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Friday, August 21, 2009


If you're a kebab and shawarma addict like us, then UNCLE MOE'S is the place to go! Beware though... because once you get in, you'll become addicted and sick like us! ha ha ha!!! The place is no date hub... but if you're searching for a grand time with quality food, cheap price, and an explosion of mediterranean flavors... then UNCLE MOE'S is the place to go... even if may ka-date ka ha ha ha!!!
Here's me and yub with one of our fave couples in the world.. kumareng Gail and Jun... they're the culprits who introduced us to MOES and so we owe them our third-born ha ha ha!!!

Ericjaz Foodies FINALLY discover UNCLE MOE'S!!!!

Check out their meynuh!!!

One of my favorite couples in the world... Mareng Gail and Pareng Jun! We love "foodtripping" with them since they are such no-fuss, no muss individuals that you could drag anywhere. AND they have good appetites too! I swear they have discovered a significant number of restaurants that have become our favorites. Good thing they do not have their own blog or else I would have "removed" them from the competition...

If you get what I mean.... 


Now what should I order in UNCLE MOE'S

Uh.... my usual what else? As if I do not have my default orders already.

Here's Mareng Gail deciding if she's going to treat her lovely friend for tonight....

Naaah... I was not that lucky. Ha ha ha ha!

Food is here! SO... let's EAT!

Hmmm... For some reason, the guys are still smiling sweetly at the camera while us "ladies" are growling at our food.... Interesting....

Our table was filled to the brim... But we'll wipe out all this good food in no time!

UNCLE MOE'S Beef Kebab with buttered rice (P140.00) is a heaping plate of protein, carbs, and lard which comes with tomato salsa. Rice will be served steaming hot so you could smear the melting butter with your fork and spread it on all grains. We love that the plate has a serving of 3 Beef Kebabs and is enough to feed a couple on a diet...

OR... a couple on a budget because we... or THAT couple could just order an extra plate of buttered rice and share the 3 Kebabs at 1.5 pieces each.

I'm so good at math I know... Not that we are the "nagkukuripot" (stingy) couple... Tee hee!

I do it like what Mareng Gail does... I get the 3 Beef Kebab's and squeeze over a generous helping of UNCLE MOE'S garlic cream sauce. 

By the way, let me just say that UNCLE MOE'S garlic cream sauce is one of the best I've had in the country... I mean, there may be other pricier ones but for the price of the food in UNCLE MOE'S you would think they would give you a sorry tube filled with watery evaporated milk with infused garlic.

Nooooh! UNCLE MOE'S garlic cream sauce is rich... tangy... spicy... just perfect! I sometimes put dollops of it on my buttered rice!!! I love it everywhere! There was even a time I ordered an extra serving of pita bread and dipped it in their garlic cream sauce. It was THAT yum!!!!

Oh I'm drooling over my keyboard again....

I think Mareng Gail feels the same way...

My husband Yub seems to be camery shy all of a sudden!

... but I'm not... LET'S EAT!

Another one of my INTENSE favorites in UNCLE MOE'S is their OX BRAINS. At first I was skeptical because I did not feel like eating anything from a poor old cow besides it's meat... 

Weird dislike on something from a cow but you know what I mean...

But UNCLE MOE'S OX BRAINS (P75.00) is enough to make me agree to be converted into a zombie. 
IT ... IS... JUST... SO... GOOD!

Imagine soft custards which tastes like buttered chicharon bulaklak then flavored with mediterranean spices and LOTS of butter... 

You put this on your rice, add a teaspoon of garlic sauce, a drop of chili, then BAM... you'll have a heart attack.... from the sinful fiesta that is partying inside your mouth. 

I swear, if I was not really watching my cholesterol intake, I would have this everyday with garlic sauce and with rice. 

And that is what I intend to do when I go to heaven. He he he he!

Ericjaz foodies doing what we do best... Eating and gabbing!

I wash down all of that rich food with ice cold Coke zero! YUM!

My mareng Gail is enjoying her dinner TOO much! Get a room with your Beef Kebab! Ha ha ha ha!

Wiped out!

I still had a chunk of Beef Kebab since I ran out of Buttered Rice!

No fear because an extra Pita Bread (P10.00) is here!

My instant Shawarma!!!!

Last November 3, 2009, we met up again at our favorite restaurant!!!!

We had our usual staples once more at UNCLE MOE'S... Mareng Gail and Pareng Jun!


The Beef Kebab plate but this time I requested the salsa to be converted into fresh veggies! I loved mixing all of this into my rice for that extra crunch and added nutrition.... 

I hope you're not snickering on the last word there....

Anywhoo, it was such a great night of SCRUMPTIOUS food and fun friends!!! We ate a lot and gabbed a lot! Other's may find UNCLE MOE'S to be too shabby for their taste but I find it a perfect hub to enjoy cheap delicious food, great service, and simple no frills restaurant!

Just enjoy the night and think about the calories later.... 

If you think you can't handle the richness of their grub, you could always bring "reinforcements" for your dessert! But hey, this may only apply to our group!! He he he he!


Uncle Moe's Shawarma Hub
16 United St
Kapitolyo, Pasig
(02) 634-7943

Julia Vargas
City Golf Arcade, Dona Julia Vargas Ave
Ugong, Pasig
(02) 468-4787


  1. Looks good!:-) nakakatakam hehehe

    1. Hiya Rina!!! Oh it is!!! UNCLE MOE'S is one of our favorite restaurants because it's cheap and sulit! You should try their very sinful but delicious ox brains! He he he he!

      I got so takam din writing this entry last night that I dragged my husband to Moe's! It was 10;00pm na and the resto was still full!

      Thanks for viewing my silly little food blog... he he he he! (Shy naman ako sayo)


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