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Monday, September 23, 2013



I mean, who in his/her right mind would not? You get a long table of everything you ever wished for that will probably make your cellulite grow the size of Kanye West's ego and you could refill your plate again and again. 

Very stingy (read: kuripot) me loves buffets because if I compare the price of ordering the viands separately in other restaurants, it would probably cost more. PLUS, I would have that power to get MORE or LESS, depending on what my bulging tummy fancies. 

And as for the buffet at F CAFE in F1 HOTEL MANILA, I did not just LOVE it. I ULTRAELECTROMAGNETICPOP was ENCHANTED by the long stretch of food that would definitely satisfy any bulging or protruding tummy there is.

And get this, we were not just served ANY ordinary buffet. What F CAFE laid out for us was their special Christmas buffet which the public will get a taste of on the holidays. 

Believe me, one bite of their Filipino Christmas ham, Organic Cebu Lechon, and Juicy Stuffed Turkey will get you Fa-la-la-la-la-ing all night long until the next breakfast buffet. The best thing here is that since the price is so affordable, you know you could have a taste of your favorite Christmas treats whenever you want it. No need to wait for Noche Buena! Yohoo!

It is definitely an early Christmas gift with the delicious food at F CAFE! It is so good, you might even forget what you wished from Santa! At least, you could be naughty all year long and still have a scrumptious night at F CAFE! Ho ho ho!

f1 hotel manila f cafe

ERICJAZ FOODIES was already having a wonderful staycation at F1 HOTEL MANILA (See our DAY ONE) and we were excited to have our first meal at the hotel at F CAFE! 

My little lords Mati and Andrei were so amused at the twirly wirly red sofas which greeted us going into F CAFE.  I'm sure they took note to play with it after our meal. As for me, I wanted to try it out for a long siesta (that's how comfortable it seem) BUT I'm sure they will be alerting hotel security in no time. He he he he! 

The Executive Chef of F CAFE by the way, was none other than THE Chef Sau Del Rosario! What I loved about his menu for the F CAFE buffet was that it highlighted our Filipino cuisine but added special twists. You surely won't miss home if you spend your weekend staycation/meal at 

F1 hotel manila f cafe


The restaurant may not be as big as the other hotel buffets out there but I found it definitely cozy. Tables have ample spacing so even if it was during "rush dining hours" we were still able to enjoy our meal comfortably.

F CAFE also has a great array of delectable dishes to choose from and it is just what I really needed to fully enjoy a meal. I don't like buffets with a million choices (to justify their exorbitant prices) because I would usually lose my appetite even before eating.

With F CAFE, everything was just right! I was able to sample and relish everything!!! 

You could carbo load all you want at F CAFE will their selection of rolls, breads, and biscuits.

They have a modest selection of cheeses and jams to slather on your rolls! I especially loved the brie since it was my favorite. 


I was very curious with the F CAFE Tuyo Caesar dressing and was raring to try it...

The same goes for the F CAFE Sun Dried Tomatoes. I don't think there are many hotel buffets out there that offers this ingredient for their salads. 

Look at what I saw in the F CAFE appetizer table....

Aren't those Filipino Fiesta staples? He he he he!

Besides the pork embutido, I loved F CAFE's colorful Steamed Grouper with Mayonnaise and a rainbow of toppings! I remember always getting a great serving of this dish everytime I see it in a town fiesta! So creamy and deeelicious!

Why hello there steamed Tiger Prawns! You could request the chef to fry these babies up with butter and garlic!

F CAFE Slipper Lobster!

An assortment of kprepared salads from F CAFE!

Of course, hotel buffets SHOULD always have Tuna and Salmon Sashimis plus other Japanese Makis. It is something that is almost required by the Filipino palate. Ha ha ha ha!

Salmon chunk mayo in shot glasses anyone? Oh don't mind if I do!

