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Saturday, September 21, 2013


As much as I love going on out of town trips with the boytoy and my rugrats (read: my husband and... well... the rugrats) whenever my guy says that we will be having a getaway I would let out a tiny groan only dogs could hear.

Don't get me wrong. I L.O.V.E going out on weekend vacations and bond furthermore with my 3 guys (read: try not to wring their necks) but days away from home would only mean one thing for me.


I don't know how to put it. Maybe I love packing too much that I could have about 3 bags just for meself (and that is only for an overnight stay) so imagine how much I WILL love it as I pack for the 2 boys.

That's a balikbayan box waiting to happen.

When we received an opportunity to have the weekend at the first hotel ever in the Fort at F1 HOTEL MANILA, I was again ecstatic and already calculating what I will be bringing for the family. I already lashed out my usual PACKING LIST (yes I have one) that was good for 2 days.

This time however, my husband set his foot down, banging splat on my N' Sync cd on the floor (:P) and said I do not need to pack oh so many since we will just be having a staycation within the confines of the Metro.

I was frustrated "How could they have what we would ALWAYS need??" already taking out the scented aromatic candle which I would always bring (yup it's true).

My husband would not hear any of it and just assured me that yes, based on what he heard, F1 HOTEL MANILA has whatever people on vacation would fancy be it a businessman on a trip or a crazy family like ours.

"Besides..." He added "We are so near. If you ever forget anything, then I'll just get it from home."

I raised my eyebrows at him to surrender, mentally noting that if I were mean I could leave something behind intentionally (like the monopoly game board?) to test him of his promise.

Fortunately though there was no need for that since TEAM YAP truly had the weekend of their lives.

And yes. That was within the Metro.

And yes. That was just with ONLY 3 bags.

Mati and Andrei : YEY! We're going to a hotel!

Even though the weather did not agree with us, we were still beyond excited at what was in store for TEAM YAP in F1 HOTEL MANILA

We were all scheduled to meet up at 10:00am and since we were just nearby, no need to wake up 4 hours beforehand, like what we were used to if the we were going to, say, in Tagaytay. 

We all stayed up late on a Friday night (playing Monopoly and all) then woke up at 8:30pm for a quick breakfast.

F1 hotel manila

And finally we see it, F1 HOTEL MANILA!

Everyone in the car, yes my husband included, let out screams of excitement.

For him though, it made him a little girly.... Ha ha ha ha! Kidding!

F1 Hotel Manila

Mati, Andrei, and I stuck out our heads from our vehicle and looked out in awe at the vastness of F1 HOTEL MANILA. 

Yub was pleasantly surprised that F1 HOTEL MANILA has assigned parking for vehicles who park in their basements. At least, no need to spend a significant amount of time just to look for parking for our ahem, rolls royce....

Yeah right.


F1 HOTEL MANILA parking basement was not small nor cramped. There was ample spacing between cars for us to get out comfortably without bumping on anything.  

F1 Hotel Manila Premiere Lounge

We waited for the other bloggers in F1 HOTEL MANILA's Premiere lounge and my husband immediately made a beautiful friend!

F1 HOTEL MANILA then gave us this colorful card and it immediately gave us the biggest of smiles. 

Christmas this early in Metro Manila? I know that we usually hear Christmas songs at the strike of 12:00am after Halloween, but this takes the cake. 

Oh dear I should have packed Christmas decors too!

The wonderful people of F1 HOTEL MANILA then gave us an early tasty gift upon stepping into their premises. Yohoo!

Cream puffs! MY favorite!

When I wrote MY in all caps it meant that it will be ALL MINE by the way. He he he!

The Premiere lounge served drinks and yummy nummy pastries for us guests.

I already had breakfast but I dIn't mind if I didn't mind for some more coffee and cinnamon buns!

F1 Hotel Manila Premiere Lounge

The F1 HOTEL MANILA premiere lounge was very cozy and quiet. Such a relaxing preview to our staycation...

My little Andrei already got the vibe in F1 HOTEL MANILA and started to daydream the morning away....

F1 Hotel Manila Conference Room

F1 HOTEL MANILA also has a business conference room which was adjacent to the Premiere Lounge that is perfect for your meetings and seminars.

That is, if you guys still decide to work at all in this very relaxing place!

Of course, it immediately inspired the kids (my son Mati and his friend Icay) to play around and do a Donald Trump.

"You're fired!"

(purse lips)

Ha ha ha ha!

We were later welcomed by F1 HOTEL MANILA Director of Operations Mr. Tony Co who gave us a preview on what was in store for us.

F1 HOTEL MANILA will be serving something special for the hotel guests this Christmas Season and since F1 was an all Filipino staff, we were assured that we will truly be getting that feel of Christmas which we were most familiar to. 

It will almost feel like we ARE already home then!

Check out the excited look on my Mati's face!

