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Friday, October 4, 2013


Okay so it may be bold of me to say this but you haven't really LIVED if you have not eaten yet in PALAISDAAN in Tayabas, Quezon Province. Because if you are looking for a meal that is so delicious and so overwhelming that it is almost like the last meal for a person on death row, then this is the one.

Not to mention, the food is WAY cheap! 

It is a wonder though that I wrote about PALAISDAAN just now when me and my hub make eating here a NECESSITY every time we're in Lucena. Yes EVERYTIME. If we don't get to eat here, for some reason, we will be unexplainably ill! Yes! We are THAT dependent on our daily dose of PALAISDAAN.

Heck, the first time I went to Lucena when me and my hub were just going out (as BF GF) we went straight to PALAISDAAN! If it wasn't too far from the church, we would have held our wedding reception here! Tee hee!

So if I were to make an entry every time we eat at PALAISDAAN, it would've dominated my silly little food blog. Plus, we usually eat here using our hands so that would be a messy problem for my camera now would it? Not to mention when the food is laid down the table, we would all pounce on it like hungry wolves that there is really nothing left to document.

Anyway, check out the one time I have finally controlled my appetite and took pictures before the food disappeared like magic.

Read on and drool guys. Read on and drool. 


There are 2 Palaisdaan Restaurants in Tayabas, Quezon Province and they are even in front of each other. We always go to the OLDER one (the one on the left if you're coming from Manila which is AFTER the new one) because service there is fast and the waiters are more accommodating.

PALAISDAAN restaurant is broad and vast. I think in the first few times we were here Yub and I were separated but we eventually found each other as our tummies are connected.

Sort of similar to what happened to Jack and Rose in the Titanic except there's no human casualties and ours was much more blah compared to what those star crossed lovers went through.

But I DID do the dramatic wails of YUUUUUUB COME BACCCKK until we found each other again. 


Kidding. I'm doing this post on October 4, 2013 and today is our BF/GF 14th year anniversary. Of course the guy forgot. Lots of surprises there. Har de har har. He won't get any for a long time that's for sure.

Moving on... Ha ha ha ha ha!

PALAISDAAN has numerous little huts floating on their man-made fish pond where you could enjoy your sumptuous meal in. 

When we go to PALAISDAAN we would usually park ourselves here especially if the weather is bright and sunny. The cool breeze add extra notches in your appetite level.

If you have little kids and you don't have extra help to look out for them the PALAISDAAN huts might get a bit tedious to have our meal in especially if they insist on going out to look at the fishies. Take special care in looking out for your children because the pond is 6 feet deep. 

However if you have eyes all around your head (yes, like a mutant) then do have your PALAISDAAN meal here so that the kids could experience eating in a floating hut. They would also have fun feeding the fishies and even get to see PALAISDAAN staff members hauling out the live tilapias in a special pond division. 

We love eating at this part of PALAISDAAN when it's not raining because Mati and Andrei would explore around and not even think of their, in my opinion, stupid play gadgets. 

There is a side of PALAISDAAN by  the rice terraces near the main road. Mati and Andrei love going here because there's a mini-wooden swing that they sit on plus this poor little monkey in a cage. 

Andrei and cousin Isha loves playing with this monkey trying to teach it words as if it was a parrot. Ha ha ha ha!

As much as I love PALAISDAAN, I pity this poor Monkey because it has been caged for many years. Some kids (plus stupid adults) could get harsh and would bang on its cage to get movement from him.

Duh, what do they expect from a caged monkey? Acrobatics like what they do in Cirque du Soleil? 

Anyway my only consolation here I guess is that at least the monkey is well fed. He he he he!

Anyway, if you have very young kids who love walking around, you may want to eat at their covered areas. 

PALAISDAAN has special function areas like these which could also be allotted to diners when there's no event going on. 

We have eaten here a couple of times and it is a fairly comfortable dining area. When it's raining and you have children with you, I suggest you have your PALAISDAAN meal here.

At least you get this special capiz chandelier to entertain you. I knew that we should have had our wedding reception here! Har de har har!

But seriously, I love this part of PALAISDAAN as they added a bit of Filipino nostalgic class. 

