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Friday, May 7, 2010


Everytime yub and I would eat at SLICE N DICE or JT's, we often pass by this restaurant which boasts of authentic bangkok street food. Now I am SUCH a fan of hole in a wall restos and "bangketa" grubs so this naturally piqued my curious little tummy!!!

When we got in, the service was very accomodating that you would think you were eating at TGIFridays or other themed restaurants that would charge you an arm or leg for service charge.!!! THAI DARA had this cozy ambience that would be a far cry from a measly street kiosk that I became suspicious if it will be at par with the most popular cheap Thai restow in the Metrow.

But... lucky for my me, the food was friggin good!!! It was definitely better than SOME other cheap thai restos that I know.

Yub ate a lot as well... and in between bites, he was already choosing what we could try next in ADDITION to what we are already having...

By the way, Thai Dara... reminds me of Sandara... ha ha ha ha stupid comparison I know! Ha ha ha ha


The Chinese stalker getting out of his comfort zone and checking out the menu at THAI DARA!

THAI DARA has a lot of delicious looking food to choose from and I had such a hard time selecting what to eat that night.

I had SUCH a hard time that I was not able to put on lipstick! GRRR!

THAI DARA meynuh... reasonable prices right?

Even if it was just me and the hub at THAI DARA, we had the many famous Korean faces in front of us to keep us company!

THAI DARA interiors is just smart casual where in it is clean and carefree. You could just let yourself go here without being too sloppy!

Hello there THAI DARA metal box!

And it opens up to your eating utensils! Neat huh?


THAI DARA condiments are within hand's reach if you need something more for your food!

Food is here!!!

I should REALLY put on more lipstick!

Before I was able to take a pic, my husband hurriedly digged in to THAI DARA's Bagoong Rice (P179.00). He knows that just to spite him, I would mix everything knowing that he hates vegetables on anything. So there he went and took spoonfuls of the rice with pork!

We also ordered THAI DARA's Pad Thai (P179.00) which seemed simple yet appetizing!!!

THAI DARA's pad thai was loaded with toppings and definitely not your usual plate of noodles!

The big boy has to have his chicken so we also had THAI DARA's Chicken Pandan (P209.00)!

My plate! My wonderful plate!!!

I was fully satisfied with THAI DARA's bagoong rice because even if it was flavored with exotic spices, it was not too overpowering to be enjoyed with the pad thai and chicken pandan!

Un-dressed chicken! HA!

... AND in no time.... 

Thai Dara 
56 Granada St. Gilmore Valencia, Quezon City

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