Friday, November 24, 2017


I'm sure that if you've been reading our blog (ay nakakaawa ka naman hija... :P ) you would notice how we love going back to our favorite restaurants again and again. Yes. That's how we are. We are afraid of change even when it comes to food! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! For us, nothing spoils a wonderful day than a kadiri to death dinner. That's why when the boys or the family ask, "Where are we eating tonight?" Trust that the answer would be one of our usuals.

And a "usual" choice for us is always CHILI'S!!!!!

I know I have blogged about CHILI'S many times now but I just can't help it. Each delicious meal there is shared with the special people in our lives that it is a special memory worth posting.

May I just point out that it is in CHILI'S where the Yub and I first met via a blind date??? (inangkuposhness)

And may I point out again that it was my Daddy who first brought us to CHILI'S because he loved their Asian Chicken Salad???




It was a Sunday and the place the packed!!!

Thursday, November 23, 2017


It was a double celebration for the family so a dinner to mark the momentous events was in order.

First, we were celebrating the birthday of my Ate Jojit's new hubbie Anthony. He wanted to treat the family as his "blow-out".

Second, my lawyer brother was granted a Doctorate for Juridical Science by his college Alma Mater and we were all super proud. So now "The Doctor" also wanted to treat the family.

With that, it was decided to have a joint celebration and since it was indeed a special night, we thought of going to somewhere we've all been meaning to try out for a loooong time....


(Oooh! I was so excited and hungry that they're going be sorry.... este... happy now!!! He he he he he!)

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


THE YAPPY BUNCH were having a staycation at Forbe's Travel Guide's 5-star awardee MARCO POLO HOTEL, and having a 5-star time!!!!

For that afternoon after checking in, we thought of just lounging around being lazy but we wanted to have some munchies. With that, I remembered how much fun my bunsoy Andrei and I had when we had a mini-date at CONNECT LOUNGE with their scrumptious Afternoon Tea!!!!


CONNECT LOUNGE is on the 24th floor of MARCO POLO HOTEL near the lobby.  The place gives a breath-taking view of the Metro while you have your drinks and enjoy their fast (and free) wifi service!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


My eldest brother invited us out for lunch one Sunday to celebrate Father's Day last June!

And the choice for that special lunch was LA TIENDA!!!

The family has eaten in LA TIENDA many times before but THE YAPPY BUNCH was not able to join because we would always be in Quezon Province with Yub's family.

ABA! Sinasadya na ata! He he he he he he! Kidding!

Seriously though, it was just painful coincidence. He he he he he! Good thing that for this Sunday, we were finally at home so that we could taste their specialty that my Kuya Jay just loved...

Refer to picture above.

He he he he he he!

Friday, November 17, 2017


One night, the Chinese Dimpol and I were craving for some piping hot bowls of Ramen. But instead of going for our usual Ramen Nagi, Ippudo, or Ukkokei Ramen, we decided to try something new. We then remembered a ramen house in Pioneer Center, Mandaluyong City, that was strongly recommended by a friend so we decided to check it out.

And so we did. With feelings.



Thursday, November 16, 2017


Chinese cuisine is one of THE YAPPY BUNCH's favorites. And whenever a strong craving arises, we have our usual places to go to that serve the greasy and saucy dishes we are very familiar with and love.

Sometimes though, it is just fitting that you go somewhere special. And for our 5-Star staycation in MARCO POLO HOTEL, we didn't need to go far to get that extra-ordinary serving of award-winning delicious Chinese food -- we just have to go up to the 44th floor and indulge in the wonders of LUNG HIN RESTAURANT!


When you enter LUNG HIN, you'll be immediately greeted by their awards and recognitions. Hmmm... This just made me more curious of the meal ahead. (Mas awarded pa LUNG HIN sa akin e! Ha ha ha ha ha!)

Friday, November 10, 2017


THE YAPPY BUNCH were having a glorious time in MARCO POLO HOTEL and experiencing why it was awarded recently by Forbes Travel Magazine with a whopping 5-stars.

Now why is that 5-stars a big deal from Forbes Travel Magazine a big deal?

If you've seen star ratings from hotel establishments, it was Forbes Travel Magazine who started it way back in 1958. For many years they have institutionalized the standards of hotels with their exclusive ratings system done meticulously by their quality inspectors.  It is only in 2017 that the Philippines was given recognition, and one of the two hotels was MARCO POLO ORTIGAS.

So yeah. We would CERTAINLY love to get a piece of the hotel that was named "One of the Finest Five-Star properties in the World for 2017".  We would be so crazy not to!

Now even if it was already our second time here, we were still enjoying every minute of our staycation and discovering a new level of fun with the family. I guess THAT is indeed the 5-star way!

Now I know I should've just shortened this post into one blog but I can't -- there are just too many great times that I never ever want to forget. And you know me, I always post everything in detail especially if it produced maximum enjoyment for my family. He he he he!

Check out day 2 of our awesome 5-star staycation in MARCO POLO HOTEL and I hope it will give you an idea of how your stay will be like.



It's day 2 of our MARCO POLO STAYCATION!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 9, 2017


The YAPPY BUNCH already had a staycation in MARCO POLO ORTIGAS MANILA early this year when the Chinese Dimpol booked the family for Master Mati's birthday. I remember how much fun we had because even if we got the De Luxe room, we were treated like VIPs who were staying in their penthouse.

Imagine our surprise and excitement when MARCO POLO ORTIGAS invited  the family for a Halloween staycation to fully experience why they were recently awarded by Forbes Travel Guide with 5- Stars!

Oh wowness!!!!!!! To think that we already felt pampered and taken cared for the last time!!!!

We accepted the invitation fast, and REALLY blocked it off our schedule. There may be other invites for that day but so sorry -- we are going to have a staycation, "5-star style"!

And that we did! MARCO POLO ORTIGAS surely knows how to give their guests the exquisite 5-star experience. We enjoyed every minute of our over-the-top staycation that we were already planning (and saving up) for our next one. It was surely 2 days well-spent with the family. The only problem for us was....

How are we going to go back to ordinary life now???

Kidding! He he he he!


MARCO POLO 5-star staycation baby!!!!!!!!!!

We arrived at MARCO POLO HOTEL after Sunday lunch. Whopeee!!!!

Why were we so excited to experience a recent 5-star awardee of Forbes Travel Guide you might ask?

Well for one, if you see star ratings in hotels, that was started by the Forbes Travel Guide. They made this rating system back in 1958 in order to give guests a grand picture of the kind of accommodations the hotel offered. The institution had a vast team of quality inspectors who anonymously check such establishments around the world. And guess what? It is ONLY this year that the Philippines was given this recognition and one of the 5-star awardees for 2017 was MARCO POLO HOTEL.

So you may have had other staycations in the country, but FORBES TRAVEL GUIDE assures you that NOTHING will be like what they'll give you with MARCO POLO HOTEL!!!!!!!!

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