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Monday, February 18, 2013


These days, I am always in a Ramen frenzy. You may judge me for going with the soup flow but do you think I could help it? You will understand my predicament in having Ramen every given day once you see that sparkling thick broth and take a huge slurp of those chewy noodles. Trust me, it is very addicting.

So much so that if there's a new noodle joint, count on me and my husband to drop whatever we're doing (well almost) and order huge bowls of their specialty.

Now THAT is what exactly happened on how I came upon MITSUYADO SEI MEN :)

The newest Ramen boss in the "block"... MITSUYADO SEI MEN!

And if you're also interested in knowing the meaning of the words, MITSUYADO is "3 Arrows" while SEI - MEN is "noodle making"... In other words, they always get the bulls eye (in product, service, situation) and make mean noodles on the side!!!

Inside Mitsuya Sei Men, they created a special set up to make it look like you're in the grimy streets of Japan where there are ramen eateries to warm you up during their cold weather.

I wonder if somebody has ACTUALLY tried knocking and attempted to open that door with the iron gates... ha ha ha ha!

The boys were deciding what to order.

The place was packed but luckily we were able to get seats pronto!

Next time we will try to sit at that table with the faux noodle cart!

Me and the boss!

Me faking to look at the menu. As if I don't know what to order... I was actually putting on some face powder while at it! ha ha ha ha ha!

So that I'll look good when somebody takes a picture of me... oh this was so sudden! I did not expect it! ha ha ha ha!

The good thing about Mitsuyado Sei Men is that they also have a variety of Japanese dishes to choose from. So if you're significant other or dinner date is not that fond of ramen (like my husband as usual) then this resto will be a safe (and yummy) place for both of you. :)

Yub ordered a plate of Karaage (P190), or fried chicken chunks. He loved this dish as the chicken was flavorful, juicy, and crunchy! We think Andrei will like this as well!

The reason by the way why I pleaded and begged my husband to eat at Mitsuyado on that same Sunday night was because I have seen in several blogs that they are offering a SQUID INK ramen/udon up to March 31 ONLY! I know it was only February 17 and we have more than a month to go, but I still think we have little time left!!! We just got to go right then and there! :)

And this is how it looks like when served to you... Isn't... it...just... beautiful? This dish almost bought tears to my eyes.... 

My guy getting ready to eat his chicken and plain rice!

Andrei on the other hand suddenly decided he wants some fava beans... ha ha ha! It's great that they give out free moist towelettes :)

Getting ready to wolf this down!

Andrei suddenly became obsessed with imitating Hannibal Lecter! 

I loved that the noodles were chewy and soup was piping hot when served! The veggies added an extra texture while the tomatoes and spring onions gave a ramen an exotic layer of taste. Let us not forget that the soup was richfully flavored with squid ink.

An overall heavenly experience!!! 

Getting ready to eat! By the way, that's Andrei's finger. He loves spoiling my pictures. Well, that's what he thinks he's doing when actually this just makes it all more hilarious!

Here's another mouthful for mankind!

I am ashamed... no flabbergasted even... that my husband eats much less than me! He even shares with Andrei! Why that &*(%! H aha ha ha! Kidding!

Okay fine... So to lessen my guilt of being a selfish parent, I shared some of my noodles with Andrei. I only got him much less for his bowl since he found the taste of the squid ink too strong (thank heavens...).

As usual for more excitement, I add some chili powder. This made my ramen MORE delicious!

The husband was quietly eating :)

While I slurped and slurped happily on my corner!


I felt so "bitin" that I ordered some extra noodles and had Andrei's leftover soup! he he he he!

While waiting for me to finish my food, Andrei checked out how they made the noodles at their open kitchen :) It's great to see everything created and cooked with such detail to give you an exceptional bowl of ramen or tsukemen every time!

Seems like Andrei was expecting big sumo wrestlers creating the noodles!

He still made friend anyways! But his new friend got so camera shy that it did not move at all!

Since his new friend cannot deliver, Andrei then just gave me his winning smile... ha ha ha ha!

Oh well! I can't wait to go back and try their other specialty, the TSUKEMEN ramen!


22 Jupiter st., Bel Air, Makati


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    1. Hiya Bap2!! Me too! It really added extra enjoyment and awe to the whole japanese ramen eating experience!!! Lamig pa ng aircon! He he he he!


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