PALAISDAAN meynuh! Aren't the prices cheap? Take note that one order is almost good for 3 people :)

Yub ordering up at PALAISDAAN

We would usually sit ourselves at this part of PALAISDAAN especially if we have a rainy weather and we have the cutie kids with us. At least they have a covered place to play and run around.

Plus we are right beside their man-made pond!

Feeding the fishies never fails to entertain the kids while we are waiting for our order. You may bring small pieces of bread for these hungry animals if you want!

Waiters at PALAISDAAN are always prompt no matter how jampacked the restaurant is. After ordering, they will immediately give you plates, spoon and fork, and condiments.

Eating with your hands is very much encouraged in PALAISDAAN but of course, being the considerate restaurant that they are, they still provide spoon and forks for those who don't want to get their hands dirty. 

I don't have yaya anymore for the kids since they are pretty manageable. The secret is always to keep them occupied. When the plates come, I usually ask Andrei to distribute it around the table along with the spoon and fork.

His little cousin Isha is more than willing to help as well!

Andrei goes the extra mile in PALAISDAAN and even arrange the small plates in a triangle. 

After arranging the plates, I also ask them to put ice in each glasses. Andrei and cousin Isha do that with mucho gusto as well. 

However, they love doing it TOO much that they tend to get in a quarrel who gets to put ice in more glasses. Ha ha ha ha!

Cutiesie Mati in PALAISDAAN! Check out Andrei at the back licking one of the ice cubes. I wonder whose glass he put it in?

Like I said, I like the waiters more in PALAISDAAN because all of them are friendly, eager to serve and would give you everything you ask for in a jiffy. In the many times that we have eaten there we have not experienced a rude waiter in PALAISDAAN.

PLUS, they have an appropriate number of waiters to customer ratio. So most likely there is a server assigned to your table and would be on standby to wait for your call. 

But enough of the talk... TIME FOR THE FOOD!!!!

PALAISDAAN Calamares (P170.00) is Mati's favorite and we order it every time.  He loves the soft squid which is tender to the bite while little Isha loves the breading and would get what her Kuya Mati puts back in the calamares platter. He he he he! 

Perfect combo of cousins in PALAISDAAN!

PALAISDAAN barbecued pork chop (1 kilo P300.00 / 1/2 kilo P150.00)! This one is Yub's favorite and it's fast becoming Mati's choice as well. They both love the very flavorful soft meat and would have  a grand time licking and sucking it's chops. 

At first I was not really a fan of it since I wanted to focus my short term memory (ha ha) to PALAISDAAN's seafood grub but lately I appreciated taking big, oily and saucy bites of the pork chop while gobbling it up with plain rice.


We would usually order a kilo of the PALAISDAAN pork chop and take home the other half for Yub's brothers. It keeps very well and still tastes as good the next day!

Now one of MY favorites in PALAISDAAN is ginataang suso (P130.00) with its creamy and tasty coconut cream sauce. The kids love this as well and would put spoonfuls of the coconut milk onto their rice. Mati gets to eat vegetables with the greens! The kids also love the mini-snails and I would suck out the snail meat for them to eat. 

Take special care NOT to let your kids do the sucking of the little snails because my Mati did it once and accidentally swallowed the shell, nearly choking him. Thank God he was able to cough it out before something bad really happened!

We would usually have 2 orders of the PALAISDAAN ginataang suso where the other one is for take home. I would usually put one order in the freezer when we get to Eric's house in Lucena and put it in a cooler while frozen when going back to Manila. 

My husband needs his seafoods and would always order PALAISDAAN fried Tilapia (1 kilo P260/ 1/2 kilo P130.00) and request for it to be extra crispy!

Allan, my husband's brother, loves PALAISDAAN Sinugno (P1 kilo P270.00 / 1/2kilo P135.00) and we would always request an extra serving of the coconut cream for the kids!

When in PALAISDAAN always ask for their pork sisig (P160.00)! It's an ORDER (pun sort of intended)!!!The waiters would always smear a tablespoon of margarine onto the hot plate before pouring in the crispy sisig. The aroma while the pork is sizzling with the margarine is just heavenly.

Just take a big spoonful of this (or 3!) onto your plain rice and mix it. Believe me, you'll be in for a scrumptious treat!!!!

