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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Even if my husband and I have been together for a semi-long time, I still feel a different kind of rush when it is date night. The thought of going out with your guy and pretending you two are still bf/gf always gives me a electric excitement that could only be matched at the thought when going home and realizing, hey we ARE married! (Wink wink!!).

As much as we want to go out every single day, my husband and I made this schedule for dinner dates during the school year :

Monday to Thursday -- Stay at home with the little monsters Mati and Andrei so we could help them with homework or plot evil schemes to rule the world someday...

Friday -- Friends night (the day is allotted to meet up with friends but we still do it together because my husband does not have any buddies.... Kidding)

Saturday -- DATE NIGHT (wohoo!)

Sunday -- Family Day!!!

I may have a messy work table but I am definitely OBSESSED with keeping this schedule. The only time that this will not be followed is when there is a holiday and we do not need to do the usual chores of our rugrats on a school night. 

But hey, when there is a hankering for CAUSEWAY, all bets are off. THAT is how much we love this dimsum house. 

Mati and Andrei who? He he he! 


CAUSEWAY is well lit and very spacious, giving you that over all relaxed feel which is rare in an affordable Chinese dimsum restaurant. 

When seated at the center, I somehow get this Star Trek vibe in their interiors.

Do you agree with me or am I being such a geek again?

Ever since CAUSEWAY had this promo where in you pay only P50 for dimsum after 9:00pm, we became MORE of restaurant regulars. You have to admit dimsums of this quality make CAUSEWAY'S grub the cheapest for this price! So CAUSEWAY is the default choice if I get out late at work.  

Sometimes when it's only 8:30pm, I would go "Hey yub! It's nearing THAT time! Let's go to YOU know where!!!"
And he'll answer "The 3 hours thing???"

NAAAH kidding! Ha ha ha!

However after 9:00pm, dimsums will be served on a per order basis. You will miss here the swiftness that Dimsum cart offers. Still, you will be assured of freshly steamed dimsums so it is really a win win situation. 

(p.s! As of 2013, CAUSEWAY dimsums after 9:00pm are priced at about P55 per order) 

Hi! We're the YAPS and we're SO hungry!!

First on the table was CAUSEWAY's Chicken Feet! The sauces were still bubbling from the steamer and gave out a rich aroma of spice and all things nice.

I love CAUSEWAY's Chicken feet because it is never dry and the feet is always plump and oh so fatty. We just love sucking the bones dry and spooning the sauce over our rice.

Somebody once told me that Chicken feet are high in cholesterol. 

I choose to be deaf to that information... 

In lieu of rice, my husband always order CAUSEWAY's Asado Siopao. For the life of me, I cannot imagine eating this without noodles in soup but my guy seems to like it on its own. He would always offer half -heartedly a piece for me... You know the usual "i'll offer but I hope you say no" question?

Eric (in monotone) : Yub ayaw mo right? ("Yub, you don't want some right?")

Sometimes just for kicks I will chirp out a happy "OH YES I WOULD! OH THANK YOU! THANK YOU KIND SIR!!!!"

That would get his chinese eyes bulging out in horror. Ha ha ha ha!

Evil me would just take a bite and pretend it's for take home then I forget to eat it. Ha ha ha ha! That plan would sometimes fail though especially if he did not have his usual siopao fill. 

In the few times I have tried CAUSEWAY'S asado siopao, the dough was soft and right to the bite. The asado meat had the right sweetness and I love that it is saucy. I could finish this without the usual sauce which would usually accompany siopaos.

My husband doing his on "I'm-eating-this-on-my-own" mode. Only I could get past this force field of selfishness when it comes to his CAUSEWAY siopaos!

CAUSEWAY's Pork Dimsum! We always have 2 orders of this and it is perfect everytime!

My rice! My beautiful rice!!!

I love it when I ask my husband to pose for the camera and he lets out this very lewd smile. 

Just in case you were wondering, I was being sarcastic... In a loving wife way. Ha ha ha ha!

The dipping sauce for champions... Chili oil, soy sauce, and calamansi! It'll surely make a winner of any dimsum dinner!

Let's eat at CAUSEWAY!

My plate!

If you think this sight is already a perfect view to behold, then you have not seen....

... this! CAUSEWAY's Steamed Spare Ribs with Tausi!!! Even if my favorite has always been Le Ching (see our meal there, HERE!!!!), CAUSEWAY's Steamed Spare Ribs is a close second. The meat are always fork tender and juicy to the bite. The spice and sauce is mild but very tasty to the palate! I love gnawing into these babies and chew on everything!

Of course, that great meal is always washed down with a tall glass of ice cold Coke Zero!

Half way through our CAUSEWAY Chicken Feet!

Again, Yub and his cute lewd smile! Ha ha ha ha!

Besides eating, ERICJAZ FOODIES just LOVE talking. And we always chat and joke, sometimes fool around while doing THIS deed.

My plate is done!


The end...

The next month, me and the Yubskers went to CAUSEWAY again for a weekday impromptu dinner date!

Our full table at CAUSEWAY...

Losers say NGAAAH!

Kidding! I love you m'Lord!

(We're watching Game of Thrones while I type this).

Jaz (of 2013) : As we still regularly eat at CAUSEWAY, we now order CAUSEWAY's Spring Rolls and Century Egg. 

Yup that gets wiped out too in a jiffy!

My plate!

My chinese "Khal"....

(Again... Game of Thrones... sorry!)

Your Khaleesi doing the peace sign and burping at the same time!

As Homer Simpson would always say "I can't believe I ate the whole thing..."

He he he!

8th Acropolis Center, 
53 E. ROdriguez Jr. Ave., Libis, Quezon City, Libis, 1110
Phone: (63 2) 638-9374 / (63 2) 638-9375


  1. Our favorite dimsum house haha! We frequent their banawe branch.. P48 for their dimsum starting 9pm :)

    1. Hiya Berylle! Their dimsums are so cheap but comparable to what the other expensive restaurants offers! Its also our fave dimsum place! Wow its cheaper pala in Banawe! Thank you for that info!

  2. you're so weird,
    as weird as richie zamora

    (and that's a high compliment, khaleesi!)

  3. You're as weird as Richie Zamora, in the best way possible

    (and that's the highest compliment I can give, Khaleesi!)

    1. Hahahaha! Thank you, your Grace! You are most kind! (in british accent)


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