Wednesday, January 16, 2019


We recently got tickets to watch the latest Broadway musical presented by the Atlantis Theatrical Entertainment Group entitled WAITRESS and I invited the usual suspects to go with me -- Mommy, Ate Jojit, her hub Anthony, AND the Yubhub!

I actually haven't heard about this supposed to be popular Broadway musical until now. Based on the ads though, it seemed entertaining and even if I did't know the songs, I'm sure it will be something that my Mom and sister will like.

I CANNOT say the same for the boys though. I recently discovered that when it comes to our plays, they have this secret "jak en poy" in determining who will go with us. Of course, if we didn't have  a driver or we really needed a bodyguard, they have no choice. But if we just happen to have an extra ticket, they'll certainly head for the hills. HA HA HA HA HA!

That's why when my good friend Aning learned that we're going to watch WAITRESS she asked if we could get her extra tickets because she really wanted to go with us.


Now THAT was Anthony's opportunity to escape. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! As for the Yub, he said we needed a bodyguard (aka he secretly wanted to watch) kaya he'll go with us. Maybe he learned about the naughty story? I don't know. But it's great that he'll be joining us!

So yep, we had a great Fridate with WAITRESS. It's always fun bonding with my Mom, ate Jit, and now Aning, over a Broadway play.

If there's nudity, the Yub will SURELY agree. He he he he he he he!

THE WAITRESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


It was a Saturday and THE YAPPY BUNCH were in Master Mati's school because it was their cheering competition for their Intramurals. Every year, each House (Rinaldi, Rua, Caravario, and I forgot the last... ayun Sandor) would come up with a song, dance, and cheer to kick off their week-long sporting event. It could be actually very competitive and it was evident in their colorful and super entertaining cheers. 

The start of the cheer was at 5:00pm but since Master Mati had to be there ng 2:00pm, we stayed and waited for it na lang.

At least we were able to get good seats for the event. Yun lang, our pwits suffered SO MUCH!!! He he he he he he he!

OH YEAH. All for one and one for all kami lagi!

Monday, January 14, 2019


One of the original and pioneer staffmembers of TAPE INC, Tita Peng, was visiting from the US, that's why my group the Seniors... este... TITAS of TAPE Inc. planned a ladies night out in her hownor.


I was pretty excited because I don't get to go out often with my TAPE friends as we're all busy with work and family. AND since we're all tanders na, we don't like staying out late too much. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Don't worry, I said "WE'RE" naman.

In deciding where to go, we all chose to go back to GINZADON because we remembered how much we enjoyed our last meal there. And just like before, we all enjoyed the food that energized us to an awesome night. Yup! We were all noisy having super fun that you'd think we were all 20 year olds.

20 year olds jamming to Juan Miguel Salvador.

Egad we're TITAS na talaga.


Yay! Tita Peng is here!!!!!

Ladies night out starts NOW!!!

Wives, hide your hubbies, these hotties are coming!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!


Friday, January 11, 2019


We had a late check-out in our recent staycation in SAVOY HOTEL, and since it was about past 2:00pm, my family was already finished having our usual Sunday lunch. We could still go home and eat there of course, but we didn't want to bother anyone because most probably they're having their afternoon siestas (my usual habit too at the last day of the week!).

So where to go for our late family Sunday lunch? We strolled around and saw GILIGAN'S at the next building.   Even if we just had Filipino food the night before, seeing the green signage of GILIGAN'S got me drooling because I remembered how much the Yub and I enjoyed their food years ago in their Robinson's Galleria branch.

And now we got our venue for our Sunday family lunch. Let's hope that they serve the same hot and delicious food here just like what we experienced in their Robinson's Galleria branch. Because if they do, then that means even our little lords would be happy with their food!


Were at GILIGAN'S!!! 

This was just a short walk from SAVOY HOTEL but kinda far from Maxim and Belmont. 

Thursday, January 10, 2019


THE YAPPY BUNCH were having a staycation in Savoy Hotel and we were all having such a grand time, swimming, online surfing, relaxing, etc. that we actually didn't want to leave our rooms. However, our tummy grumbled and we knew that we had to put a temporary stop to our laziness. When thinking where to go, we suddenly craved for some Filipino food because its comforting levels would be like the cherry topping to our lazy cake. He he he he he!