I always order veggies even if I'm the lone wolf who'll eat it. What I love with the PALAISDAAN steamed okra (P45.00) is they serve it with bagoong sauce with chili. This dipping sauce may be smelly (oh yes worse than a big chunk of bleu cheese) but it is really perfect with everything! You can't help but shovel fistfuls of rice into your mouth when you dip your seafood or steamed veggies in it!!!

PALAISDAAN steamed rice fit for a small town!!!! 


My boy Mati would usually finish 2 cups of rice in PALAISDAAN!!!

Little cousin Isha was able to eat a lot of rice with fish and sisig in PALAISDAAN

Be careful though because the PALAISDAAN sisig may be a bit too spicy for children. You could hand pick the chili's out to make this pork dish "kid-friendly"!

My husband's brother Allan and his new bride pretty Ivy joined us for lunch!

My plate! My beautiful PALAISDAAN plate!!!!

Yub eating with his hands!!!

Almost done with our grub in PALAISDAAN!

As always, I'm the last person eating!!!

When you're in PALAISDAAN don't forget to buy some Pilipit (P6.00 per piece) usually available by the entrance. If you're lucky, the vendors would usually go around the restaurant and you could buy then. Hopefully just in time for your dessert. My husband and I always buy from the gentleman since we find his Pilipit not too sweet and with the right crunch.

Pilipit is a Filipino sweet delicacy is made of mashed fried squash then dipped in caramelized sugar. It is best eaten upon purchase because it tends to get rubbery and a bit watered down when it gets cold. 

We all love Pilipit!!! Such a perfect dessert to end a heavy meal!!!

Hey Pilipit guys! If you need endorsers for your Pilipit, you know who to call!


PALAISDAAN waiters are ready with take - home bags when they bring you the bill. If you're lucky, they would give you newly harvested fruits in season such as a bag santol or green mangoes for free!

Ain't that just sweet and dandy???

The PALAISDAAN bill! Not bad right? All that food for a little less than P1,500.00??


Now let's take a little stroll down PALAISDAAN lane to show you how much we love the restaurant with some of our memorable meals there...

TEAM YAP at PALAISDAAN July 2009 where we treated the kids' yaya and our angel from home!

TEAM YAP in PALAISDAAN on February 2010 sporting our Cafe World matching shirts. Yes that was the time we were fanatics of that Facebook game!

Kids are SO cute here I'm gonna faint!

TEAM YAP in PALAISDAAN on June 2010!

Surprising Eric's Mom for her birthday in PALAISDAAN last April 2012!

New Years at Lucena and of course a lunch at PALAISDAAN last January, 2013!!!

And the most recent, last September 28, 2013.

EGAD! I'm wearing the same blouse I wore in the July 2009 picture! Ha ha ha ha! Goes on to show I don't throw out things that are truly valuable to me. 

Yup! That's my excuse! Ha ha ha ha!

And of course I HAVE to include when our love affair with PALAISDAAN started.... 

Year 2000... the first time I ate in PALAISDAAN with my sister, her friend, and my brand new boyfriend! Yes! That handsome chinese dude at the back! Doesn't he look like Kenneth Peralta?!

I wonder if he's a keeper? Tee hee!!!

And of course... some things never change. 

ALWAYS the last guy  (gal) eating!!

Ha ha ha ha!


Barangay Dapdap, Tayabas Quezon
(042) 7933529 / 0918-2475587


  1. Have never tried sinugno and pilipit but that place is so far!
    BTW! Judging from your photos, you keep looking younger =D

    1. Awwww thanks Stacy! I'll go to bed with a smile na. Pero malamang it's because my wrinkles stretched with all the fat!!! Kidding! Hope you could go to Quezo province sometime. It's such a food haven!!! Ugu bigyan... Pahiyas.... Longganisas.... chami.... and yes Palaisdaan. But like you said, medyo malayo nga. Hahaha! Thanks for the comment!!!

  2. The place is huge pala. Now my tummy is grumbling.

    1. Yup! VERY! Food is SOOOO delicious and cheap! This is truly one of our favorite restaurants!! Always a fiesta when we eat here.


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