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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


We absolutely LOVE the chicken at Savory restaurant -- so juicy, so tender, and so very right with fried rice!!! I have fond memories of this special fried chicken because it is what my dad used to take home to us hungry little chickabees when he's late from work! It's such great news that many branches of this Chinese treasure has opened in Metro Manila. And though some people may confuse it with the other "savory" Restaurant and that we cannot really tell which is which, one thing is for sure and that SAVORY is the Chinese fried chicken that would always give us delicious childhood memories!


As the menu claims, SAVORY has been with us since 1950! I wonder what was I doing at that time before I got reincarnated to this hot, sexy, beautiful, being that I am??

Oh please don't add crazy and delusional. Ha ha ha ha!

House tea is served to all customers. This is perfect to warm up the tummy before the much anticipated meal ahead!

Since this branch just opened, the owner of SAVORY was still pretty hands on and talked to all the diners in the restaurant. 

Either that or he found us too cute for comfort!

Like so?

Don't worry. I'll stop. Ha ha ha ha!

Deciding what to order at SAVORY.

I think I am sort of feverish this night because instead of my usual Coke Zero, I ordered a cold glass of iced tea in SAVORY.

However, if that was the case then I shouldn't be drinking iced tea now would I?

Either that or the iced tea was supposed to be Yub's order and I just commandeered it like I always do. 

SAVORY food is here!

Yub and I ordered their 1/4 chicken with fried rice and egg. It is a pretty good deal actually considering it's less than P200.00. I was not able to get the price sorry!

Juicy, plump, SAVORY Fried Chicken! The skin was ultra crispy and tasty too!

This combination may be weird to some but I dig it. Even if I don't really have chicken for breakfast but if I was given a hot plate of this SAVORY goodness with coffee then I'll be gobbling this up real fast!

On a slightly macabre note, Mother chicken meet your son.... Tee hee!

Some people may frown upon the over use of gravy believing that it masks the true flavor of the meat. But what the heck, I don't have a choosy palate that's why it always calls for lots and lots of gravy on my food!

And with SAVORY you get this rich and scrumptious gravy that is so good you'll put it on your fried rice!


Yub however, likes mixing his egg with the fried rice!

Smile! You're on crappy camera! :)

The SAVORY fried rice was just simple and light. This would be perfect for my gravy and other hearty viands that their restaurant have!

No talk... eating.

SAVORY chicken is always tender to the bite! It's like they steamed the meat first before giving it a quick fry!



Almost done...

I can't help it. I ordered some COKE zero in the end. Ha ha ha ha!

Again, my husband was quietly enjoying his food by his lonesome... He was almost done by the way.

While I was still halfway with my SAVORY grub!

And of course...

Like I always do...

I sucked and crunched the bones dry! Don't get turned off with me if I do that in front of you. 

DONE! I left the egg yolks because of I was in a diet :)

Was not able to take a picture of the bill but we paid less than P500.00 for 2 full dishes with drinks! Delicious and affordable! OUR kind of meal!


Savory Chicken
San Juan
97 N. Domingo St.
Ermitaño, San Juan
(02) 724-1957

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