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Friday, January 4, 2019


And it's the second half of my AWESOME YAPPY 2018!

I'm doing this weird compilation because many times I would think that this year was meh, ultra boring, or that NOTHING exciting happened. But then when I really look back and take note of the places we went to, food we ate, movies we watched, funny moments with the kiddies, memorable getogethers with family and friends, our yearly traditions, etc, etc, it would always get me remorseful at how ungrateful I was.

Because really, it WAS indeed a great year!!!

Checking out what we were all up to in the past 6 months just made me all fuzzy up inside and happy. There was so much to be thankful for! Of course, it would have been perfect if my Daddyowzers was with us. However, we could always feel his love and care especially that he left behind values and traditions in treasuring ones family.

Let me share with you once again some of the highlights of the last 6 months of our 2018 (I said "some" because the others might not be fit for sharing... ha ha ha ha ha ha! Kidding!). We are indeed thankful for all the blessings and our memorable times with our family and friends. Thank YOU also for joining us in this silly foodie bloggie journey. He he he he he he he!!!!

Cheers to 2018! YEBAH!

Now here's our July to December, 2-OH-EIGHTEEN!


It was the end of summer vacation so it was time for the little lords to have their overdue haircuts (Andrei would let his hair grow long during vacation).

The end of summer vacation also meant the activation of my MANY alarms. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Inangku! The Yub and I cannot stay up late tuloy to watch our dibidis!

Come July 3 (and the rest of the week), the Yub and I took the boys to school. It was always our tradition to see them off on their first day and take them to their classes.

Master Mati with his friends Johans and Lance!!!

He used to be fine with Mommy taking him to class, now he doesn't want to. Ha ha ha ha ha! So sa baba na lang kami ni yub.


The baby bunsoy Andrei was excited also to meet up with friends, the Banana Corps!

A realization I had that month...

And some great news!


I do hope though that Matthew Crawley comes back. I don't care if he's a zombie too.

Also, since the boys have school na, I miss them terribly. This is how much of a miserable Mommy I am in their absence.

Hmmmm... At least they would have practice in dealing with possessive girlfriends!

Then that Saturday, BGP Marian is back!!!!


She was supposed to go back on Tuesday pa but they surprised me in Powerplant Mall on July 13...


That July, I also got an appreciative post from a former boss...

He he he he he!

And I came to the defense of our sons' beloved school.

HELLOOOO! Responsible posting please!!!

That July 21, THE YAPPY BUNCH had a family check-up courtesy of Yub's company.

Then THIS happened!


The next weekend, THE YAPPY BUNCH met up with Team Virrey!

Later that week, we celebrated the birthday BGP's Daddy in ITALIANNIS!

July 27
For the bunsoy baby's Nutrition Month that week, they were asked to bring food to share with classmates. Before, we would bring fruits, siomai, or cake. For that day the bunsoy boy decided to cook his delicious cheesy scrambled eggs!!!! 

O di ba? I think that's the best contribution of all!!

July 27
That night, we met up with our Bawal Panget family for dinner at Kimono Ken!!!!

That Saturday, we had a movie night with the BGP and Manong Fred! We went home afterwards for more snacks and chika!

July 30
At the end of July, we celebrated the 39th year of EAT BULAGA!

It also marked my 10th year in the show!!

O di ba? I really love EAT BULAGA!!!!



I started August with a heart-warming team-up of my little lords. 

Yup! My boys really team up against us. I think we're the only parents too whose kids want them to stay out as late as possible!

(Siguro kasi we don't do it that much? CHE!)

August 6

The boys got into such a quarrel last Sunday that the Yub and I thought, besides the usual punishment, each one will write 10 things they love about their brother. At first there were violent reactions, but later on, it seemed to work and they made peace na. Yun lang come night time, back to normal again. Hahaah!

August 8

Could you see what I am???

Happy Anniversary EAT BULAGA!!!

Yep! We're Dabarkads forever!

August 20
It may be mababaw but when I saw my new celebrity follower (that's not from EAT BULAGA), I got so kilig! He he he he he he!

Sorry Mr. Richard Merk! I can't help but share my happiness over this notification.

August  12
August marked also the arrival of the new member of THE YAPPY BUNCH family...


Cable is from my brother and we were supposed to give her away but then, Master Mati found her cute. So we kept her.

Now both my boys have their own little doggies na!!!

I'm sure my big guy could handle himself na. He is very independent when it comes to money.

Huhu... He doesn't need me anymore.

I guess the same way could be said for my bunsoy. But the way he said so is OWWY!

It's okay. I don't need them. I have my "fans" naman.

BWA HA HA HA HA HA AH! Sorry! Just got soooo kilig with this!

