Sunday, January 22, 2017


When I have work on a weekday, I usually skip breakfast because besides wanting to sleep longer, I feel this meal of the day cannot be rushed nor hurried up.

But when it's the weekend or I'm on vacation, now that's different. I just HAVE to have breakfast because the lure of having tapa, tocino, danggit, bacon, fluffy eggs, toast, jam, garlic rice, coffee, bangus, adobo, dinuguan, etc. etc. are just impossible to resist. So even if we slept late the previous night, we will definitely wake up uber early to have breakfast whether or not it's included in the room package. It IS after all, the important meal of the day.

That's why when we were in our stormy staycation in CANYON COVE, we got up bright and early to have our breakfast. The thought going straight to the beach/pool without anything hot and filling in our tummies was just inconceivable. So we all trooped on over to ISLAND'S CAFE to have our much needed sustenance. We could go out and fill up in the nearest fast food restaurant (Jollibee breakfasts ARE one of our favorites), but we needed to start our day pronto and our hunger waited for no one.

And in ISLAND'S CAFE, we surprisingly had a delicious "top o' the mornin' to ya" brekky to start our day right  


Saturday, January 21, 2017


It may not be obvious, but we are a wrestling loving family. Yup! The WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.) to be exact!

Our devotion to WWE started with the Chinese Dimpol who would tell me about his favorite wrestlers while we were just BF/GF (yuck). Back then, I immediately got curious and watched so that we have something more to do together (besides actually wrestling ourselves.... bwa ha ha ha ha... EW?). It did not take long before I became a fanatic marking The Rock, Stephanie Mcmahon, and Steve Mcmahon as my favorites (they're just crazy) and tune in to their show every week. The Yub and I were such fans of WWE that we would also play their videogames when we're not watching. On one date, he even surprised me with a THE ROCK shirt (which I still have up to now). So yes, the WWE is very significant to us and has even given special memories to our relationship.

And we're happy that it's something we're sharing right now with the little lords!

Yu-uh! The boys are the new generation of WWE fanatics in the family. They're wild about wrestling and know all of the new characters! Even if they slept late the previous night, the two would insist on waking up early to catch their special live shows. The house would suddenly become noisier when it's WWE time.

So imagine our excitement when we heard that WWE will have a show in the Philippines, and their new favorites, ROMAN REIGNS and JOHN CENA, are coming? We were all ecstatic!!! As soon as ticket centers were open, we immediately booked our seats and counted the days till the show.

Then finally, WWE arrives!!!

And THE YAPPY BUNCH will all be there to see where OUR kind of magic, HAPPENS!!!!

WWE!!!! WOHOOO!!!!

It was a rainy afternoon so we made sure to leave early so that we'll not be stuck in traffic.

Our WWE LIVE tickets!!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2017


For seven years now, THE YAPPY BUNCH attended Repertory Philippine's kiddie theater organized by Don Bosco Elementary School. Attendance is required but even if we could just buy tickets for our boys, the Chinese Dimpol and I choose to make it a family event that  we look forward to yearly.

And for last year's 2016, it was HANSEL AND GRETEL!

It was free seating and the lines were already very long even if we arrived an hour before the show.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


My peyborit cousins only have 2 days to go till their flight back to Las Vegas and even though our hearts are breaking, we know that life must go on. That's why even on another busy work night, we took them out for some dinner after a day of shopping. We just gotta spend more time with them!!!!  And when I asked Kuya Nap, Ate Sheila, and dear Mikee what they were craving for, their answer was Vietnamese.

So without further adieu, we went to our favorite PHO HOA!


PHO HOA is an ERICJAZ FOODIES favorite for so many years now! It never fails to make us all happy whenever we're craving for Vietnamese comfort food.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


We're staying in on another Sunday night and instead of gluing ourselves to the telly, little Andrei thought of something else to do with ME!


I actually planned a night of blogging to catch up on the entries I was not able to do during the week, but my bunsoy was making lambing that I help him!

Awwwww! Okay! You know I cannot resist your cuteness!!!!!

Monday, January 16, 2017


My peyborit cousins' departure back to Las Vegas is looming and besides being in denial at how our days with them are "numbered", we also wanted to treat them to our our favorite restaurants in the Metro.

And one of them is NANBANTEI OF TOKYO!!!

The Chinese Dimpol and I love NANBANTEI because it's where we get our meaty yakitori fix that's juicy, nummy, and very sulit.  The great thing about NANBANTEI too is that they offer more than just the usual skewered meats -- they also have our favorite Japanese comfort dishes that you could enjoy along with your yakitori.

Friday, January 13, 2017


My peyborit cousins are here from Las Vegas and we are loving every minute that they are with us. And of course, part of anyone's vacation is shopping. That's why the Chinese Dimpol took them to SM Megamall!

When it was time to eat, I asked them what they're in the mood for. My Ate Sheila was okay with anything. As for little Mikee, he was suddenly craving for some Italian food. And with that, "Ding! Ding! Ding!", I instantly thought of our new favorite, LINGUINE FINI!

Usually, the Chinese Dimpol and I are so used to going to IPPUDO whenever we're at SM Mega Fashion Hall. However, one restaurant broke our "foodie spell" the first time we sunk our teeth into their cheesy goodness. And naturally, we would love to have our peyborit cousins to have a taste of it too!!!

Because that's what loving relatives/foodies do, SHARING THE GOODNESS! He he he he!

Either THAT, or the Yub and I want to have some of it into our system as well. He he he he he he he!

And so LINGUINI FINI it is!!!!


Now, what should we get????

Oh my poor diet!

Thursday, January 12, 2017


My favorite cousins from Las Vegas are here for a vacation. And besides sight seeing, church-going, and shopping, they are also SO raring to do some serious.... FOOD TRIPPING!

Yup! And that's why we get along soooo well! He he he he he he he!

When I say FOOD-TRIPPING, I don't mean going to some posh and swanky restaurant having expensive foie gras or caviar. They have a LOT of that already in Las Vegas!

What my cousins are looking for is the comfort food from hole in the wall restaurants that they cannot find in the US. Places where they went to while they were still in Manila. Eateries which would get them strolling down memory lane with their unforgettable dishes.

And with that, I thought of treating them everyone's favorite -- LE CHING!!!!!!

LE CHING has been in Greenhills Shopping Center for many, many years now!

The set up is like what you find in old Chinese eateries in Binondo!

Yup! Just our type of restaurant!!!!!

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