Friday, July 13, 2018


During the Chinese Dimpol's 41st birthday celebrations, we were wondering where to treat him for our family Sundate lunch. And good ol' Yub chose the resto which we've been craving for all along....


Yup! Great minds ALWAYS think alike. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

(Buti na lang!!!)

My family have been fans of KAMAMESHI already and I recently introduced this to my boys. Now they're under the spell of its awesomeness also!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2018


The family was in Powerplant Mall and attended a mass offered for my Daddyowzers. When deciding where to eat, my Mom asked the little lords.

Me: "Mati and Andrei na naman will decide?? What about me?? I'm the bunsoy! I'm the foodie! I'm the one who has different cravings that are always a hit with the family??? Tapos I will again be second fiddle to these snotty boys???"

Mati: "I like Korean food Lola so let's go to KAYA!"

Me: "(Realizing that I too was craving Korea that night) Aaaah... Eeehhh..... Yeah! The boys know best nga naman! What they want, they will get! They're the real bosses!"

He he he he! Maybe that's why my loving Dad (rip) and Mom would always go for what my boys wanted: they have such great taste that they could  never go wrong!



KAYA EXPRESS Korean Restaurant!

Monday, July 9, 2018


The Chinese Panget and I celebrated our 15 years of married life and I guess based on what I called him, you'll see what's the excitement level is in our marriage.


Kidding! Although yeah, I got to admit that we are so comfortable with each other that we could do undesirable things (FARTING RULES!!!) while the other one (aka the hub) cannot get mad.

Tee Hee!!!!!!

Okay. If I was going to give any kind of advice to young lovers out there (siguro naman may karapatan na ako at 15 years na kami), it is VERY important to get somebody who loves you sooooooo much and is very committed. Of course it should be both ways, but you should study your partnership: if you are the temperamental type who loves excitement and movie-style romance, etc. etc.,, then make sure to marry someone who will still love you amidst all tantrums and is willing to stay on even after the 10th time that you dramatically asked him/her to leave.

Yeah... Yeah... Guilty as charged. But infer, LOVABLE din kasi ako. O ANO???

Don't forget also to pray to St. Joseph and ask for the partner who is meant for you. I cannot count how many times I beamed with pride when the Chinese Dimpol shows how he is a much better husband than this person and that (sobrang bait naman kasi niya). But then I think, maybe it's also because of our partnership and how we are both thriving with each other.

If you prayed for the right person to be your partner, then always think that God has a reason why you two are together during the times that you think you two are incompatible (trust me THAT will happen a lot too). It's normal so don't just always follow your feelings. Just follow your faith and commitment that is based on LOVE.


Anyways, for this year's anniversary, the Yub and I did not book a staycation or had a romantic dinner by our twosome. We decided that since our marriage formed a team that caused us great happiness and purpose, we thought of celebrating this momentous 15 year anniversary with our dearests Mati and Andrei!!!!

Yes because our wedding date is officially our FAMILY ANNIVERSARY as well!!!!

For that night, we were not looking for someplace swanky or sosy wosy, we just wanted somewhere that served our delicious food. With that, the little lords chose SAMBOKOJIN (our buffet favorite) because the food selection there is a win win for everyone. I made reservations to ensure good seats because Fridays could be a bit hectic.

And that night was, as expected, very unforgettable for all of us (especially our tummies... har de har har!)

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US, Yub, Mati, and Andrei!!!!! I love you all soooo much!

WOHOO!!! THE YAPPY BUNCH is 15 years old!!!!!!!

That night, the Yub and the boys picked me up from work!!!

Grabe when I saw them all tall and handsome like this I can't help but reminisce how when I was younger, boys didn't give me a second glance. Nobody took notice of me that I'm usually just the 3rd wheel or the wallflower.

But now naman, WOW!!! I got all for myself these 3 super kind and super pogi men who sometimes fight for my affection and are my knights in shining armour (especially when there's ipis... agawan sila kung sino papatay... ha ha ha ha!). With that, I cannot be more thankful!!!!!!!!! 

And we're here!

Friday, July 6, 2018


The Chinese Dimpol picked me up from work one night and since it was summer vacation, we thought of kidnapping bunsoy Andrei as well to join us. We called him and he gave us an eager yes. He was getting bored at home and didn't mind waiting a bit just to go to Powerplant Mall.

While we were deciding where to eat, he gave a very enthusiastic suggestion of "Japanese food!" He doesn't like anything else daw -- just Japanese!

Aba! Namili pa ang loko. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Sya na nga ang sabit!!!

KIDDING!!! We always ask the boys where to eat first.

When we got to Powerplant Mall, we all decided to check out the new wing and saw SUMO SAM. It was more like a chic diner and sported a vibrant look compared to before that it caught my bunsoys attention.