August 26
You would think that even if he already had a dog, a cat, goldfishes, pigeons, and a rooster (yep, a rooster), my bunsoy boy would be tired of pets.


He caught a Spider and was determined to make it his pet... He even named it Tom!

My bunsoy really loves having pets. This was just like the time he took care of a live crab. He he he he he he!

FYI, Tom the Spider died after 2 days. Andrei was so sad because he really loved Tom and fed it regularly.

August 30
That week marked the Linggo ng Wika for the boys.

It was also the despedida dinner for Daddy's sisters Tita Meldy and Tita Carmie!

They're going back to the US na the next day.

We'll miss them soooo much! Thanks for dinner Tita Meldy!! Please come back ASAP!



It was September... You know what that means.

Yep! It's officially the start of the Christmas season!

(Christmas doesn't officially start for me though without hearing the song of Jose Mari Chan! He he he he!)

September 8
That week was the first quarter exams for the boys.  And as per our tradition where we take them out at the last day of their exams, we went to DO YOU DARE Mystery Room!!!!

The Marksmen lost because we were CHEATED!!!

Kidding! He he he he he!

But still, we should've won. GRRR! GRRRRR!

Check out the blog HERE!!!

That weekend, we celebrated Kuya Jon's birthday at our favorite SUN MOON GARDEN!

September 9
That September, I also posted what I really wanted for Christmas. 

Doesn't apply to my family though.

Dear Penny was born sometime in September. But we chose to celebrate her birthday when she first arrived at our house. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Penny! We'll go out soon!!!!!!

September 15
Since we love taking out our Mom, we saw SIDE SHOW with her along with the bunsoy Andrei and the Chinese Dimpol!

September 16
September marked the month of dear Burger's baptism! She's the super adorable grand daughter of my officemate Tita Josie and we're all crazy over her!

September 22
Since the Yub was out of town, it was just me and Kuya Mati who attended Andrei's intrams!

He was the drummer of his "House" and was SOOOOOOO good!! We were all so proud of him!

September 22
That night, we attended our first barbecue for Master Mati's Kali class. It was great meeting the other members! We're so looking forward to more gatherings with them!

September 29
We ended September with a getogether with our Bawal Panget group to celebrate the birthday of dear Jeorgina in Discovery Primea.

The real sweet treat though to our September was when my Master Mati bought us all for ice cream using his own money.

Hala!!! He's really so independent na!!!!

Thanks Kuya!!! Mwah mwah!

September 30
That night, Ate Jojit treated Mommy and us all to M BUTTERFLY! My Mommy wanted to see it when she saw the ads and it became a great ladies' night out for all of us.

Except Anthony... Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The Yub "escaped" from us because he had a date with the Andrei bunsoy to watch some PBA.



October is when we celebrated our "MAG-UN" anniversary!

Did you like my super matalinhagang greeting for the Yubkers?

Before, we would always sing to Mommy for her birthday at the strike of 12am. However, since she's older, she's having a hard time going back to sleep once woken up in the middle of the night.

With that, we just surprised her with a song and cake a day after her birthday!

We had a lot of plans on November that we visited the Yub's Papa in advance.

Even if we were in the province, my boys never fail to remind me of their love for my Dad, their Lolo Pogi. My big guy kasi was so excited for his school interaction and he immediately thought of his Lolo Pogi!

That weekend also reminded me how the little lords are each other's best friend.... NOT!

Ha ha ha ha ha!

But this was SOOO funny!

October 27
It was Master Mati's intrams this time in October. Unfortunately, his House didn't win.

My big guy was sooooo sad that we cheered him up the best way we know how... WITH FOOD!

Even if we already ate, we had a super late dinner (close to a midnight snack he he he he) in DONU! My Mati was craving for some Korean food and so he got it.

For those who think the Yub and I have an oh-so romantic married life, please read this.

It is ANYTHING but romantic. 

However, we have a lot of laughs though. I think I like that more. He he he he he!

Grabe to. He really can't carry me. CHE!

THE YAPPY BUNCH usually had our Trick or Treat fun in Valle Verde. But since it was Master Mati's intrams, we thought we won't be able to experience that tradition this year. Good thing that when we joined BGP's family for Sunday lunch, their subdivision was also having their own Trick or Treat celebration.

We checked what's in our car and saw the Yub's safety vests. Ayan tuloy... Instant Zombie Traffic Enforcers! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! 

Because it's the Halloween season, we started watching  horror movies. I love scary films and I'm happy to discover that my bunsoy baby loves them too. Yup! He's so brave!

He just gets irritated when the Yub and I scream. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! 



On November 1, we visited my Daddyowzers in Cavite.  Yup! We'll be here every year na. Though the event is nothing to be really happy about, I enjoyed the day because the family was complete. You know me, it's always going to be a memorable time when we are all together.

