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Sunday, October 4, 2009


Yub and I recently celebrated our 10th year MAG-UN anniversary last October 4, 2009. It fell on a Sunday and since THAT day was reserved for FAMILY day, we decided to forego a romantic dinner by bringing the little rugrats along. We decided to have dinner at everyones favorite resto... PEPPER LUNCH!!! Mati already knows what to order since he is a big fan of the place. You would be an instant fan too once you try their sizzling rice or steak dishes that are smothered with their special butter. Don't forget the sauce!!! He he he!! It's never a wonder why people patiently line up to get a taste of PEPPER LUNCH because the sizzle always makes it worth it! So the HECK with a romantic candle light dinner... THIS WAS WAAAAY more tasty and FUN with the FAMILY!!! :)


In Power Plant Mall, there is usually a line before you get inside the restaurant. But when you pass by PEPPER LUNCH, you wouldn't mind queuing up because you will be able to smell what is sizzling inside and take my word for it, IT IS MOUTH WATERING.

Mati already knows what to order and it is always be PEPPER LUNCH's BEEF PEPPER RICE (P198.00)

Pepper Lunch originated from Japan and I think this is an example of their "fast food"! Domo Arigoto for bringing this here japanese guys!

Mati loved playing with the monitors and imagining the real thing would sprout right out of it!

The meynuh!!

The meynuh 2! 

I have tried both and you can't go wrong with any: PEPPER LUNCH'S Beef or Chicken Rice is an explosion of wonderful meat and savory flavors that whatever order is a GREAT order!! 

After ordering, we were led to our table and Andrei, (Mati calls him "Littles"), instantly got curious of the sauces. Unlike other restaurants, PEPPER LUNCH is very generous with their sauces and would give you a whole container of each viand. And if you're like our family, one sorry cup of sauce is NOT enough :)

PEPPER LUNCH offers 2 sauces: The Garlic Soy Sauce and the Honey Soy Sauce. I prefer the latter (Honey Soy Sauce) since it has a sweet flavor that compliments the spice and butter of our BEEF PEPPER rice.  

Finally it arrives... our BEEF PEPPER RICE!


PEPPER LUNCH's BEEF PEPPER RICE is served on their patented hot plate with a temperature to cook the raw meats and keep warm throughout your meal.

Once it is served in front of you, you just had to turn the meats to cook the raw side on top and then mix everything....

You don't really have to be a chef, you just have to have timing! 

That is not much to ask in order to have great food later on right?

Ayan LQ tuloy kami! ha ha ha ha ha!

My husband's concentration was cut however when Little's did something to the condiments section!

Pour on that sauce!!!

While waiting, Mati kept himself busy by watching the monitors which shows a tutorial on how to fully enjoy PEPPER LUNCH's dishes!

You could almost smell everything!

Instant meat facial! But I don't mind! Ha ha ha ha!

Just a little while Littles!

Ha ha ha! No time for me to pose for the camera since I did not want the food to burn! But later on I realized that PEPPER LUNCH's patented hot plates are not the usual kind where the heat would almost combust the food then cool down afterwards. What it did was evenly heat up and warm the grub for the whole meal!!

LET'S EAT! Mati did not want to join the picture! Ha ha ha ha!

Little Andrei immediately feasted on the flavorful rice and the meats!

... and almost gnarled on 'em!

However, due to his young tummy and the peppers in the meats, he had indigestion and threw up the next day. If your little guy has a sensitive stomach like Andrei's then order another dish for him :)

Yub excitedly digged in!

Just in case you were not able to remember my tip above, PEPPER LUNCH provides tips printed on their anti-splatter papers!

We usuall order extra rice for little Mati who now has a big appetite!

My SPICY TUNA SHAKE SALAD! As the name suggests, you give it a good shake to evenly distribute the tangy dressing!

You may find it weird that the TUNA SHAKE SALAD comes with Udon Noodles but I loved it especially with the creamy dressing!! Everything just had the right texture!

Into my mouth I bid you thee....

I love pairing it with my BEEF PEPPER RICE!

Lucky 77!!! If you get to sit at this table remember, TEAM YAP was there!

Awwww! My Andrei treated me to this priceless smile after eating...

But he fooled me because he only did it to show the grub mushed inside his mouth! Ha ha ha ha! EEEW! 

Andrei ate and ate away!!!


Mati still did not feel like looking at the camera! ha ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha! We were smelly and sweaty from all that mixing and turning!

But you know what? We were FULL and HAPPY beyond recognition!



 Power Plant Mall
Concourse Level, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center
Lopez Drive, Barangay Poblacion
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone Number
(+63 2) 895-3164, (+63 2) 895-6185

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