Friday, December 15, 2017


It was really not in our immediate plans (because the priority was only DISNEYLAND RESORT) but since we had an extra day after checking out of DISNEY EXPLORER'S LODGE, we thought of going somewhere that would make our tourist-y selves proud.

As we were studying our choices, we have decided to go for VICTORIA'S PEAK because the boys haven't been there yet. Then as an extra treat, we thought of riding The Peak Tram since it is a HONG KONG classic.

So after packing up, we trooped over for a ride at the Tram and have our night at VICTORIA'S PEAK. And there, our family level of enjoyment reached new heights. Yup! Pun so intended.

I'm glad that the Chinese Dimpol and I went ahead with this short VICTORIA'S PEAK trip even if the wait took sooooo long. The boys were able to do something new and experience the fun that I had before.

Check out our memorable night there. :) 

We're going to have a ride at THE PEAK TRAM to go to VICTORIA'S PEAK!

Thursday, December 14, 2017


For our Hong Kong trip, the little lords were our bosses and we centered our vacation with their happiness and fun in mind. However, I had one request that I deemed superkaduper important when we go to Hong Kong:

We should eat in ICHIRAN. Period.

I know it was not the same as what they had in Japan but I saw how this popular Ramen joint was featured and raved by many youtubers that I was kicking myself why we didn't try it when we were in the Land of the Rising Sun. At least, Hong Kong would be the next best thing and it important was for us to have one meal there. True enough, the Chinese Adonis planned and plotted when and where we'll be going. Even if it was SO far from our hotel, we'll travel far and wide to get a taste of that famous hot bowl of noodles.

And that we did. With delicious and unexpected results!!!!!! 

We are in Causeway Bay and we're going to eat in ICHIRAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

My bunsoy was a very picky eater and just wanted to stay in our hotel. But he was a good sport in our long travel to look for ICHIRAN!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


THE YAPPY BUNCH had a staycation in DISNEY EXPLORER'S LODGE, and included in our room package is a buffet breakfast for 2 in their restaurant, DRAGON WIND.

Of course, we cannot just have breakfast by our lonesome. The little lords SHOULD be with us! So for that morning, it's going to be ERICJAZ FOODIES with the boys. Yay!

We were all looking forward for the breakfast buffet because one: we were hungry, and two: the little lords wanted to see some DISNEY characters! And, DISNEY being DISNEY we had a delicious hot meal, plus a side of Mickey. It was no surprise though because after all, it IS the place where dreams come true!

Yup! No matter how mababaw it is! He he he!


Tuesday, December 12, 2017


ERICJAZ FOODIES are treating the little lords to a super DISNEY vacation in Hong Kong and we thought of including a staycation in our itinerary. Since it just opened the month of our trip, we decided to go for the new DISNEY EXPLORER'S LODGE and we were so glad we did. For two days we were holed up in the hotel and enjoyed going around the surroundings doing our own adventure. I know we should go out and tour HONG KONG, but we all decided to just make the most of our staycation and enjoy what they have to offer.

Check out part two of our wonderful family staycation and explorins!


Monday, December 11, 2017


THE YAPPY BUNCH are in HONG KONG to have a DISNEYLAND weekend and we are all so excited! For this family trip though, the Chinese Dimpol and I are thinking what else we could do to make the vacation more fun. With that, we thought of booking a staycation at a DISNEYLAND hotel.

But which one?

At first, we thought of Disneyland Hollywood Hotel (being the more practical option) but then we saw that DISNEY EXPLORER'S LODGE will open its doors on the same month of our trip so we decided to go for that one. After all, it would be much, much, better to stay at a brand new hotel... and then mess it up. Teee Hee!

Seriously though, DISNEY EXPLORER'S LODGE is a great place for a staycation for families with kiddies who have adventurous hearts. You may not see Disney princesses here or cutesie patootsie decors but you'll really be encouraged to go out and have a different kind of hotel fun.

Check out our adventurous staycation at the new DISNEY EXPLORER'S LODGE!

ERICJAZ FOODIES and the little lords will have a DISNEY adventure!!!

And we're here!


Saturday, December 9, 2017


I remember reading the book A YEAR IN PROVENCE a long time ago and it really made an impact on my not so bookworm self. The book, authored by Peter Mayle, was very memorable for many reasons: the witty love story between the main characters, the wonderful description of the French countryside, but most of all, how the main guy, also named Peter Mayle, just LOOOOOVED to eat.

And he paired off everything with wine!!!!

That is why when I saw an invite celebrating the first anniversary of MIREIO in RAFFLES MAKATI, I almost did a double take when they also called it "A YEAR IN PROVENCE." Woah! I immediately pointed out my love for the book and how it made me want to eat more (yehesssss). Now, I get a chance to eat some of the dishes that made me drool while reading, and I don't need to book a ticket to France -- it's just right here in the very heart of Makati!

Check out the first anniversary celebration of MIREIO from December 8-12, 2017, and experience French food as intricately prepared by MIREIO at a discounted price!

We were driving out from Katipunan, Quezon City but our goal tonight was to reach RAFFLES MAKATI by hook or by crook.

Thursday, December 7, 2017


THE YAPPY BUNCH are in HONG KONG and like what we always do when we're in another country, we check out their local MCDONALD'S because we want to see how different it would be from Manila.

We already put a space for MCDONALD'S HONG KONG in our itinerary on our second or third day -- it was our aim to have our fill of delicious Chinese food after all. BUT, lucky us we ended up in a mall because our bus going to the hotel was stationed there. And, even if we have been going around and around the place, we can't find the type of Chinese food we enjoyed before.

After about an hour of going around, the boys saw the familiar golden arches of MCDONALD'S. Immediately they asked if we could have our lunch there because they were in the mood for some fries and chicken.

NGIKS! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Oh well. I never thought that our first official meal in HONG KONG would be in an American franchise but we gave in -- we were tired and we were planning to eat here anyway. Napaaga lang! Ha ha ha! And wow, we're so glad that we did because there was something so comforting biting into hot sandwiches and drinking cold soda after a long morning. Plus, we were able to find out how deliciously different MCDONALD'S HONG KONG was from Manila.

Yup! So even in HONG KONG, we would profess our love for MCDONALD'S. And like their ad declares, "Love namin to!"  

The place with the golden arches!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


THE YAPPY BUNCH are in Hong Kong, and even if we've been here before, we were still having an uber great time! I guess a big part why this trip was another epic one for us was because our only goal was to have as much family time as we can in DISNEYLAND and just having fun with the kids (meaning no shopping {where they get bored ha ha}, no going to tourist places they wouldn't enjoy, no exotic food-tripping, etc., etc.,). This family getaway really proved to us that seeing your kiddies laughing and having a great time would give you a different kind of happiness.

And we definitely had a lot of that -- many, many, many times over.

Yup! This trip was really for you Master Mati and bunsoy Andrei. Mommy and Daddy love you both so much!

Now here's part TWO of our HONG KONG Yappy trip! 

Good morning!!! It's day 3 for us in HONG KONG and THE YAPPY BUNCH are in BEST WESTERN HOTEL for the rest of our stay.

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