"Mommy, let's eat there na lang!"

Okay fine. I was totally craving for something else but we're going to SUMO SAM! That's the life of a Mom and Dad! He he he he he!

In the end though, we all had fun because we were all laughing and just enjoying the night. Syempre, eagle-eyed Andrei noticed it.

"See? Good thing we ate here! I made a right choice kasi!"

Aba, pinuri pa ang sarili ng loko. Ha ha ha ha ha!!


Anyway, just goes on to show that (even if it's a trivial comparison) Mommies and Daddies would always be behind the choices of their kids. And whatever they choose, it's always going to be an enjoyable experience because they're all together.

Yup! The life of a Mom and Dad! He he he he!

OOPS. I forgot about Mati! May anak pa pala kaming isa!



SUMO SAM in the new wing of Powerplant mall is more casual than the old one.

Thursday, July 5, 2018


My husband is the "anything goes" type of guy who doesn't need much to be happy. He doesn't complain, he never objects, he never expects -- he's always just game for anything.

That's why when it came to his birthday celebrations, I didn't need to scratch my big forehead too hard.-- he's happy with whatever. Kahit nga maglagay lang ako ng isang candle sa cupcake on his actual day, masaya na siya.

Pero who would want to do that for a very loving husband and father right? Just because somebody is fine with anything, you won't leave it at that. An important person is worth MORE!!!

Even if he did not celebrate his birthday much while growing up and got used to it, we still want to make him happy and feel special as he turns 41. Of course the celebrations were not as extravagant nor outrageous as our gimmicks like last year, but we still put in A for "eyfort"!! I guess we all did a good job because the birthday boy had fun.

In the end, that's what really matters!

(Belated) Happy Birthday Chinese Adonis!

Tanda mo na! Yuck!!!! May-December affair galore!!!!


Wednesday, July 4, 2018


"No more classes! No more books! No more teachers' dirty looks!"

Yohooo it's summertime!!!!!

Besides Christmas, Halloween, and heck, even my birthday, I think SUMMER is one of my favorite "times" of all! Because not only do I have to forget about the boys' schoolwork (considering that I consider studying as a nightmare), I will also not have to wake up at the ungodly hour of 5:30am to check their breakfast and make their baon.

And since I don't have to wake up early everyday, that means I could stay up so late every night doing my blog, watching my series, go on night outs with my Yappy Bunch, watching dibidis, have meet-ups with friends, watch youtube videos, have midnight snacks, watch dibidis again.... He he he he he!

The best part too is that I just learned the boys' school will be adjusting the schoolyear that's why classes will resume on July 3!!

YIPEE SKIP! 3 MONTHS OF SUMMER! I think I've hit the jackpot!!! Yohooo! Party! Party! Tugs! Tugs!

Check out our glorious 3 months of super awesome summer fun! We surely had an unforgettable no-school vacation with the boys.

And guess what?? Even if we've already had a looooong 3 months of summer, it was still so bitin!!!!

Can't wait for next year! Har de har har!

YOHOO! It's summer!

And when it's summer, you know what that means.

Time to adjust my alarms because I AM NOT WAKING UP EARLY! HA!!!!

Monday, July 2, 2018


Every year, it has been my tradition during Mother's Day to take the little lords out on a one-on-one date. We don't get to do so as much as I want to that's why it's great how this special occasion makes us really stick to it (and hopefully carry on with the tradition until they grow up so that they won't forget me... he he he he). Don't get me wrong, family outings are still the best but sometimes, it's nice to take out the boys on a date and get to know them more without the other brother. Besides making them feel special, getting them away from the family makes them open up more and just be themselves. I also take it as an opportunity to teach them how to properly behave and treat their ladies well when they go on on their own dates. Yup it's still far but you could never be prepared enough when it's the female creature you're talking about. He he he he he he he!

I know this is something that I should keep up because our dates are very memorable to the boys. When I ask Master Mati why he loves Mommy, "because she takes me on dates" is always on his list.  Here's hoping that they'll still agree to go out with me even when they're all grown up na. Huhuhu! Don't forget me please!!!!!!

For this year's Mother's Day, I'm happy that nobody was sick, had school requirements, or was somewhere for a vacation, the little lords were all at home so we were able to go on our dates as scheduled. With Andrei, nung una pakiput pa si bunsoy, but later on bumigay din (he he he he he). He asked if we could have some Japanese food and I had just the place for him...


I have often passed by this restaurant when I'm in Greenhills but we haven't eaten here as a family. That's why when Andrei requested for Japanese food, we went here! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


It was a holiday and ERICJAZ FOODIES scheduled a meet-up with our other KTG foodie friends.

The venue for today...


(Hello there my bunsoy Andrei!)

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