My Daddyowzers would've loved that too!

Nov 2
Just saw BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY and guess who I declared are my crushes na??

Naaaah... I may have the hots for QUEEN but my heart will ALWAYS belong to my bunsoy baby!

Nov 3
On the first week of November, Andrei FINALLY got his wish!

Nope. That's not porma glasses ha.

Nov 9
That Friday, we were able to watch THE WAITRESS with Mommy, Ate Jojit, and Aning! It was a wonderful show and we all loved it!

As much as I enjoyed the food, I had a (sort of) bad experience there.


Ha ha ha ha ha!

Nov 10
 On that day, Dad's favorite vehicle was finally sold. We all felt sad when the Sedona had to go because it was always connected with my Daddy. But do you know that when my Dad passed, his Sedona also conked out ? It's like the dog na "nanagip buhay". Aftewards, it was never the same no matter how many times we had it repaired. We felt that it's "spirit" went with my Daddy na din. Sounds silly but yeah.

Oh well... We know that it's not the same Sedona and that it had to go because it's losing its value. But still.... :(

Nov 19
The Yub and I got crazy with DESIGNATED SURVIVOR and discovered that many loved it as well! Too bad it was only 2 seasons. I got word though that Netflix picked it up and will start production next May 2019!!!


Nov 22
My baby bunsoy recently celebrated "Read My Shirt" day in school and look what the Yub made him wear.


Nov 24
Andrei's had a best friend in Don Bosco who transferred to another school when they were in Grade 3. It's great that I was still in contact with his Mom and they invited us to his Lazer Tag birthday where they played all they can. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Afterwards, they were chatting up as if they were not separated at all. I'm happy for them!

Nov 25
The Yub, Andrei, and I took out the doggies and it was sooo fun. Of course, Penny pooped while Cable threw up when we arrived but I cleaned it all up!

But it was still fun. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!



It may be the last month of the year but we still had loads of activities for the family!

Dec 1

Treated the Mom and the family to a weekend in Baguio. And woah, I am so confident to say that our 11 hour travel is truly one for the books.


Check out PART ONE, and PART TWO of our BAGUIO TRIP!!!!

This was also the month when the office ghost showed how much she (or he) loved my boss. He he he he!

Master Mati dared me to show his independence.

Yeah right.

Yep. I still can't remove the image from my head.

December 14
In the second week of December, we had a birthday salubong for the bunsoy Andrei in CIBO!

December 15
Of course, whenever the boys have their birthdays, we always celebrate it with some Healthy Shabu Shabu!

December 19
That week, I partied with the Dabarkads for the EAT BULAGA Christmas Party!

December 21
I was also invited to attend the Christmas party of my former workplace, ISUMBONG MO KAY TULFO. Here I am with my original bossing. He he he he he!!

For Christmas eve, since EVERYBODY baduy is in London (he he he he he), it was just us!!!!!

It's okay.That meant MORE food for us come Noche Buena. And my Kuya Jon makes a mean steak!!! SARAP TALAGA!!!

Every year, we also had this mini-Christmas Program that we usually do after the exchange gifts. I thought we're not going to do it this year because THERE'S ONLY 5 OF US but Kuya Jon said that we should.

I'm glad we did because even if the show TOTALLY LACKED TALENT (ha ha ha ha ha) we all had a LOT OF LAUGHS. Sobra. Siguro the pressure is off also because it's just us. Hay naku! I think this is one of the most memorable Christmas Programs EVER.

December 26
We went to Yub's hometown in Quezon Province to be with his family naman this Christmas season. The boys were so excited to see their cousins Hiley and Isha. Yup! Even if they're much younger than they are (and girls), they can't get enough of spending time with each other. I think kasi they treat each other as siblings na din.




I think it's no secret how we are all film buffs! Check out the movie releases this year that we saw on the big screen!

Of course I'm documenting this because it's still a memorable time with the family pa din!

Master Mati enjoyed this!

ANTMAN and the WASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Andrei asked to watch this movie about a ginormous shark.

JAWS is still his favorite!

Mommy requested to watch CRAZY, RICH, ASIANS!

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA with the bunsoy baby!

We were supposed to watch Hotel Transylvania this coming Saturday with friends, but since there was a possibility it wouldn’t be showing anymore that weekend, we just saw it today. My bunsoy has been asking for this the first time he saw the trailer and really wished for it. O ayan Andrei... A promise is a promise. I’m happy too that we had this movie date! 


HALLOWEN 2018!!! Ngiii!


