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Friday, November 6, 2009


Egad knows that my husband and I are very practical (read: CHEAP) people. 

I do respect other individuals who find joy in luxury bags nor expensive clothes and footwear but it's just not for us. Don't get us wrong. Not really to brag or anything, but we could buy the latest trend in footwear, bag wear, or "clothes" wear (?) he he he) or even get the newest PAD, Tab, whatever. But we choose not to.  Let us just say that the numerous lectures of our parents regarding people who went from riches TO rags and seeing many beggars around, made an impact that we can't take spending big money just for ourselves. Also, we believe more in experiences and sharing. And if we're going to shell out our hard earned cash, it would involve treating out our loved ones (family/friends) and for TEAM YAP, it would be with trips with the little lords or having bonding (read: eating) moments with them.

So, SLICE N' DICE was very handy to us back in 2009 when it had branches in San Juan, Shaw Boulevard, and Barrio Kapitolyo. For somebody who get thrills in purchasing sale items, you could just imagine the delight I get in having to eat big steaks at a very affordable price. It was also our perfect "insta-steak" hub that when we are just bored at home but felt like getting some meat into our system, it would always be SLICE N' DICE!

To think that even if it was a cheap restaurant, SLICE N' DICE gave TEAM YAP one of our most delightful memories ever. It was my husband's birthday and one of his wishes was to eat in SLICE N' DICE. We were being our usual noisy selves with the boys and sang a birthday song to Yub at the end of the dinner... Later on Ms. Isabella Ledesma (yes the daughter of legendary Kuh Ledesma) went to other table and said that we were just the cutest family E-VER and added if she were to have a family soon she hoped she'll have one similar to TEAM YAP.

Awwww.... That truly made our night! Of course it made to my FB page too (but I did not mention who she was then... eeep!)

So there you go. Though SLICE N' DICE may not be your usual quality (read: expensive) steak house, it was able to give us delicious eats and family bonding at a cheap price! 

You cannot say though that we were being stingy (read: "kuripot" or depriving) with our family because if we were, then dear Isabella Ledesma would not see how good a time we were having. I guess like us, she saw that what truly counts is not the money shelled out but the awesomeness and sincerity of the experience.

By the way, because of Isabella's compliment I now think that she is very cool (read: Could be added in FB). Tee hee!

But I think she blocked me. Oh well! He he he!



As much as I love SLICE N' DICE, they have to do something with their menu. Steak ala Pobre is NOT steak and mushrooms!

What attracted us to SLICE N' DICE is the price!

My husband looked so handsome in SLICE N' DICE with the Rome shirt I bought home for him.

I felt extra cute in SLICE N' DICE too since I looked "preppy" in my white blouse and black vest get-up!


in the next table....

.... there was THIS guy....

Wearing the exact...

photo grabbed from the net

Ha ha ha ha! Oh well! That gave us HUGE laughs afterwards!

And THAT'S why I could never win the MOST FASHIONABLE award.

I have the taste of a 25 year old male!!!


Going back to SLICE N' DICE...

We love the red iced tea of SLICE N' DICE (P33.00) but would find it a bit too sweet for our taste. So what we usually do is ask for an extra glass with ice and add a bit of water in each glass to dilute it a bit.

So it is like 2 glasses for the price of 1!!! Love saving at SLICE N' DICE!

Our hot off the grill SLICE N' DICE steaks arrived and since this is not really your traditional steak house, we loaded our meat with gravy and other "dressings"! 

Don't worry we did not add catsup. We won't go THAT far.

I'm used to having onion rings with my steak but since it is not available in SLICE N' DICE, we just ordered a sizzling plate of their clams with cheese (P139.00)!!!

It never fails to make heads turn when you order this in SLICE N' DICE and the waiter passes by several tables before it touches down on your home base. The sizzling sound and the garlic with cheese aroma is sure to catch everyone's attention!

My steak! My wonderful steak!

It may look a bit dry but it is not! The SLICE N' DICE steak is grilled perfectly and for the price, I'm not complaining!!!!

Yub eating.... Uy he's growing out his mustache!

My SLICE N' DICE garlic rice!

Augh! I put a spoonful in my mouth before checking my food first. Now everything is burning inside me!

I could not spit it out because my "TWIN" might look and say "Augh how disgusting the other girl wearing my outfit. It's so embarassing!"

Tee hee!

SLICE N' DICE may not have A1 but they do have some Leah and Perrins! It'll do!


Yub busy eating at SLICE N' DICE!!!

I love the gravy of SLICE N' DICE because there was nothing "diluted" about it. The rich gravy is thick, creamy, and very delicious! Truly complemented the meat!

It cannot go without rice though... Your SLICE N' DICE meal will demand for it!

Almost done at SLICE N' DICE!

Wiped out!

Almost done with my SLICE N' DICE steak!

Yub licked his chops as well!

Such a great night even if there was a slight wardrobe malfunction action going there. He he he!

We have eaten at SLICE N' DICE countless of times and here's one where Mati came with us!

MATI : You can't get any of my steak!!!

Ha ha ha! Would you believe that he was able to finish almost everything here? 

They used to have SLICE N' DICE calamares but now they don't offer it anymore. 

Happy to discover they opened a branch near our place!!! Whooopsidoo!!! Time to have some SLICE N' DICE delicious steak for one night or every night without breaking bank.

And if you see us there, don't hesitate to drop by our table and tell us we're cute... 

OR give me head to toe look if I'm wearing the same thing as you. Ha ha ha ha!


02 4828225
California Garden Square, 
Mauway, Mandaluyong City

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