02 7255270


  1. Dapat after eating Jangjangmyeon eh sabah smile sa picture!


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