Tuesday, March 19, 2019


When Master Mati had his birthday celebrations for 2019, his requests were simple: we'll eat in his favorite restaurants, he'll go out with his friends, and we'll meet up with my BP (BAWAL PANGET) Group!

As always, my friends are so game so that is very to fix up!!!


We were supposed to meet up on a Saturday where everyone is available. But then, we got word that Yub's sister will be going back to the US the following week, so that meant we needed to visit his family in Quezon Province that weekend.

I told the group and sadly discovered that on Friday, Team Navarro and Team Quitoriano cannot join us because of prior commitments.

Awwwwwww... I cannot move it naman to the following weekend because we also made plans already.

When I told Master Mati that his birthday dinner was moved and that some of our friends cannot go, he was initially disappointed, but gave me his "It's okay" later on. I guess he understood the situation and also realized that what's important is we're still meeting up with some of my BP friends.

Awwww.... My big guy is really maturing na!!!!

When I asked him where he wanted to go, he said that anywhere is fine with him. So looking at places that were still geographically desirable on a Friday the Yub and I thought it should also be someplace that would close late (since it's most likely that we'll arrive late as well).

With that I suggested TORCH. I remember the great dinner I had with mareng Gail when she treated me for my birthday last year. We enjoyed the food so much that we promised to be back soon but, since TORCH wasn't connected to a mall (he he he he he), that never happened. It would be nice to bring the little lords there as well as Team Virrey because they haven't been to that restaurant near Greenhills.

So TORCH it is. And we're happy with the choice because it was the perfect venue for our group that night -- mouth-watering food at reasonable prices in a cozy ambience.

Best part too was that our Master Mati loved it!



Tuesday, March 12, 2019


When the Yub and I were thinking of how to officially "end" Andrei's birthday celebrations for 2018, we thought that it should be somewhere special that he loved.

We already went to Baguio...
We already had a staycation in Discovery Primea...
We already spent the day in Star City....

Now where to next?

That's when I remembered that KIMPURA in Greenhills had finally opened after being closed for about 2 years. The original restaurant was taken down because of "structural development", and they were able to transfer to a new location that was still within the Greenhills commercial center.

When I asked the Androse if he's game for KIMPURA he gave a very enthusiastic and eager, "YES!!!" Kimpura was, after all, one of our favorite birthday places. Too bad lang that the rest of my family were in London so they missed the "finale" of Andrei's birthday celebrations.

Ok lang because... MORE FOR US! BWA HA HA HA!



KIMPURA had a more sleek design with warm and soothing lighting.

Monday, March 11, 2019


SAMGYUPSALAMAT UNLIMITED KOREAN BBQ had been in my must-try radar for a long time now because I've heard from my friends how they served delicious meats at such an affordable price. However, as much as we wanted to try out SAMGYUPSALAMAT, the scary stories of the horrendous lines kept us away. So we just controlled our deep craving to try out this popular restaurant and just waited until the time was right.

Last January, when Master Mati's was having his birthday celebrations, my big guy said he really wanted to have some Korean barbecue.

This is it, I thought. This is our signal that we have waited long enough -- it is now time to go to SAMGYUPSALAMAT and just endure whatever lines they're having.

After all, aren't birthday celebrations reason enough to make sacrifices? Add to that the promise of delicious hot meats in the end.




We decided to try out the SAMGYUPSALAMAT branch in P. Guevarra, San Juan.

There was a waiting area for those listed but I was not able to take a picture of them. We were about the 10th group in the wait list but it's okay. We had snacks naman. 

AND something tells me that my guys are SOOOO busy anyway.

(Sarap agawan ng mga celphone!!!)

Thursday, March 7, 2019


THE YAPPY BUNCH had to be in Quezon City one Saturday and we were deciding where to have dinner. Of course, we left that choice to our birthday boy Master Mati, since we were still  within his 2 (or is it 3???) week celebrations, that whatever he was craving for that night, we're game!!!

There were a lot of restaurants in that area that making a decision was already giving us all head-aches. The Yub mentioned some places but either my big guy didn't like it OR we had that in Powerplant Mall (which was so near us).

After a few more names, my big guy saw the bright red lights of a familiar restaurant. His face lit up as he declared, "Mommy I like CHILI'S!!!"

Me: "CHILI'S? E we have that in Powerplant Mall! We could go there anytime we like!!"

Master Mati: "Sige na Mommy please. It's one of my favorites. Parang, you can't have a birthday month na walang CHILI'S!!"

With that, I get his point. Yep. CHILI'S has indeed been an integral part of special times in THE YAPPY BUNCH. (Heck, it's where the Yub and I met via a blind date!!!!!) So even if we could eat at CHILI'S anytime we wanted (since it had branches at the usual places we go to), I was so fine with having one of Master Mati's birthday celebrations there. It's like a birthday won't be complete without CHILI'S!!!