And remembering the first time we were in this area, we went for GERRY'S GRILL because not only was their food delicious, the prices were very affordable as well.

We also can't get enough of their Ginataang Kuhol! Ha ha ha ha ha!



Tuesday, January 8, 2019


It's time to say good-bye to our awesome 2018 and even though our NEW YEAR'S EVE was VERY different from how we used to celebrate it (for one, the rest of the family are in crummy London), we all still had an exciting and delicious time.

Yub's family was actually in Manila for a NEW YEAR countdown. If my Mom and siblings were all here, we would've joined them (since we used to celebrate the end of the year in Lucena). HOWEVER, it's just going to be my Kuya Jon all alone at home.  And even if he insisted that he was fine staying behind while we joined Yub's family, I wouldn't have it. The reason why he's staying put and not going out was because he's carrying out our Daddy's tradition of not leaving the house all quiet and sad on NEW YEAR'S EVE. Of course, the thought of my Kuya celebrating by himself is just so heart-breaking to me. At the same time, I also want to further honor my Daddyowzers by continuing his tradition.  So I told Yub "If you want to join your family, go lang. Basta my boys and I stay here!"

(Yes. I'm the model wife I know. Sa mga ex ko, I'm sure you're happy you didn't end up with me. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!)

I'm thankful that the Yub was so understanding and actually agreed on my point. He also loved my brother (who has always been kind to him) and also can't bear the thought of leaving him behind.

So yay! It was final. We're staying home with our Kuya (and Daddy) for NEW YEAR'S EVE!

See? If you put a lot of love and effort to your family no matter how busy you are with work, the love will go back to you. You will never be the option but the priority!!

Hope you also have MORE family time this 2019!!! That's the most important anyways!

Love you always my Daddyowzers!

(Belated) HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

Yep! My face will be like that the whole of 2019!!!!!

Monday, January 7, 2019


I've been a Dabarkads for 10 years and believe me, it's such an understatement how we all look forward to the "culmination" of our employment every year...


When I was new in TAPE INC., many people would tell me how awesome our parties were and that the abundance of prizes were incomparable to what the other companies gave.

Yup! It's true!!!!!

I cannot disclose of course the specifics of what we all received but just take my word for it. As in ang saya saya niya!!!!! We ARE after all the number one noontime show for 3 decades now so I'm sure, the company knew how to take care of their employees.

They know how to get us all fatter too!!!!!!!!

Even if every year we enjoy the same food and have the same flow of program, I still have a blast. Every party is still something very memorable for me. The great thing however was that this year, I attended not one but two Christmas parties where both gave me such wonderful blessings that made me go home a winner. It was truly an exciting way to party the last month of the year in my work life.

Check out my Christmas parties at my former company AND with EAT BULAGA. One was truly unexpected while the other was the same every year.

BUT, both were super nights to remember -- in my heart and big forehead. He he he he he he he!



It's another EAT BULAGA Christmas party!!!!!

Friday, January 4, 2019


And it's the second half of my AWESOME YAPPY 2018!

I'm doing this weird compilation because many times I would think that this year was meh, ultra boring, or that NOTHING exciting happened. But then when I really look back and take note of the places we went to, food we ate, movies we watched, funny moments with the kiddies, memorable getogethers with family and friends, our yearly traditions, etc, etc, it would always get me remorseful at how ungrateful I was.

Because really, it WAS indeed a great year!!!

Checking out what we were all up to in the past 6 months just made me all fuzzy up inside and happy. There was so much to be thankful for! Of course, it would have been perfect if my Daddyowzers was with us. However, we could always feel his love and care especially that he left behind values and traditions in treasuring ones family.

Let me share with you once again some of the highlights of the last 6 months of our 2018 (I said "some" because the others might not be fit for sharing... ha ha ha ha ha ha! Kidding!). We are indeed thankful for all the blessings and our memorable times with our family and friends. Thank YOU also for joining us in this silly foodie bloggie journey. He he he he he he he!!!!

Cheers to 2018! YEBAH!

Now here's our July to December, 2-OH-EIGHTEEN!


It was the end of summer vacation so it was time for the little lords to have their overdue haircuts (Andrei would let his hair grow long during vacation).

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