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Saturday, September 12, 2009


This little place has been creeping near the volcano for many years now and it has been a staple for every tourist. We are, what you may call, BAG O BEANS virgins that we relied on websites online in giving us ideas on what grub to order... So we don't really know what to get! The place was great... would remind you of retreat houses... with the plants the old furnies... However, what we didn't like was the service. Service was sooooo slow... that you would die from choking already if you were gasping for water. We concluded that they were just in a time warp because working in such a serene place would make you think time doesn't move at all he he he they were courteous though... just stuck in their own time zone. Anyway, the food was really good and servings were hu-uge... So even if yub had to do the heimlich maneuvre to get that bread outta my airways, we would go back again to taste their other specialties which sadly, this BOB virgin, did not try out.

For one TEAM YAP Tagaytay getaway, we decided to try out BAG OF BEANS since it was widely recommended by other foodies!

I love that it seemed like we took doses and doses of glutothione here... BIGLANG PUTI! ha ha ha!

We chose to stay in the area besides a spacious outside dining venue. Combined with the cool breeze of Tagaytay, everything just took me out to a relaxing time space warp (ngayon din).

Add to that the shabby chic-cy furnitures...  Because even though they had unpainted chairs, unswept floors, etc etc it just added to that rustic feel that would make you want to go back after a month of hard work.  

My growing first born now demands for appetizers/soups before his big meal and his usual request now would be a cup of pumpkin soup!

My Mati seemed to like it because it was creamy and smooth. We hate soups that would cake on your bowl after it has cooled off. Besides serving it warm, the soup remained the way a good soup should be even after several minutes had passed. (Mati decided to tackle on his main dish then went back to the soup as "dessert") He he he!

Each teaspoonful was very tasty. I loved dipping my crusty bread in it for that extra sloppy bite!

But my first born forbade me from doing a repeat of such "horrid" action.

"Stay out of my soup Mommy!"

Even if I wanted to wring his neck, I was consoled with the arrival of my Chicken Ala Kiev (P350). But as usual, I requested for my carbs to be converted into garlic rice!

Do you guys like my pa-cute smile or did you just bash your monitors to keep you from getting nightmares?

I massacred the chicken after I heard the camera go click. Though the meat was flavorful I found the dish somewhat dry. I would have preferred to see and taste more juices and perhaps more fillings for this dish. 

It's a good thing the garlic rice and buttered veggies were extra good. I wiped that out in no time.

See what I mean? A few strips of ham, cheese and twigs of parsley does NOT make a good chicken ala kiev!

We also ordered some Fish and Chips (P275) for the boys and we were relieved that servings were HU-UGE! At least we did not have to order an extra dish which might empty our pockets. This plate would definitely make my 2 boys have a happy tummy!

If Mati thought I could not get from his food again, well he WAS mistaken.

My bunso Andrei was very inseparable from his Daddy and insisted on sitting on his my husband's lap while eating. I think he's the only baby who is a "Daddy's Boy".  This made me extra happy since Yub's fervent wish even before we got married was to be very close with his kiddies :)

It also made me happy since I don't have to request for a high chair...... Juzzz kidding you judgemental audience you. H aha ha ha!

I love how when I took this picture, the next table had those special, high tech cameras and flashed the same time I took the shot. Pang SLR na din to!

Check out how Mati is still guarding his fish and chips!

My Mati is at this stage where he did NOT want to have his picture taken. It's okay. I could just have wonderful memories of his scalp. Ha ha ha!

It also seems like the guy behind Yub would like to join our family by photobombing. Ha ha ha ha! Kidding!

Somebody told me I should try the COFFEE ALAMID of Bag Of Beans.

Unfortunately the famed brew was not available during our visit. That was such a shame since I was in the mood for an expensive mugful of coffee grounded from the feces of a wild Philippine "cat". He he he he!

It's okay. There's always a next time :)

That NEXT TIME was last June, 2012 when we returned to Tagaytay for a last hurrah before school starts for my boys. Didn't Andrei grow up to be a cute little boy?

I told you they have a natural serving of glutothione here... ha ha ah! Kidding1

One of Bag Of Beans' specialties were PIES and even if I promised myself to try it the next time I visit I was still not able to. The same goes for the Coffee Alamid. Another next time for that then...

In the meantime, we will enjoy our breakfast this cold Tagaytay morning while my little guys are cranky since they wanted to stay in bed a little while longer.

But would you waste a beautiful day like this in bed?

My Mati finally perked up at the arrival of FOOD!

We decided to try their breakfast grub and at P295 for this Country Breakfast, who wouldn't perk up with this? We even ordered extra garlic rice for the sausages and eggs... 

We ordered their Fish and Chips again but it was not as amazing as the last time we ate there. Still tasted great though :)


Andrei said this reminded him of something nasty. 

If you agree with him, you ALSO got a dirty mind! Ha ha ha ha! 

Since it was our mini vacation, I decided to indulge and ordered a milkshake (P175). Though many may cry out how the whipped cream will go straight to my hips, I wouldn't mind. At least I made my hips jiggly happy!

I mean, who wouldn't want to get some of that?

Andrei got a swig of it but got tired of sucking. He found the milkshake too creamy for his taste. 

I didn't mind since I think "sucking" is a form of exercise to justify the calories which would cram into my system later on. 

My Mati seemed to forget his morning tantrum and decided to share the milk shake with me. He loved that it was just as chocolatey as he thought it would be.

I hope it would be decades before he shares another milkshake with a girl other than me. 

In the meantime


Bag of Beans
3650 Aguinaldo Highway, Mendez Crossing West
Tagaytay City, Cavite
(046) 413-2724

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