And then I heard somebody mumbling/pouting, "Sinabi ko naman na kanina yung CHILI'S...."

Me: "Don't worry Yub, kaw naman ang magbabayad!"

Har de har har!!!!



We're in CHILI'S!!!!!

Sunday, March 3, 2019


THE YAPPY BUNCH were with Team Mina for a whole day of fun to celebrate Andrei's birthday:

In the morning we had an early lunch at ARISTOCRAT.

After lunch we went to STAR CITY.

Then, we went to Team Mina's house because Andrei wanted to play more with his best guy pal Paolo.

For dinner, we were supposed to just order food for delivery when Manong Fred remembered there was a restaurant nearby that he wanted us to try.

"They serve delicious diner food that's also very affordable!" He added.

With that, we all drove down to a cozy and cutie little restaurant that instantly caught our hearts and appetites...


Thursday, February 28, 2019


It was Friday and THE YAPPY BUNCH will meet up for dinner somewhere in Rockwell. We were having Master Mati's birthday celebrations so I asked him what he felt like having.

Mati: "I'm in the mood for Japanese food Mommy but not in (blank)."

Me: "Okay. How about in (blank)?"

Mati: "No Mommy. The (blank) there is my former (blank)."

Me: "Hala di nga?!!! Sabihin mo si (blank) ay naging pang(blank) mong (blank)???"

Mati: "Yes Mommy. And you know what?? (blank) is the real (blank) of (blank)!!!!!"

Me: "AY SUSMIO!!!"

(I'm sure you know that some aspects in this conversation are not true anymore (he he he he he) and that we're just pulling each other's leg. Yep. Gutom lang yan.)

To make a long story short, we ate in OOMA because my big guy was in the mood for a different kind of Japanese food --  and we're glad we did because everything was wiped out!!! My birthday guy is happy.

My guys enjoyed the food at OOMA so much that they immediately asked when we could go back there again.

Me: "Soon anak. Let's go back on (blank)."

(He he he he! Baka may sumama pa. KIDDING!)



Wednesday, February 27, 2019


THE YAPPY BUNCH and Team Mina went to STAR CITY to fulfill one of Andrei's birthday wishes and we all had an awesome time!

I know what you (may) be thinking: How could we have fun in STAR CITY when there were other more fashionable options around???

First off, the admission tickets were very affordable (let me put that right out there) compared to Enchanted Kingdom or that Dessert Museum. Second, it had an indoor airconditioned area that served us well when it rained later in the afternoon. Third, the place was spacious but it was not ginormously big that at least we could comfortably find each other. Fourth, there were many snack kiosks around. Fifth, there were clean restrooms at many points. Sixth, we were with our best friends Team Mina.

And SEVENTH, STAR CITY was Andrei's wish. Since it's my bunsoy's loving request to go there, we are sure to have fun no matter what!!!!!


We made it a point to go there very early (the time it opened) so that it won't be too crowded.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019


My dearest Master Mati recently turned 15 years old and THAT of course required our full attention with regards to his celebrations.


My big guy is getting bigger and when I asked him what he wanted to do, he just listed the following: the restaurants he wanted to go with us, an outing with his friends, and a meet-up with Mommy's friends too!


No more staycations.
No more getaway trips.
No more over the top OMG-IT'S-YOUR-BIRTHDAY-MY DEAREST-I-LOOOOVE-YOU-SOOOOO-MUCH type of gimmicks!


My big guy Mati is really growing up that when it comes to his birthdays, he wants everything simple. As long as he gets to eat at his food cravings, he's fine. Don't get me wrong though. There was a time where plans didn't push through but he was still SUPER mighty fine.

So that meant he's really maturing now and I would have to say good-bye to that chubby cheeked baby boy with the pouty red lips who'll say "Awwwww... Why Mommy??!!!" when things don't go his way.


Kidding aside, I'm really proud of how he's growing up into this tall and handsome gentleman who loves movies and going on foodtrips as much as we do. Of course, he's still not perfect but when I receive compliments as to how he's become so well-mannered and courteous just makes my heart explode in millions of pieces.

So really my dear Master Mati, if I could have it my way, i'd still have a staycation, getaway trips, and over the top OMG-IT'S-YOUR-BIRTHDAY-MY-DEAREST gimmicks because I love you. But since you're growing up into a nice young man who like things simple, I have to let go and let you do the things that YOU really want, because I LOVE YOU din.

Happy Birthday my dearest!!!!!

(Haaaaayyyyy.... Why didn't they tell us that having a son is difficult? You'll love them soooo much then they'll break your heart by growing up then he'll leave me for some hussy. BOO EFFIN HOO!!!!)

Hay naku! Here are his birthday celebrations (aka birthday foodtrips) na nga!!!


(Belated) HAPPY 15TH MY DEAREST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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