Our long wait is finally over and it’s worth it! We loved the movie!!! Andrei was even so giddy and excited when it was about to start. I understand where the critics were coming from but I doubt if Queen cared. Besides, I’d rather have a movie celebrating the legend’s talent, and songs. It was a wonderful tribute by those who knew and loved him. My only deal was that it didn’t show how he was so close with his bandmates (e.g he was the peacemaker, etc) to explain why they loved him so much ( eg John Deacon retired from music after Freddie died; he recorded 6 hours “Another One Bites the Dust” to get the vocals right). Sayang lang because it would’ve explored more his greatness as a man. The movie may not win an Oscar for best film but it will make more people appreciate the work and music of Mr. Fahrenheit. I think that’s what Dr. May and Mr Taylor want naman.

And yes, Andrei and I did the arm gestures during RADIO GAGA. Hehehe!!! Yohoo!!




THE YAPPY BUNCH did not have to go far and away to have enjoyable vacations. Staycations were more than enough for us!

October Savoy Hotel

THE YAPPY BUNCH had an awesome staycation with the IRON MANNIE!!! He he he he he!

It's not everyday that we'll stay in a BEATLES room after all. He he he he he he he!

December 9
And like last year, we had a staycation in DISCOVERY PRIMEA. This time, we had our Christmas party here and woah, it was the best ever for our group!!!

We love my BAWAL PANGET family!!!!!



He he he he! This is still ERICJAZ FOODIES after all! Sharing here some of our memorable food gimiks towards the end of the year.

This is now our favorite ramen restaurant!

YOWZA!!! He he he he he he!

This was a VERY unforgettable dinner.

July 28
We met with the KTG and families one Saturday in SHANGRILA THE FORT!

It was our first meal at SAMBA and we loved everything about it! SHERAAAAAAP!


We enjoyed so much that getogether that we scheduled for another Saturday lunch!

Again, it was our first time in MANAM!! 

I'm sure it won't be the last!

August 19
On one Sunday, the Yub took me out to get EL BIMBO-FIED! Of course, before the show, we had to do the "main attraction" aka lunch! He he he he he!

We ate in JOHNNY CHOW!


August 21
During one holiday, THE YAPPY BUNCH were able to try out THE GRID in Powerplant Mall!

Yep! FINALLY! We all loved it! Yay!! Something to savor in Powerplant Mall!

August 24
ERICJAZ FOODIES met up again with THE KTG to try out the new NIU buffet in Podium!

August 25
ALTA BY RELIK again with the BP Group!

August 26
It's always a treat for me when we have Sunday lunch in VALLE VERDE country club. 

Yummmm... Could we do this every week na lang?!

August 27
Days before their departure, Ninang Carmie treated us to Ippudo!

I missed you IPPUDO! It's been a long time!

September 14
ERICJAZ FOODIES had another awesome time with THE KTG to feast on Mexican dishes in CORNICHE, Diamond Hotel!

And just in time for our Mag-Un Anniversary, the Yub and I were treated to some exotic Istanbul food from MARCO POLO!

During our staycation in Savoy Hotel, the BGP and Manong Fred joined us for dinner in GERRY'S GRILL!

That October, I had a night out with the senior ladies of TAPE Inc in GINZADON!

Then later that weekend, we celebrated the birthday of Mommy in BLUE POST!

It was supposed to be on a Saturday but since we're going to Lucena the next day, we had an early celebration. Kuya Jay treated Mommy and the family naman during the weekend.

HMP! Wala kami!


Nov 4
For one of our Sunday family lunches, the mommers suddenly craved for some Korean. With that, we went for DONU!

Nov 9
After THE WAITRESS we did our usual tradition of eating in NORTH PARK with Aning. My Mom wasn't feeling good so she and Ate Jit went home.

Nov 10

Nov 17
Everytime the kiddies finished with their exams, we take them out for a food trip. We saw that Premiere Korean Restaurant in San Juan had a promo, so we went for it!

Nov 23
WING ZONE invited the Yub and I to try out their new wings and we were surprised to see that EVERYONE WORE BLUE! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Oh well... That goes on to show that great minds (and appetites) think alike!

Nov 25
After a lot of walking and running, Andrei asked for some pizza and pasta. Our natural choice in BGC then was ITALIANNIS! Yeah!

December 5

December 23

Yep! KIMPURA foreverrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


These mini-celebrations, memories, food trips, vacations, are something so special to me that I forever want it to be documented in my silly, little foodie blog so I wouldn't forget. So I apologize if it's something that's MEH to you.

I hope you also had a great 2018 too!!!!!!

As for me, you know what I always say,  we do not care if a place is dingy or classy because we always find silliness and enjoyment in everything as long as we do it together!


Here's to another memorable year!!!!!




  1. happy new year Jaz! every year, ang bilis lumaki ng mga bagets no?

    1. Happy New Year to you and your family Erika!!!!!!! Ay oo! As in 2 or 3 years ago, Mati was chubby. Now he's tall and binata na! Che!


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