Wednesday, October 16, 2019


One of Master Mati's close friends, Johans, is sleeping over for the weekend and we told them that they could do anything EXCEPT play PS3!

HUWAAAAAAAAT??? Suddenly they wanted to cancel. Ha ha ha ha!

Kidding! They know that I cannot resist them and their cuteness.

Truth be told, they really didn't mind TOO much that they were not allowed to play PS3 because they bought new Gundam sets which they agreed to assemble at our house.

After about 2 or 3 hours of working, look what they finished! Yay!

Monday, October 14, 2019


EAT BULAGA is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year and we are all excited.

Well for one, I bet you don't see ANY show here celebrating its 40th year on the air. YEP. We're not the longest running noontime show for NOTHING. He he he he he he! The competition all ate our dust! Har de har har!

Wohoo!!!! EAT BULAGA is 40 baby!!!!!

Hala! The show is older than me pala... He he he he he he!

Could you find me? :) 

Thursday, October 10, 2019


It's the second year since my Daddyowzers went to heaven, and even it was a very sad day for us, the family got together to honor a very great man and offer our prayers for him.

Hello Daddy! We miss you!!!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019


After we checked out of our hotel in our SUBIC trip, THE YAPPY BUNCH initially planned to go on straight home because we missed my Mommy so much. Since we were full from a very heavy breakfast, we thought we could just eat when we get to NLEX.

Lo and behold, foodie fate has something else planned for us. For pasalubong, the others planned on passing by this Korean grocery before going home. I thought that since I was going to buy Udon for our dinner with Mommy that night, I would check out what they had as well. I also hoped to get these slippers that my Mom wished for in our last Korea trip that we weren't able to buy. Here's hoping I'll be successful here.

Yun lang we shopped longer than usual that it's better to just eat something now and just have a straight-to-home drive later. Hala! Ha ha ha!

Pareng Jojie saw this Japanese restaurant beside the Korean grocery and suggested we try it. We checked the price, as well as menu items, and it was all swak na swak for us.

And that's how we got to encounter WASHOKU JAPANESE DINER in SUBIC! Read on to see how we liked it!


Thursday, October 3, 2019


THE YAPPY BUNCH were having a Subic getaway with our BP (Bawal Panget) group and while having our afternoon swim, we were already deciding where to have dinner (yes, that early... ha ha). I was in the mood for some Korean grub (Master Mati's favorite) and thankfully, the others agreed.

Dear Chel recommended this delicious yet affordable Korean restaurant that her family and Team Virrey had before.  Since most of us we're clueless as to where to eat in SUBIC, we all said yes.

And it's great that we did because we were able to answer our Korean craving without breaking bank.


The signage!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019


I remembered the last time we went to Subic with my officemates, they made it a point to have our "arrival meal" in MEAT PLUS CAFE because it was super popular in the area. We tried it and I remembered loving the steaks which were at a very practical price.

Fast forward to our SUBIC STAYCATION with THE YAPPY BUNCH and our BP (Bawal Panget) Group. While we were plotting our itinerary, I suggested that we all go to MEAT PLUS CAFE for our early lunch since we all loved steaks from our last visit and I know that we were all kuripots (he he he he he).  Everyone agreed and that became our first order of the day.

How did we find it? Read on, hamon!


We're in MEAT PLUS CAFE!!!

Parang asa US! Ay naku ay!!!!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2019


It was THE YAPPY BUNCH's first time to go to Subic as a family and even if there were asungots around (bwa ha ha ha ha) we were still having loads of fun.

If you're following this silly little foodie blog, you would know that it doesn't really take much to make us happy, as in mababaw lang ang mga kaligayahan namin. I would always tell the kids that as long as we are together we're going to have loads of fun no matter where we are.

That's why for this weekend, even if we're in a simple (yet lovely) resort, with asungots (who are like family naman, ha ha ha ha), and without doing the other activities that Subic is known for (meh we're lazy), THE YAPPY BUNCH still had a memorable and awesome time!

Check out part two of our super SUBIC weekend! We enjoyed it so much that we're raring to have ANOTHER part two! He he he he!

Good morning!!!

Only my bunsoy baby is awake. He he he he he!

Monday, September 30, 2019


My little guys' summer vacation started in May that by the time their schoolyear was done, it was already in the middle of the rainy season. Oh well... So that meant we'll be doing our "summer" fun in the rain.

Though we were perfectly happy of course with just swimming in our favorite Valle Verde Country Club, we were somehow still craving for some sand and sun that summer vacation usually warranted. The Yub and I were planning something for the kids when our Bawal Panget Group (he he he he) wanted to have an out of town trip too. Wow! That would surely be fun!

Most of the popular resorts were already fully booked but good thing we found this simple and affordable one in Subic that garnered good reviews -- MOONBAY MARINA LEISURE RESORT.

Mabilis pa sa alas kwatro our good ol' friend Gem immediately booked for the whole gang that before anyone could change their minds, sorry, no can do. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Good thing because it was such a fun weekend that it would be a shame for those who'll miss it. As for us, we're thankful again for this opportunity to have another weekend of exploring new territory as a family -- the whole weekend was actually super fun because of them.

Check out our SUBIC TRIP with THE YAPPY BUNCH and our BP Family!

We're going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship....

I think I'm the only one in the family who remembers this TV show.

Ooooh... How strong naman Coco Martin!!! GROOOWL!!!!

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