Thursday, October 19, 2017


One of the cardinal rules when going to BAGUIO is that you should never EVER, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER miss the chance to go biking and boating in BURNHAM PARK. I think everyone who has ever gone to BAGUIO has done it so why don't you? Of course with the emergence of modern technology and popular new activities, it may be cheesy and "baduy" to go there. But personally, I find having a family day at BURNHAM PARK to be something like a tradition -- a fun old-fashioned way to reminisce when life was simple. And now, when most of the kiddies are already so jaded that a friggin gold bar may be just MEH to them, it would really be great for them to experience what got us shrieking with enjoyment before.

Always remember that good, clean, fun will never go out of style. And in Baguio, BURNHAM PARK will give you all of that plus a cool time with your loved ones -- literally!!!!

Check out our wonderful time at BURNHAM PARK!


BURNHAM PARK was named after architect Daniel Burnham who laid the plans in the city. The popular park is a 32.8 hectare land that also have a man-made lake, an arcade, a grand stand, a football field, AND...

a bike area!!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


THE YAPPY BUNCH are with our long time friends Team Virrey in BAGUIO CITY and we are having so much fun!!! Even if we were only in the summer capital for the long weekend, we have jammed so many activities that the enjoyment was non-stop. The great thing too is that the kiddies were all great buddies that it was always a riot EVERYWHERE! That's why even if we have scheduled so many places to go to, it was all a-okay; their screams and giggles just made the ride more memorable... and NOISY! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

WOHOO! We're in Baguio!

Our first stop  this Sunday is going to be THE MANSION!

The MANSION is the summer home of the President of the Philippines. It was built in 1908 initially for the US Governor's General. 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


It's been a while since our last Japanese fiesta that when our out-of-town-trip was cancelled, I was happy to join the KTG who was going to have Saturday lunch at 10 RONIN.

The Yub and I have already tried 10 RONIN before and we loved the dishes A LOT that we wanted to return FAST. Good thing that the food gods were in the mood to get us fat that weekend that they made this craving possible for us.

And the great thing was, we were going to enjoy our favorites plus new dishes at 10 RONIN!!!!



Monday, October 16, 2017


THE YAPPY BUNCH and Team Virrey are in Baguio City. And for our late Sunday lunch, we trooped over to a restaurant that's always in the top restos to visit in the Summer Capital of the Philippines...


Even if this was already in the afternoon, there were still long lines in this popular food hub!

Don't worry because even if there are long lines, your group will be accommodated immediately since GOOD TASTE have about 3 floors for its diners. AND, it's open 24 hours so that means you could eat here even if your sight seeing finishes at a late hour!

Thursday, October 12, 2017


It's been a long time since my last trip to Baguio city that's why when questions on where to eat were concerned, I was clueless. Good thing my kumareng Aning has been in Baguio many times that's why she already had some top favorites. And there was one restaurant that she strongly recommended and wouldn't let us go home without trying it..


Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Ever since I first saw DIPLOMAT HOTEL in Halloween specials and documentaries, I made up my mind that the next time I'm in Baguio, I would really go there. Well that's just me being my usual weird self because I'm so into supernatural tales and ghostly stories. (Yun lang come night time, I would get very jumpy and scream at the small sound of a butiki. I swear, sa akin matatakot yung multo! He he he he he he!!!)

That's why with THE YAPPY BUNCH's first trip to BAGUIO CITY, I really included in our itinerary this popular abandoned relic at the top of Dominican Hill. And I was not disappointed.

At first I was really hoping to see something to be scared out of my wits or at least feel an eeriness that I haven't experienced before.

In the end, we saw something else that I really did not expect. 

What is it you ask? Read below if... you... dare... to know kung ano ang nasa dako pa doon....




It's actually called HERITAGE AND NATURE PARK now but for familiarity's sake, let's stick to the name that I was used to since before.

Monday, October 9, 2017


ERICJAZ FOODIES was invited to try out the newest steak hub in Pasig City and though it's a bit out of the way from where we lived, we're excited!

STEAK PROJECT was right in the heart of Pasig City near Pasig City Museum and the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig. 

Friday, October 6, 2017


THE YAPPY BUNCH are with Team Virrey in BAGUIO CITY, and for our first activity for the weekend, we went to the PHILIPPINE MILITARY ACADEMY!


The PMA was established in 1905 as the Officer's School, Philippine Constabulary. At first, it was located in Intramuros Manila, but through the years, it has set a permanent home in Fort General Gregorio H. del Pilar. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017


Honestly, I'm not much of a drinker. But there are just some invites that you cannot say no to, especially if the word "Lechon" is connected to it.

With that, ERICJAZ FOODIES were excited to meet up with fellow foodies from THE KAIN TULOG GANG (or THE KTG) to discover how the Filipino's favorite Lechon becomes more delectable (yes it's possible) with GLENFIDDICH, the most awarded single malt whiskey!