When the chefs raised the covers of the food warmers I knew it was time to stop ogling at the F CAFE appetizers and start digging in to their main entrees!

F CAFE's Saucy Chili Crabs!

F CAFE's Bringhe!

F CAFE's Seafood Paella!

Of course it won't be Christmas without the Special Glazed Ham!

 And it's not your ordinary glazed ham, it's F CAFE'S 
Glazed Ham with Pineapple, Cherries, and Candied Fruits!  This was so sweet, juicy, and perfectly tender that it gave me an instant holiday vibe while savoring it! 

Plus who wouldn't rejoice in having Cherries and Candied Fruits in one dish huh? Who?

F CAFE's Roasted Salmon with Orange and Rosemary Bourre Blanc!

A hit among the other foodies was the F CAFE Roast Duck Ala Orange!

On some Christmas spreads we would usually have Stuffed Chicken or Chicken Galantina simmering in gravy!

F CAFE had a special carving station for their special meats!

Such as the special F CAFE Roasted Stuffed Turkey.... 

I surely drooled when the chef sliced the plump roast turkey! A slice of the dark meat please with some potatoes on the side!

Of course, save a lot of room for the Organic Cebu Lechon!

My Yub loved it so much that he really asked to have a picture with it!

Little Mati said he would like some Prawn Tempura on his Seafood Paella!

While Andrei asked if he could proceed to the Chocolate fountain.

Uh... NO?

Mati was excited to dig in to his F CAFE Paella!

Though my little Andrei was initially disappointed that he won't be able to start with dessert first, he was able to finish the Chicken Galantina with gravy that I put on his plate :)

What about me? What did I eat? 

My beautiful appetizer plate! That Tuyo Caesar Dressing was absolutely divine!


Foodie Selfie with my first main plate!!!

My second plate!!!

Yub and his seafood plate as well!

My F CAFE third mini main plate with cheese!

I think I want some more of that appetizer! He he he he!

All throughout our meal, server JL was very alert and enthusiastic! He made our F CAFE lunch extra enjoyable!

Dessert time!

F CAFE's Croquembouche! Now doesn't that just scream Happy Holidays???

F CAFE fresh fruits and halo halo station!

Andrei and Mati feasted on the chocolate fondue fountain.

Puddings and hot chocolate! Yummmmmm!

F CAFE Crepe Station!

F CAFE Red Velvet Fruit Cake. Truly delectable!

I was so full with my main courses that I was only able to manage a marshmallow dipped in the chocolate along with the cookie!

Not... H aha ha ha!


After a short nap, it was time for dinner and once more we went down to F CAFE for another indulging meal!

This time I tried out some of the food which I was not able to taste or get enough of for lunch.

F CAFE Beef Morcon...

F CAFE Potato Dauphinoise!! Cheesy and buttery! I had 2 servings of this!

F CAFE Roasted Duck Ala Orange! Because this deserves another round....

F CAFE Vegetable Lasagna! For some veggies in my system!

And of course...

My old friend....

Ever crunchy and fatty! My kind of pal!

In no time.... Ha ha ha ha!

Yub helped himself to another serving of F CAFE Bulalo Soup!

Mati and Andrei waited patiently at our table...  

They might wait a long time though because I plan to maximize my experience with this appetizer station! he he he he!

And have another serving of this Fiesta staple as well!

Let's EAT!!!! 

My little Mati already devoured a whole plate of F CAFE seafood by himself!

My salad plate! I really love that Tuyo Caesar salad dressing!

My main plate!

Loved the lobsters cooked in butter and garlic!

Fat and glorious fat!....

I'm talking about the lechon by the way... He he he he!

After dinner we had a great time chatting and eating up with some of my favorite and coolest bloggers in the Metro!!!

