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Friday, November 16, 2012


My husband and I are always on a look out for great eats with a measly price. Before you judge (because I love doing so... tee hee) it is not that we are being masochistic and we just fancy punishing or depriving ourselves so. Maybe it is more in the lines of when you exercise, you could eat more that in our case, if we save, then we could eat OUT more.

See? I have pretty good logic. Socrates has nothing on me. :)

Anywho, one Friday night after work, both of us were tired and we were so afraid of the rain and thunderstorms that we decided to just go for a slab of meat to warm us up.

As much as we want to splurge and eat somewhere fancy shmancy to have our platters of steaks, we suddenly remembered that we were parents to a boy and that we have to save up for his College or his future Wedding.

Oops wait... HOLD THE PHONE...  We have 2 kids! Tsk... tsk...

I'm sure Socrates did not have THAT problem.

So off to Greenhills we went (because that is the most accessible for us after my hub picks me up from Quezon City) and just decided to park our thang at TENDER BOB's. Though it may not be as cheap as SLICE AND DICE (SEE HERE) it was the most affordable choice for us in Promenade. Besides, I had such a great time there with my friends from SPCP that I wanted to experience it with my one and only...

By the way, since I have a MY HUSBAND'S LOVER thing going on for me, I am imagining my Yub looks like TOM RODRIGUEZ and not MARK ANTHONY for now.

Now THAT is something that SOCRATES might understand.

Ha ha ha! Oh pooh! I am kidding!

TENDER BOB'S Steak! Ribs! And Burgers!

It was a very late dinner and we were the only ones in TENDER BOB's!

Check out the expression of my husband while playing with the cover of my camera. 

I will just daydream that my husband suddenly got plastic surgery then lo and behold...

THIS guy is in front of me...

grabbed from the net!


Me : "Why THANK YOU Tom! Don't mind if I do!!!"

HA HA HA HA! Just kidding!!!

TENDER BOB'S Clam Chowder (P175.00) in sourdough bread!

Yes I know that the TENDER BOB'S clam chowder had a slight burn at the edge but we were too hungry to send it back.

So I just ATE IT to remove that blasted thing from our sights!

Yub got a big spoonful and proceeded to try out the very creamy TENDER BOB'S chowder!

The TENDER BOB'S chowder was creamy and all but it still lacked that ooomph factor that will satisfy your thick soup cravings. 

However, being the hungry wolves that we are, we just kept on spooning (ew?) ourselves with the thick and hearty soup!

I for one would tear a chunk of the sourdough bread and put a dollop of the soup on it. 

Chewing on the crusty bread with the creamy soup was just heavenly!! I'm sure this would be better if I slathered the bread with some butter before I dipped it in the soup!

Hmmm.... Something to go back for! :)

And in no time.... 


Even though I was stuffing my tummy like crazy with the TENDER BOB'S soup, my tongue dropped out and began making panting noises when I saw my Rib Eye Hungry Steak (P310.00)!! Of course, being the rice lover that I am, I requested for garlic rice along with this juicy fine piece of meat!

TENDER BOB's Rib eye! Medium Rare is the way to go! :)

Crunchy buttered veggies for some extra nutrition in my system...

... and TENDER BOB's pepper corn gravy to dip my chunk of juicy steak in!

I know we're really not supposed to have gravy with steak but what the heck.... at least i'm not dipping it in ketchup (QUE HORROR!)

I'm hungry so don't judge me. Besides, our nation is not known to put gravy on rice for nothing... he he he he!

Yub ordered the TENDER BOB'S Bacon Cheeseburger (P350.00)!

... with all the vegetables on the side! :)

One bite of his TENDER BOB's burger and my husband was so happy and ecstatic!!!

Yub!!! Please! Refrain yourself! Why don't you be more like Tom???

(In deep suave voice) "Oh that TENDER BOB'S BURGER was very scrumptious! I quite liked the well seasoned beef patties which were grilled oh so evenly.

Oh! Oh!"

Sorry! ha ha ha ha ha!

Naah! I'm just hungry at TENDER BOB's!!


Halfway thru my steak at TENDER BOB'S!

My yub was such as fast eater but he would always wait for me and slow down his pace!

Well I just love taking my sweet time and savor the taste of the food.... 

After what seemed like eons... DONE :)

Our server was particularly playful that night. I hope he did not put anything in our waters... Kidding! Kudos to this guy for being so energetic and accommodating even if we had a late dinner at TENDER BOB's!

Our bill!!

This poster caught my eye...  I was surprised with this because there was no buzz at all regarding this concert!!

I did love their songs before...

"Someday  somebody's gonna make you wanna turn around and say good bye! Till then baby are you gonna let them hold you down...."

If it's TOM....

"Should we stay... or should we say... goodbye....?"

KIDDING! My Yub knows how much I love him. This is just a phase don't worry!



Tender Bob's
GH Promenade
Greenhills, San Juan
(02) 726-2328

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