Andrei in the meantime, was still in his daydreaming mode. Ha ha ha ha ha!

F1 HOTEL MANILA "class" picture!

Staycation officially starts NOW! 

f1 hotel manila lobby

F1 MANILA HOTEL lobby was very spacious and serene. I could see myself patiently hanging out here to collect my thoughts (if I have any... he he hee) while the Yub checks in.

F1 Hotel Manila lobby

There was not exactly a QUIET sign but we all just whispered so as not to disrupt that tranquil vibe.

Hmmm.... want to play some ball Andrei? Kidding!

It's okay. F1 HOTEL MANILA's front desk ladies were so friendly and accommodating that I'm sure they would not mind a bit of noise. He he he!

Was not able to do so though because our rooms were ready!

Andrei now has this habit of wanting to have his picture taken with our room number. It's definitely fine by me because I have this thing of always wanting to remember the room we are in!

F1 HOTEL MANILA's room numbers are not your usual signs on the doors. They have it (exaggerated syllables) IN DI-GI-TAL. So fancy shmancy!!!

No signs to post outside your door knob (like what they usually do in the movies) to make up your room or to not be disturbed. Just press a button and voila.... 

One of my boys asked if he will get lip stick if he pressed on the "MAKE UP" light. Go figure.


F1 HOTEL MANILA has 3 kinds of rooms:

De Luxe Room - P9.000.00
City Suite -- P10,200.00
Fort Suite -- P12,600.00 
(published rates)

We were all ectatic that F1 HOTEL MANILA gave us the FORT SUITE!


Oh dear! I did not pack enough!!!

f1 hotel manila fort suite

My boys immediately made themselves at home at the Fort Suite of F1 HOTEL MANILA.

I loved how they set up the sofa bed into a very comfy place to sleep in! This was even more soft than the other real beds I know!

MY bed included!

(Too much action I guess... KIDDING! Ew!)

Mati asked if he could sleep by himself in this big bed.  Considering that he is usually scared to sleep alone in a strange room, THIS was a sign how comfortable he found the bed of F1 HOTEL MANILA!

F1 Hotel Manila Fort Suite

The F1 HOTEL MANILA FORT SUITE has it's own separate bedroom with this HUUUUGE bed!

Mati, our big boy, could even sleep with us and we won't feel cramped at all!

Not that we will let him here... Har de har har! Kidding!

The Fort Suite Bathroom!

Shower area was so big and inviting that Andrei wanted to take a hot shower right then and there!

I for one managed to take my very first selfie in it...

Loved the lighting!

Profile pic?

Fort Suite toothbrush area! He he he he!

The kids were all sporting wide eyed smiles that it made my heart melt.

Mati was especially excited to watch all these cable channels at HIS tv in F1 HOTEL MANILA!

I became especially happy too learning that F1 HOTEL HAS FREE WIFI!!!

With that awfully good news, I will let them play PSP and watch weird cartoons which I do not usually do. 

Besides, I am feeling too excited to be a bit of a tyrant this weekend. It IS NEAR Christmas after all!

While they were watching TV, I was unpacking. 

And after 30 minutes, I was done!

A lot of people reacted when I posted this on facebook (ERICJAZ FOODIES FACEBOOK). Ha ha ha ha! It may come as a surprise to the people who know me. You see I'm such a sloppy person who just throws and piles things everywhere. But when it comes to my kids, I could be a bit of an OC that I want all of their things packed and organized. For all of our family trips, I would divide their clothes and different things in different bags. Then, when we get to the hotel, I would always fix it in the cabinets. It just helps me keep track all of their things better and with less mess. 

I HATE IT when a beautiful room is spoiled with clutter and bags everywhere. I prefer everything neat and organized.

Just for my kids. 

If you look at my things, you'd swear something is alive under all the mess. He he he he!

OH and YES. I ALWAYS bring my own dirty clothes hamper. That goes with me EVERYWHERE.

After a bit of rest, we were ready to go down for lunch.

Going to F1 HOTEL MANILA's F CAFE, my kids were amused at the roller coaster like red sofa!

F1 hotel manila F Cafe


We were welcomed in F CAFE by our very eager server JL who made sure to get everything and anything for us...

...and surely.... it would definitely be plates and plates of this juicy turkey being cut up at the buffet!

I know Turkey is an American food but hey, it could still be served for Christmas! 

My family would also have this beside the usual Quezo de Bola and Ham. I admit, having Turkey than the usual chicken for Christmas just makes everything for a happy holiday!

But of course, the piece de resistence is this ORGANIC CEBU LECHON by Chef Sau!

OH W.O.W! Words cannot describe how crispylicious and tender this special lechon is!

One bite and ooh lala! You're singing jingle bells! My hub and I helped ourselves to LOTS of skin and ribs! It was all so lips smackingly delicious!!!!

