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Thursday, December 10, 2009


I admit that one of the seven deadly sins I am most guilty of is being a GLUTTON...

My Mom might say SLOTH but... this is my blog not hers so...... HA HA HA HA! Yeniwayyyy.....

I think about food EVERY SINGLE MINUTE: Upon waking up, before lunch, after lunch, before merienda after merienda... Sometimes I make excuses of the silliest reasons just to celebrate something in order to eat! ("Wow congratulations in the dissection of your frog in school! Let's talk about it over a plate of chicken kebab"!!!) In the office, after eating my lunch, I would usually ask the caterer what is for merienda. I think I heard the cook once mutter "Di pa nga natutunawan e...."

So there you go... I'm a self confessed glutton. But it is this gluttony that made me discover the wondrous beauty of RAZON's. You see, after treating my Aunt from the US in MASUKI (will feature in another entry), even if we were so explosively full, I was already thinking... WHAT COULD BE OUR DESSERT?

My sister and aunt were already groaning in agony but I was persistent. How could you even end a meal without something sweet in your mouth??? AND luckily that was how we bumped into RAZON's which was a few was only a few minutes drive from where we already pigged ourselves out.

And wow... even we are already sprouting fat from all corners, we were SO happy that we had our dessert here!


RAZON'S originated in Pampanga and boasts of their HALO HALO and PANCIT LUGLUG!

Prices in RAZON'S were very reasonable for every hungry man's budget (yipeee!)

It was almost closing time hence the empty chairs and empty tables...

Save for one more family with rowdier boys than us! Ha ha ha ha ha!

... and RAZON'S specialty... THE HALO HALO (P92)!!

You will be happy to discover that RAZON'S keeps everything simple but still delectable. You will not find here the usual halo halo where you have the 100 toppings to 1 shave of ice ratio. What you will get is a tall glass of shaved ice, macapuno, sweetened bananas and langka, topped with a very creamy slab of leche flan!

With this tall glass of halo halo from RAZON'S, your tongue will not get confused and you will be able to taste all of the wonderful toppings!!!

That's Tita Carol, my Dad's oldest sister. Doesn't she remind you of Sampaguita actress, Tita Duran? She's very charming too!

See? Everybody happy! Even my very full sister!!!

Yub here was trying his best to mix everything together without touching the Leche Flan...

Ha ha ha ha! Poor Yub! Oh well you tried your best!

That's me excited to dig in... I'm not really a fan of HALO HALO... but RAZON'S, I LIKE!

Almost done!!


... but not TOO soon since we are savoring every single bite!

Or am I just being a sloth again? Ha ha ha ha!


726-87-27 / 727-75-41
One Kennedy Place,
Club Filipino Ave., Greenhills (with delivery)

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