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Friday, May 24, 2013


When I was just a little girl my Mommy got so frustrated when she had to force feed me just to get something in me tummy.

By the way, did my first sentence make you sing "Que Sera Sera?" He he he he!

Anyway, 20 (tee hee) years later, my Mommy is now asking me to diet. Recently I went to Hong Kong and she sent me this very loving text message which truly made me laugh.... 

And I do not blame her because I did gain about 15 lbs from my usual weight. And she knows how I just love stuffing myself silly until I cannot breathe and let out meat sweats. 

Oh so now I WILL be in trouble after having loads of graciously fatty meats courtesy of HILLSIDE RANCH! It was just so good that I savored every chunk of the fatty beef not at all regretting that it was not yet my cheat day.

Trellis was our venue for the night....

But the star of the show was indeedy...


Oh and also this....

Oh but I am getting ahead of myself (too excited maybe?) So let me go on... 

Trellis is a very popular hub for those who would like to unwind from work or school with drinks and appetizers.

There is also live music to match your drinks and gabbin' with your friends. Even it may be too loud, Trellis peeps would suck it out and still continue their spree!

But if you ask regular visitors in this restaurant, they would surely howl in agreement that you also go to Trellis for their popular Sisig! I think they already have prepared truckloads of this dish since it is a staple order of everyone who steps in their premises.

But you know what? After tonight I will declare that you will go to Trellis just so that you could get the wonderful meats created by HILLSIDE RANCH!!!

When we got to Trellis, which served as the venue for the dinner launch of HILLSIDE RANCH, what greeted me and my husband was this fresh from the grill special crusty baguette which was heaping with slow roasted US beef belly and caramelized onions!

This scrumptious sandwich by HILLSIDE RANCH comes with a french gravy dip! 

I excitedly dipped my crusty meaty baguette into their rich gravy and gave it a huge bite! I did not mind that the juices dripped all over me. Everything about the meal was messy and delicious! Just the way I liked it!

My husband set his eye on HILLSIDE RANCH's Reuben Sandwich...

It deserved his thumb of approval! 

As for me, I slathered a good helping of HILLSIDE RANCH's horseradish cream on my Reuben. Though the tender corned beef was already flavorful, I loved the little kick it gave to the whole experience. 

I love everything spicy and creamy! So sue me! He he he he!

And then suddenly, the gates of heaven opened to little ol' disobedient of a daughter me...

HILLSIDE RANCH's Slow Roasted Beef Belly Slab (650g P550)
(sliced 225g P220.00) 
(Slab orders per kilo/P770.00)

According to HILLSIDE RANCH's top lady Chay Miranda-Tayag, this lovely beef slab which was flown in from the US, marinated overnight and slow roasted for 6 hours. 

Pretty Chay did not have any formal training but she could really cook! She offered the Slow Roasted Beef Belly Slab in her catering business and it was always the top seller. The strong demand for this juicy big piece of meat in her catering pushed her to have HILLSIDE RANCH and make it available in venues such as the Salcedo Market and Trellis restaurants!

Oh thank you! Thank you for creating this phenomenal Slow Roasted Beef Belly Slab!

Thank you for being so tender while you were being sliced....

Thank you HILLSIDE RANCH for slow roasting the beef for 6 hours that the knife was gliding through  like it was cutting butter! 

Pretty Chay Miranda-Tayag further explained how HILLSIDE RANCH was only about year old but it has gotten great reviews when they sell their goods in Salcedo Market and participate in such foodie events like the Ultimate Taste Tests.  And now in order to make it more available to hungry foodies in various areas, they will be selling it in Trellis line of restaurants!


The Slow Roasted Beef Belly was wonderfully accompanied by Garlic Rice (always a must for me) and creamy polenta! 

First I'll have some Garlic Rice...

And now with the Creamy Polenta. I swear if Chay did not correct me, I thought it was Mashed Potatoes because it tasted so similar to what that Colonel with the chicken has!

Somebody from our table thought of slicing a big portion of it and having it grilled more like a bad-ass steak.

