Thursday, September 21, 2017


On weekends the Chinese Dimpol and I try our best to jam up some culture in our little lords so as to veer away from their gadgets. We feel that it's a more worthy adventure rather than taking them out for the usual mall or shopping getaway. He he he!

For one particular Saturday, we planned on bringing them to the newly renovated Planetarium but the crowds there were horrendous!!!! We lined up for the 2:30pm slot at about 1:00pm and while the guard was counting the batch for that showing, the Yub joked that the last person to be admitted would be the one in front of me.

Well what do you know? IYON NGA NANGYARI!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! The very person at my front was the 200th guest for that day. Kaya, if we wanted to, we would have to go for the 4:00pm show.

NO way.

So with that, the Chinese Dimpol decided to drive around. He was really adamant to take the boys somewhere that they'll learn from. And after some driving, we chanced upon a museum that we have never been before in the Manila area.


For this month, they're featuring the different maps on the Philippine seas.

At first I thought this was going to be MEH. But really, it was sooooo interesting!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Ever since we went to TASTY DUMPLINGS in our last Binondo Food Tour, I cannot stop thinking about it. Seriously! That ginormous breaded and fried pork chop with the juicy innards just gets me drooling every time. That's why I swore that when we're near the area, we'll DEFINITELY go to TASTY DUMPLINGS again.

And so we did!

This time, it's more fun because we're with the boys!


We're going to TASTY DUMPLINGS!!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Whenever my college friends and I getogether, it has become an unwritten rule that we should always plan a dinner at our favorite TGI FRIDAYS! Call it sentiment or what for the restaurant we always used to go to 20 years ago (yup that long) but another reason of course is that we cannot resist helping ourselves with some of their famous Chicken Fingers when we can!

The Crazy Girls at TGI FRIDAYS!!!!

Monday, September 18, 2017


The event that every beer-drinker and party-goer are waiting for is now here with OKTOBERFEST 2017, and in BROTZEIT, even the "food lover" is going to have a festive great time! Last week, that's what THE KAIN TULOG gang awesomely discovered during the launch in their Edsa Shangrila branch -- we got to experience OKTOBERFEST, BROTZEIT style.

Yup! Eat! Drink! Party! BROTZEIT has delicious menu items that will make your OKTOBERFEST more exciting!


It's happening tonight at BROTZEIT baby!

Friday, September 15, 2017


Growing up, I've always had fond memories of PILITA'S RESTAURANT in Cavite City. Besides signifying that we are near my father's hometown (where we loved having our summer vacations in), it also served delicious home-cooked Filipino food that was so satisfying after a long travel.

Now, there are other more popular restaurants that have settled in Cavite city. But for me, it's still going to be PILITA'S when we're in this side of the country. Even if their list of dishes may be simple compared to others, PILITA'S always served up comforting food that make me nostalgic at every spoonful.

Yup! As  long as we're going to my father's house in Cavite, we'll always find a part of our foodie home in PILITA'S! 


Thursday, September 14, 2017


It's our 14th year Anniversary  together (blech) and in true blue Chinese Dimpol fashion, he is nowhere in sight.


Sometimes, he would just forget to greet me. Other times he would feel that a Facebook greeting is already enough. But this year, he decided to take it further and booked a business trip on the WEEK OF OUR ANNIVERSARY.


Okay fine. I'm sure that it's not his fault. I'm sure that somebody else made that schedule for him. But I was quite annoyed that in his usual deadma attitude, he forgot to call the whole day and just texted goodnight before going to sleep!


Wednesday, September 13, 2017


THE YAPPY BUNCH recently had a great night-out at TGI FRIDAYS in Robinson's Galleria.

Yup! We always believe that the best night outs with friends are those with the little lords!

We are all here in FRIDAYS on a Thursday!!!!

This was during the summer vacation. Could it just be summer vacation ALL YEAR??? He he he he he!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


It is actually rare for my little family to go out during weekdays because not only do the boys have school but we are also trying to watch our budgets. But during the last summer vacation, we just can't help it -- the little lords are so free to stay up late that we take them with us if they wanted to!

That's why one time I asked Master Mati if he could join us for dinner. Usually, they go with their Lolo (RIP) and Lola who treat the little lords to whatever they want, every night (YES! Every night!). For our impromptu date however, I was able to entice my little foodie to some exotic Asian food at BANANA LEAF CURRY. And wow! We had such a great dinner and ate more than we should!!!!

Good thing Andrei was not with us...

Wait. Who's Andrei again???

Tee Hee! Kidding!

BANANA LEAF CURRY in Power Plant Mall!

We arrived pretty late but good thing that there was a group having a dinner party that night. At least we won't be the only ones to close down the restaurant. He he he he he he he! 

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