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Sunday, August 23, 2009


My little Yap family just has to have Shabu Shabu EVERY WEEK! Yup you saw that right... EVERY WEEK!!! Every time I ask Mati where he wants to eat on our usual Sunday dinner, he always shouts SHABU SHABU!!! Because we are such regular customers, we are very good friends with the Managers and waiters of the branches we usually go to.  Those guys saw Mati and Andrei grow up.... really.

We go to Podium every Sunday while in Rockwell on special whims. If your kids love noodles, we strongly recommend you have dinner at shabu shabu. The kiddies will have fun cooking and slurping all the soup and noodles. I'm sure they'll love the squid balls! Mati grew up on this while I was pregnant with Andrei when we started becoming "addicts" of this restaurant! Try it! It's very healthy too! He he he!


The first time we ate in HEALTHY SHABU SHABU was in Power plant mall. Mati was about a year old and we were curious at the long line of people during a rainy night. We were entranced with the people slurping over boiling pots of soup and dipping their fresh meats in it as well.

While eating, WOW! I was so happy that HEALTHY SHABU SHABU was very kid friendly. Mati, who used to be a picky eater, he's a foodie now, LOVED their noodles and their squid balls. For an OC Mommy like me, I was relieved that their soup base had no msg and was nutritious because of all the vegetables cooked in it.

After that first meal, we never looked back. We ate at HEALTHY SHABU SHABU, on a MORE THAN regular basis! Ha ha ha ha! 

Before it was only the vegetable set for us which consisted of vegetables, squid balls, meat balls, crabstick, taro, glass noodles and udon noodles. But like I said, I was OC so I often requested for ALL udons, ONLY taiwan pechay, and JUST crabsticks.
He he he! You could say that Sally's character was based on me. Tee hee!

Now, we would order more meats and seafoods since the kids were growing up and growled for more. 

Sometimes they would eat everything that I am just left with the vegetables... I kid you not.

Our favorite bottomless Iced Tea!

See? Even the red Power Ranger loves HEALTHY SHABU SHABU!

This is my dipping sauce... I mix a big portion of their sate with green onions, lots of garlic and loads of chili. I love drenching all of my grub here. Sometimes I would even put this on my rice! YUM!

Did I say SHABU SHABU heat? he he he he!

Now THIS... is all mine....

Little Mati is tickled pink that we are eating once more in his favorite restaurant!

I love this picture of Mati and Yub....

Even Red Power Ranger agrees as he photobombs!

Check out Mati sneaking a bite out of his noodles from the pot. He's so eager that he ate it even if it is not yet cooked!!!

Naks! My pogi chef!

Andrei gets fussy in his chair if he is made to wait a long so we just call him when all is cooked and his food is ready on his plate. 

Mati slurping away....


This is the only time my husband agrees to cook since it is so easy. You just dump everything and wait till the soup boils!

While we wait for everything to simmer down to perfection, of course, we take pictures!

If I may correct myself, when you eat at Shabu Shabu it would be better if you don't just dump everything into the boiling pot.  It takes TECHNIQUE!

Of course you put in the ingredients that take longer to cook like the taro, corn, carrots, and noodles. These items need to be simmered for 15 minutes...

Seafoods only need to change color while the special meats should be dipped in the boiling soup for 20 seconds. 

Follow these simple steps for a superkalifragalisticespialidocious meal in HEALTHY SHABU SHABU....

If you can't wait and still dump everything in, you'll still have a delicious experience.

So it is a win win situation for patient (Yub) and impatient (me) people! Wohooo!

Is it done yet??

Peek-a-booing onto my soup!

Grub is finally cooked! TIME TO EAT!

While waiting for Andrei's soup to cool down, I take some bites of my food since I was so hungry already.

My crummy hubby took pictures of me without me knowing it. 

Oh I hate shots of me eating....

He said he was so amused that I kept on talking... and eating... and talking... and eating...

... and talking... and eating... and still talking....

Andrei's food is ready and now the "adorable" cutie is going to eat!

Mati is a fast eater like his Daddy that he is already finished when it is Andrei's turn to eat. He patiently waits for us to finish by exploring the nooks and crannys of the restaurant.

On another day, October 2009, we again took pictures of our meal in HEALTHY SHABU SHABU....

For those who know Andrei, they would agree when I say he has an AVERSION to food. Yup! You read that right. If he gets his way, he does not want to eat at all. 

Sometimes elders would say, just don't feed him and he will eat when he's hungry.

I tried that ONCE and he did miss 2 meals. Ngiii! That will NEVER happen again.

That is why it is such a relief that he loves HEALTHY SHABU SHABU. He eats with gusto their noodles and drains the soup from the bowl. 

I would sometimes sneak in tofu and egg in his soup base for a bit more nutrition in his diet. 

Would you believe that my choosy baby would have 2 bowls of noodles in HEALTHY SHABU SHABU? Afterwards he would ask for his favorite dessert which is often free for every set meal... the black gulaman!

Now what Mom in her right mind would NOT want to eat here with her choosy kids? 

Yup! As long HEALTHY SHABU SHABU would not change their recipe and maintain its delicious but nutritious grub, then we will be here... always...

Here's me and Andrei for a Mommy and Baby date last February 2013...

... here's TEAM YAP on Easter 2013.

Told yah!

If you eat there, you might just see us! He he he he!


Healthy Shabu Shabu
The Podium
2/F The Podium, 18 ADB Ave
Wack Wack, Mandaluyong
(02) 914-1028

Power Plant Mall
G/F Power Plant Mall, Amorsolo Drive
Poblacion, Makati
(02) 898-3979

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