That guy is now legendary...

Yub ate his HILLSIDE RANCH beef happily with garlic rice at first....

Then swiped some baguette bread from their sandwich bar to make it into his own special sandwich minus the onions!!!

(Yes, vegetables will make him melt like what the sun does to vampires)...

(Unless you're Edward because if you are, then you'll SPARKLE)

Tee hee! Moving on...

Next up is HILLSIDE RANCH's Corned Beef Brisket Slab (650grams)
Corned Beef Brisket Sliced (225g)
Slab Orders at P770 per kilo!

It is the same delectable Corned beef they piled on their Reuben Sandwich. 

But now we could get all the Corned Beef Brisket in BIG servings!

Oh check out the juices dripping and almost covering everything!

Here's me putting some veggies daintily on my plate...

Here's me happily picking up the juicy Corned Beef Brisket...

Here's me growling at my husband because I wanted to wolf this down already!!! ha ha ha ha!

Kidding! I love you dear Yub!

My neatly plated HILLSIDE RANCH Corned Beef Brisket with veggies and garlic rice...


Sweet for my pandan sweet? :)

Congratulations to the HILLSIDE RANCH team for setting up this wonderful launch dinner! You guys made Ericjaz Foodies' night a meaty one!!! (l-r Dino Tayag and Jomike del Rosario (Manila distributors of HILLSIDE RANCH)/ Chay and Atoy Tayag - powercouple who created HILLSIDE RANCH

... and when this couple is happy, somebody does the Mr. Pogi sign!!!

(Ooh I voted!)

I was so excited to meet fellow bloggers and chatted with them nonstop! (l-f Kathi Raneses and Jericho San Miguel of Mucking Around Manila/ US! / Ray and Lynne Reyes of En Route / Michelle Melo of Dekaphobe)

May I just comment that this couple not only created GOOD food, they also look GOOD too!

BTW, fan mode coming up...

Yihii! I was finally able to meet one of my favorite food bloggers Richard Co of TALES FROM THE TUMMY!

Second time to meet up with pretty Jane Chua of Between Bites! Had a nice chat with her!

Overall a wonderful night!!! 

It was a truly great MEAT and greet kind of time! 

Know more about HILLSIDE RANCH by checking out their facebook page:

Just to clarify the HILLSIDE RANCH's SLOW ROASTED US BEEF BELLY and CORNED BEEF BRISKET are sold in packs initially in selected supermarkets in Pampanga and Baguio. If you are in Manila, they now have pickup points in Trellis restaurants in Quezon City, Makati, as well as home pickups in Valle Verde 5, Pasig and Greenhaven Townhomes, QC near Greenhills. These wonderful meats are vacuum sealed, packed in microwavable containers to answer your anytime, anywhere, carnivorous being!

Contact the numbers below if you can't wait! Order now for your weekend grub with the family!

Hugely recommended! I'm sure you're going to thank me in the future so here's a big YOU'RE WELCOME.

Ha ha ha ha! Let's EAT!!!

For further inquiries contact:
Dino Tayag 0917-5319351 / Jom del Rosario 0917-5301251

Hillside Ranch is also at the Salcedo Community Market every Saturday.


  1. oh, im salivating right now....when will we eat there?? :)

    1. Hiya Chel!!! Let's order asap the packed goodness of the US slow roasted beef then pair it up with my carbonara!!! It's perfect for our next fambam getogether! Sarap nun!!! :) We could do it in Ann's house!!

  2. Replies
    1. Hiya Spanx! Ha ha ha! I got so excited with the tender meats we had for the night that I cannot wait to write about it! Great food does that to me!

  3. Wasn't that just some of the best slow roasted beef belly you can get on this side of Manila? Superb :D !

    - Ray

    1. Hiya Ray and Lynne! Oh yes definitely! If I may say, the best slow roasted beef in the country! Really! Every morsel of meat was just so scrumptious! Looking forward to treating my family to this heavenly greatness for ecial occasions!


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