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Friday, September 10, 2010


The last time I would regularly eat in KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS was during my College years which was.... 5 years ago (tee hee) and I remembered the long lines of hungry diners queuing up for a plate of their delicious roasted chicken with hot sides!

Fast forward to 2010, KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS still offers the same variety of tasty sides, roasted chicken, and more. Only right now, they have added many dishes to their menu and, (my favorite) the restaurant is not self service anymore! Waiters will actually go to your table to take your orders and they will serve it in a jiffy!

Well that IS news to a lazy ass hungry gal like me!

So with that happy bit of news, I told my College friend Carrots Alemany to meet me in KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS at Powerplant Mall to see if they still serve the same homestyle goodness we enjoyed in our College years 5 YEARS ago.  

And we were so happy that everything still tasted delicious if not, better! We loved the food and truly enjoyed the night as we gabbed and forgot the diet.  

The best part was Carrots treated us! Wohoo!! 

Maybe the deliciousness of KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS brings out the generosity in all mankind. 

I think i'll invite her here again.

Har de har har! :)

Oh and by the way, don't forget the muffin!


KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS has long renovated their restaurant making everything airy and comfortable for the diners. 

Did I mention that it is not self service anymore? I kid you not!

Tee hee! 

Sorry, it is a vital information and should be repeated over and over again.

My husband ordered KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS Roast Chicken Solo B (1/4 chicken with 2 side dishes, rice, and muffin P199.00) then chose fresh fruits with corn and carrots for his side dish!

Of course do not forget the garlic rice AND KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS muffin!

As for me, I ordered KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS Solo B as well but chose the steamed vegetables then macaroni with cheese.

There may be several mac n' cheese versions out there that is compatible to the discriminating tongue (like in Mr. Jones or Lusso's) but it will be always KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS for me. It's the taste  that introduced me to this wonderful dish and made me fall in love with it. And I shall never lower it's repute by cheating on it.

Unless... it's another macaroni version served by Henry Cavill... HA HA HA! Kidding!

Let's EAT!!!

I know that we were supposed to wait for my friend but since she was running extra late, Mareng Carrots said we could go ahead and eat our KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS hot plates of roasted grub!!

What I love about KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS is that you could always request what part of the chicken you want and they will happily give it to you. It may be the norm these days but when I was in College in other restaurants, you would be at the mercy of the waiters if you want a drumstick or thigh....

KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS crunchy veggies!


My pathetic unorganized plate at KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS. Ha ha ha! Don't judge me... this was SO good!

Finally my friend Mareng Carrots came! And while she was ordering at KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS, I was expressing my love for her.

Oh I was kidding! She just flew in from Bacolod and truly missed her. We had a grand time that night!!! 

Sounds like somebody got treated for dinner...


And yes... you could see we really enjoyed our meal at KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS!

We enjoyed it so much that on Sunday (family day) we ate at KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS with the kids!

After checking out the side dishes at KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS, my son Andrei proceeded to attempt to saw their table in half.

He does this up to now.


Once again me and Yub ordered the KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS Chicken Solo B meal and just had extra rice for the kids.

Mati proceeded to pile his plate with all the KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS goodies and ate with mucho gusto....

I was particularly happy that finicky eater Andrei (like the daddy) loved KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS and ate on his own!

He also fake cried to get extra servings of KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS garlic rice!

Awww... my little cutesie poo!

I was able to eat at my own pace and enjoy once more the juicy roast chicken of KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS with garlic rice!!!

Except that my shrewd master Andrei nicked my KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS muffin and won't even let me have a small taste!


If Andrei swiped my KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS muffin, I would do the same to my loving husband. Ha ha ha ha!

Check out our empty plates and leftovers. It is obvious how my hub does not like his veggies!

Mati had such a great meal at KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS and was hyper happy!

The same could be said for Andrei....

But he kept on smirking his success on how he was able to get my KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS muffin!


I think we'll go back here with Mareng Carrots instead!



Kenny Rogers Roasters
Concourse Lvl. Power Plant Mall, Estrella St cor Rockwell Dr
Poblacion, Makati
(02) 555-900

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