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Sunday, February 21, 2010


What always make my night is eating at a restaurant with great food at a measely price! Now if my Yub and I feel like pigging out without the need to sell an arm or leg, we look around at some malls' foodcourts.... I have to say, Edsa Shangrila and Robinson's Galleria's are the cleanest ones. Since I have a very "sensitive" tummy, I only eat there to avoid my stomach going ballistic while watching a movie he he he!!!!

Yub and stumbled upon Mongolian Quick Stop and I remembered that it has been ages since I ate there last. I LOOOOVE Mongolian fried rice and the thought of piling up all those veggies with rice and sauces gets me all giddy widdy! The branch in Mile Long closed down already (i think..) that's why i felt like the heavens answered my prayers when foodcourts decided to franchise this great cuisine!!!

To still keep my ultra sensitive tummy grumbly free, i only put squid balls, and fishballs for my meats... But to keep my gluttony spirit happy, i just piled and piled on the veggies, peanuts, garlic, oils, chilis, rice....



The mini MEYNUH!

MONGOLIAN Barbecue has become one of my childhood favorites (come to think of it, ALMOST EVERYTHING IS!!!) ever since my Dad, brought us to his organization's Christmas party atop the Meralco penthouse  and they had THIS on the meynuh.

It was my first time to have Mongolian Barbecue at 11years old and I have not stopped obsessing with it from then on.

The procedure to enjoy hot bowls of your fried rice at MONGOLIAN QUICK STOP is very simple:

a. You choose your veggies...
b. Pile on your meats...
c.  Get your choice of carbs (Choose from noodles or rice... Or you could get both!)
d. Spoon over (hihi) your selected sauces
e. Give it to the cook for stir frying...
f. Smile cheesily at the camera....

Uh... sorry about that...

Number 19! I'm Number 19!!!

I did mention in this silly little foodie blog that my husband HATES/DETESTS/GETS TRAUMATIC/HORRIFIED/SCREAMS LIKE A PUBESCENT GIRL/ whenever I ask politely if he wants some vegetables on his dish. So I guess with the many adjectives/superlatives that I mentioned above, you will not wonder why he did not get their Mongolian Bowl.

What is that you say? Why won't he just get a bowl and put meats, sauces, and carbs? I think we did that once and he got so irritated when there would be stray veggies which would suddenly surprise him (HELLO! I'M A CARROT!!!!) in his bowl. 

So from that time on he HATED/DETESTED/GOT TRAUMATIZED/HORRIFIED/SCREAMED LIKE A PUBESCENT GIRL/ with their rice bowls and would brighten up with their many sizzling plate alternatives. 

So here in MONGOLIAN QUICK STOP, it is no wonder he ordered their Grilled Pork Chops on a sizzling plate. He gave me a chunk to try on and it was a very tasty. I could order this along with my fried rice but that would just be gluttony.

So what I would do is get some 4 chunks from my husband. Tee hee! 

OH BOO! You did promise "Till Death Do Us Part" right?? Give me that pork!!!!

Anywhoo my husband would happily eat his sizzling plate on his own, slurping and making those hungry noises while I wait for my NUMBER 19.

He gallantly gave me his beansprouts and chili because he got this notion that if it touched his pork and rice, the meat would taste like it. 

It's okay. More for me!

Wohoo! Here's my number 19!!!

I love stir fried vegetables so I truly packed it tight on my bowl. I shoveled big servings of their beansprouts, young corn, carrots, onions, green peppers, and garlic!

I then added about 4 tablespoons of rice then asked the server to just add their squid, squidballs, and fishballs.

I would spoon over SEVERAL scoops of their peanuts and garlic and drizzle a lot of their sesame oil then garlic sauce.

Afterwards, I would request the server to ladle lots of  Sweet and Spicy sauce specifying that I want everything to be saucy!

I then further instruct the guy to fry it sorta well done because my sensitive tummy gets sort of rumbly when veggies are not cooked thoroughly.

So THIS is what I got!


It was piping hot so I blew on it first before stuffing the saucy grub into my mouth....

I apologize for the face. I told you. I hate my eating face. Very ICK!

Please don't charge me if you suddenly had the urge to bash your monitors. I'm only human who's trying to be "cute" anyway! H ah ah aha!

I love fishballs and squidballs in my MONGOLIAN QUICK STOP bowl. I feel that it is not so heavy even if I squeezed in a lot of veggies!

Mix your very hot creation and savor the heavenly smell of all that garlic, spices, sauces, and your... love....

Aaaah.... one....


(Ngasab ngasab) (Chew Chew)


I love it when I am almost done with my rice bowl and you find there all the savory grub which were hiding from you all exposed plus extra saucy.

I got you now you lone squid!!!

And I am...




(Now that tasted like garlic... Sorry Yub)!

He he he he!

Mongolian Quick Stop
Robinsons Galleria
Robinsons Galleria, EDSA
Ugong Norte, Quezon City


  1. We need more of these Around!

    1. Hiya Tara! There should be! Their steaming hot bowls of meats, rice, veggies, and your choice of sauces are all just heavenly!!!

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    1. Hi!!! Thank you so much! This comment truly made my day :) Corny or cliche as it may sound, everything here came from my heart and my weird sense of humor. I'm glad somebody liked it as much as I had fun writing it. Hope you could subscribe to my posts!!! Checked out your site too!!! :)


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