(l-r) Chuckie Dreyfus (ALL CHUCKED UP), Eugene Constantino (HEFTY FOODIE), dear Spanky Enriquez (JUICE.PH), MEH and ANDREI, THE Anton Diaz (OUR AWESOME PLANET), Jay and Kids, EREK, Len De Guzman - Altea (THE MOMMIST) and Yen Dreyfus (THE TUMMY TRAVELER

Mati and Andrei had so much fun and made new friends as well!

Chatting up the night away....

... with some F CAFE fudgy chocolate cake...

....and rich banana crepe with ice cream!

The perfect energizer for all of us! ha ha ha ha!

We really had a lot of fun that night!!!

Team Yap left F CAFE with huge smiles and bigger tummies! We were laughing all the way to the room. The kind waitress Grace was also very enthusiastic in taking our pictures! You couldn't tell that it was already 11:30pm! 

Andrei got his wish and made the F CAFE his slide!

The next morning, we were bright and early for the  F CAFE breakfast buffet which is open from 6:00am to 10:00am!

You could start your brekky with something hot in  your tummy like some Egg Drop Soup!

Or F CAFE Arroz Caldo!

...or how about something heavy?

The F CAFE scrambled eggs were very wet and creamy! My kind of eggs!

F CAFE Vigan Longganisa!

I found it weird that they had Ground Beef for breakfast...

I tried it and it worked with my garlic rice! YUM!

F CAFE Omelette station!

If you want to start your day with some breads, pastries, and sweet rolls, then why don't you?

I might just start mine with some hot cinnabon buns and coffee!

F CAFE Bread station!

You could slice up your breads...

... and heat it in the toaster.

Andrei did so with his wheat bread!

Put it in...

... and out it goes...

F CAFE French Toast, Waffles, and Pancakes!

Top it with a big dollop of whipped cream and you're good to go!

Behind the F CAFE pillar was their juice and milk station!

My yub even requested the F CAFE chef for some extra crispy bacon!

Isn't this plate just beautiful??? We wiped out all of that by the way.

My first plate!

Of course I cannot do without my vegetables! he he he!

Yub and his many pandesals!

Andrei carbo loaded!


Happy me! Thanks F CAFE for brightening and burping up my morning!

Some more bacon? Don't mind if I do!

My last plate! Whew! Breakfast sweat!!!!

Like I said in my previous F1 HOTEL MANILA entry, I'm not really so nice with my ratings but I feel that F CAFE truly deserves all the 5's! For all 3 meals, we enjoyed every bit of it!!! My kids are already asking when we will be back.

For sure, we will be dropping by once more to get a taste of their Christmas buffet! Hopefully we'll see you guys there as well. If you catch us, do say hello! Even though we might appear to be busy eating, we'd love to chat up with you. Don't worry. We won't ask for "aguinaldo"! He he he he!

Special thanks once more to the wonderful people in F1 HOTEL MANILA for having ERICJAZ FOODIES! And of course to dear Spanky Enriquez for inviting us!! Mati and Andrei won't stop asking about you. 


F CAFE Buffet
P1,399.00 net (lunch and dinner)
P1,999.00 net (Christmas buffet- coming soon) 

F1 Hotel Manila
32nd St, Taguig City 1634
(02) 928 9888


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    1. You're so welcome Teokun! Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!! :)

  2. Aaron Q. of Convergys Ayala MakatiJanuary 28, 2015 at 11:21 PM

    I've been to the hotel for a wedding pictorial of a friend, the groom, who stayed overnight there but unfortunately didn't get the chance to take a peek of the buffet restaurant. Thanks to this blog you made for it. Everything was well-shot. Loved it when the foodservers smiled and even posed when you took their pictures. Great job!

    1. Hiya Aaron! Thanks so much!!!! I'm glad you liked what you saw. My family certainly enjoyed the buffet in F1 HOTEL and I got the fat to prove it. Ha ha ha ha ha! But really, we loved our meals there and service was indeed impeccable!!! Ang saya saya at a lesser price compared to other hotels. Thank you so much again for dropping by! You made my night :)


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