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Saturday, February 6, 2010


For me, a night is complete if I was able to enjoy the food served at a restaurant... Now the night would DEFINITELY be perfect if the restaurant was cheap, a hole in a wall, and everything was just tasty and dandy!

That's what happened to us when we chanced upon MIN SOK restaurant in Makati City. It was highly recommended to us by my cousin Mia and during one NO-GOOD-MOVIE-AT- POWER PLANT MALL night, that we decided to drop by and try what she was raving about.

WOW!!!! When I sat down, I was like this kid who got so wide-eyed with the rides at Disneyland... !!!  I was all excited watching the Koreans who were busily cooking and eating their grubs that I felt like I was transported into a Koreanovela!

I DEFINITELY enjoyed our meal at Min Sok not only because the grub was affordable but everything was DAMN EFFIN GOOD!!! I AM now officially addicted to BULGOGI... and I have Min Sok to thank for!


I think we were the only Filipinos eating in MIN SOK . That is good because remember, a sign of a good resto is when the locals prefer it. If they do not, most likely the food of that dining establishment is too commercialized or just plain NASTY!

Here we have an abundance of Koreans who just dressed casually for dinner. It was obvious they did not troop over MIN SOK to be seen or look at beautiful gals (like me? - toink!) but just to enjoy delicious Korean food (like me! - yeaaah!) !

... Not that I consider myself as a Korean food but you know what I meant! 

I now present to you, the MIN SOK's grilling plate... the place where dreams are made of!

Except though when you're tired and you dream of sitting down. 

The meynuh!

The free appetizers! Unlike other commercialized Korean restaurants, MIN SOK offers these scrumptious Korean goodies for free as long as you order one of their main meals. Everything is refillable too so just get your tummies ready!

OR, you could try to act like a lady before wolfing down all that food in order to deceive your date! (Tee to the hee!)


Sizzle sizzle!

Oh yeah... almost done!

Ericjaz Foodies, commence digging in!

Now this is how you eat your meats KOREAN STYLE... (I hope the song "Gangnam Style" did not get into your head -- eep too late! :P)

MIN SOK step one:  Get a piece of crunchy lettuce and filler up with your choice of vegetables from your plate...

Like so...

MIN SOK step two :  Slather it with some of their pungent bean paste...

MIN SOK step three : Get your choice of meat....

Sometimes I prefer to grill the veggies for a short minute or  two...

MIN SOK step four : Dip your freshly cooked meat into this sesame oil with salt....

MIN SOK step five : You may pile on some Kimchi or other Korean vegetables for that extra layer of crunch and flavor....

My favorite is the spiced leeks with sesame oil! YUM!


MIN SOK step six : Give it a generous dip into your chili sauce if you want the experience to be a hot one (oh yeahhh....)

Here's your last look of my MIN SOK Korean grub victim!

MIN SOK step eight : That's me biting into all that MIN SOK gloriousness.... I was in heaven...

I was just chewing and enjoying every morsel with glee!


Okay fine I did not look like that when I stuffed everything in. The above was just the reenactment with some actions edited.

This was how I looked like then! REALLY!

All in the name of food darn it! Don't you just love my husband???

I went through all of that trouble while my husband just ate his beef and steamed rice quietly. My very choosy guy does not eat vegetables and would scream like a girl if I even dare to offer him a kimchi.

He's not writing this blog so I could make him scream like a girl if I want to. Ha ha ha ha! Kidding!

Our wonderful MIN SOK spread!

As much as I have a lazy big ass (yup my husband will agree), I don't shy away from restaurants that let you cook their food. I think it is a fun and learning experience. At least you get everything fast and really hot!

In MIN SOK even if we hear a lot of gabbing and laughing from the other table, we still enjoyed our meal because we focused on the tranquil sound of our meats sizzling....

Aaaah.... I could have this in the background should I ever decide to do yoga.

For every other of meats to be grilled you also get 2 servings of their spicy soup!

... and it was HOT!

Nothing that a good swig of Coke zero cannot cure!

Truly looking forward to our next meal here. Simple as that. No steps and no screaming like a girl.

MIN SOK. Very good.



With ERICJAZ FOODIES, we really enjoy the food we feature. Proof of that is after writing this post, I got some cravings again so I dragged my husband to have dinner in MIN SOK asap! So last night (June 3, 2013), cravings heeded! Everything was just as good as it should be! YUM!!! 

We even sat at our usual table!!

Tee hee.... posted in INSTAGRAM! BTW, add us up at facebook, Ericjaz Foodies! Yipee!

Min Sok Saeng Deung Sim
5655 Don Pedro St cor Jacobo
Poblacion, Makati
(02) 895-9586


  1. Haha.. I feel like if my boyf and I visit this, we'll pretty much have the same scenario like yours. I'd wolf down all the goodies Korean-style, while he'll just eat the meats with rice as he's not a fan of veggies too XD

    Anyway, will try to visit this soon. The samgyupsal looks so glorious!

    1. Hiya Sumi Go! He he he! Wohoo! That means, more for us! Or maybe they're just faking the whole "we don't eat vegetables" thingy so that they'll gallantly give us the kimchi and other korean appetizers? Kidding!

      Anyway, I am so curious with Matgalne!!! I'm going to drag again my obliging husband there :) Everything looks so yum!


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