I also got to chat with the very friendly Jozza Palaganas of 8LIST (CHECK HERE!). Lookin' forward to more meet ups with her soon!


More of our F1 HOTEL MANILA meals specially concocted by Chef Sau Del Rosario in F CAFE coming up!!!!

In the meantime...


F1 Hotel Manila kiddie pool

F1 HOTEL MANILA has not just one but three pools that will surely make a splash from kids and adults!!

You see here is their kiddie pool.....

 ....and their semi-kiddie pool (since it's a bit deeper and all).

f1 hotel manila lap pool

For adults, F1 HOTEL MANILA also has a lap pool... 

I could totally see myself doing 200 to 300 laps in this long stretch of a pool but I was... uh... babysitting, YES, babysitting and watching our kids swim around. 

Andrei made a new friend with Icay (daughter of the very nice Peach Adarne THE PEACH KITCHEN)

Mati was more than happy to swim on his own at the bigger F1 HOTEL MANILA kiddie pool number 2!

For those who wished to just watch their kids swim or to chat with friends while downing some drinks, the Canary Lounge would be the perfect venue!

The lounge was cozy and very comfortable. If you want to escape the hustle of the Manila jungle, you could step up here for some of F1 HOTEL MANILA's specially concocted drinks!

I for one chatted with one of my new fave bloggers, dear Len de Guzman aka THE MOMMIST! Check out her blog on the latest on fashion and food!!!

While THE MOMMIST and I were exchanging tales on our sons and our pet peeves with some bloggers, my boys were horsing around in their wet playing field!

Little Andrei found some new friends!!!

The boys swam close to 4 hours in the F1 HOTEL MANILA pools! They just loved it!!!

Finally they were done! Here's Mati taking a shower!

I loved that F1 HOTEL MANILA gave towels to their swimming guests. But hey, they were not ordinary towels! They were all heated that it instanly warmed up my shivering little Andrei!

All snug and comfy!

After their bath, Mati and Andrei changed into their nappie jammies for a short siyesta before dinner!

My husband however, was relaxing AND multitasking while going on FB and watching the UAAP games from F1 HOTEL MANILA tv!

Andrei ate a small snack and drank milk with his kuya at first....

... but was kicked out later on. Ha ha ha ha! Poor Andrei!

Mati did insist on sleeping on this sofa bed by his lonesome without his little bro Andrei!

After a short nap, we went down for dinner in F CAFE once more and met with the family of THE MOMMIST!

Mati finally met dear Spanky (JUICE PH) who became his instant favorite! My little guy had a blog before (THE IRON MATI) but lost interest in it. 

After seeing his Tito Spanky, he wanted to make entries for it again.

More of Chef Sau's special Christmas buffet in F CAFE coming right up!!!!

In the meantime... LET'S EAT!

photo grabbed from dear Spanky

After a delicious dinner, we all had a great time chatting the night away! This truly made the F1 HOTEL MANILA staycation MORE fun!

(l-r) Chuckie Dreyfus (ALL CHUCKED UP), Eugene Constantino (THE HEFTY FOODIE), dear Spanky Enriquez (MANILA BOY), MEH with ANDREI, Anton Diaz (OUR AWESOME PLANET), Jay and the Mommist's boys, EREK, Mati (THE IRON MATI), Len de Guzman (THE MOMMIST), and Yen Dreyfus (THE TUMMY TRAVELER).

Mati and his new friends. He let them watch LOCK AND LOAD :)

Chatting up until F CAFE was near closing time!

I don't know about Len but it felt so surreal to chat up with THE Anton Diaz of OUR AWESOME PLANET! He was the first foodie I ever stalked!

If you guys want to see my fascination with other bloggers, check this out: 

Don't find me TOO weird!

F CAFE servers were very nice and still served us until closing time!

We just can't stop chatting about selfies, ootd, comment exchange, wedding proposals, bossing, etc etc!

TRULY a fun and unforgettable night at F1 HOTEL MANILA!

Loved F1 HOTEL MANILA's F CAFE! It was a great TEAM YAP night for all of us!

After our enjoyable dinner at F CAFE, it was time for the boys to change into their jammies and drink their milks!

Mati and Andrei forgot that we were not able to bring their MONOPOLY GAME BOARD which we could just get from home if they insisted. The two had so much fun at F CAFE that they did not miss anything!

Good night my little lords! We'll see you tomorrow for another day of fun in F1 HOTEL MANILA!

It was their first time to sleep in a separate room from me (not counting our home) but they did not seem to mind. Mati and Andrei found the change something exciting for them!

Besides, I don't need to worry, Mati's toy was guarding them for the night!

Our second day at F1 HOTEL MANILA COMING SOON!!!

Address: 32nd St, Taguig City 1634
(02) 928 9888


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    1. Hi! Yes! We really enjoyed our stay here. If you're going to be in Fort area, F1 HOTEL is the way to go :)


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