The delicious event was held in TOAST ASIAN KITCHEN and TASTING ROOM in Ayala the 30th.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


One of my most favorite memories as a kid was when my family and I had our very first Baguio getaway. I think I was only a scrawny Grade 4 student when my family rode a Victory Liner (Yup! We rode a bus!!!!) going to Baguio and stayed in this simple 3-star hotel. We had the "superkaduper bestest" of time when my Dad (RIP) took us to what families normally do there -- go horse back riding, coin dropping, biking, and just enjoy the shivering cold weather that Baguio is so popular for.

I know that may never happen again ( :( ) but I am just consoled with the fact that my husband and I could give that unforgettable experience with the little lords. We have been planning it for so long but we never got around to doing it because it meant that we had to be absent from work.

One night, my friend Anne said that her brother invited us all to join them in their Baguio trip on an upcoming 3 day weekend!!! Wow! That would be so YAY!!!! Besides going to our much revered place with our great buddies, our accommodations will be courtesy of Kuya Larry! Wohooo!!!! Now THIS is so meant to be!!!!

And just like our trip to Baguio with the family, THE YAPPY BUNCH had a super fun time doing the things that I did before as a kid. There was no dull moment at all! We all enjoyed every minute of our trip and are so raring to go back very soon.

So let me share with you our awesome Baguio trip with Team Virrey!!!! I'm warning you this early that there will be A LOT of pictures (please get used to to it... ha ha ha ha ha ha!) because we would like to remember every fun moment from it!!!

Yooo to the HOO!

We're going to Baguio! YIPEE SKIP!!!

We decided to drive out to Baguio after dinner to avoid traffic. It may be risky but we just promised to go carefully and slow. We also passed by the safer route of Marcos Highway.

Monday, October 2, 2017


The plan for that Saturday was the Chinese Dimpol, Master Mati and I will go watch a movie because the bunsoy Andrei said wished to go with his Lolo (RIP) and Lola. Unfortunately, my parents' gimik that night got cancelled so Andrei was left by his lonesome. He asked if he could watch the movie with us but unfortunately, we're going to watch something PG-13.

So what to do?

Since Andrei seemed so wawa that he'll be left home, I asked the Chinese Dimpol if he could cancel my ticket so my bunsoy and I could just have a date night. The Yub grumbled then agreed adding that he and Master Mati could have a bro night too (maybe it dawned on him that mababawasan gastos niya! Ha ha ha ha ha).

With that my bunsoy and I had a lovely pre-Mother's Day date night. But, unlike what I wished would happen, we went to HIS dinner of choice -- YABU!

It's okay. I'm sure most mothers will agree that as long as our kids are happy, we're happy.

Surely helped too that I loved YABU as well! Har de har har!

Andrei and I are going on a date night!!!!!

While the Yub and Master Mati are watching a movie, we'll be shopping, going around, and having dinner at YABU. 

My bunsoy then asked if we could have some Salmon Sushi for a pre-date snack.


Friday, September 29, 2017


It was a very busy Saturday for ERICJAZ FOODIES one weekend -- we had an early lunch at KING CHEF in Binondo then attended a baptism reception afterwards. At night, we drove out to Quezon province so we could meet up with the Chinese Dimpol's family.

Alas, when we arrived in Mama's home, there was a brown-out! It would've been okay but this was during the middle of summer and the combination of thick humidity with no breeze of air were just unimaginable.

To be honest though, it was just fine with us. We didn't want to leave Mama alone. But she insisted that we book a night in a nearby hotel because she didn't want the kids to have a sleepless and hot night. So we agreed. 

And that brought us to QUEEN MARGARETTE HOTEL!!!!

Thursday, September 28, 2017


It's the birthday of one of our favorite bloggers, THE FOOD ALPHABET, and we thought of meeting up for dinner at the restaurant of his choice to celebrate.

And the choice for tonight was CHOI GARDEN!!!!

It was actually my first time to eat at CHOI GARDEN so I really didn't know what to order. My office would sometimes order for take out in their Annapolis branch but I was not able to try it because nobody loved me :( ha ha ha ha ha!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


One weeknight, I met up with my college friends not to make tusok tusok of fishballs but to have dessert somewhere...

Does this illuminated sun look familiar to you? He he he he he!

I got out of work late and met up with my former college friends who just had dinner. 

Venue that night for dessert was in Manila Peninsula Hotel!!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


When I crave for something, I'm like this bratty baby that just have to have it right away. When it comes to food, there's no EQ-shmikew on me. I want to have it NOW.

That's why for our pre-Mother's Day celebration last May, I was soooo kulit on having dimsum. While chatting with my good friend Aning, I kept on including in the conversation how dimsum was perfect that night. Finally she relented and we went to my favorite dimsum place of all time...



(Belated) Happy Mother's Day to me!!!!


It was actually our first time in CAUSEWAY TOMAS MORATO because the branch more convenient for us was the one in Libis. 

Monday, September 25, 2017


For so long Master Mati and I have been planning to eat in COCO ICHIBANYA. But since it's not located in Powerplant Mall and we have two party poopers who dislike curry, it's been put off many times.

Finally during the Mother's Day week (yes, it's a week for me... ha ha ha ha ha ha!), Master Mati thought of taking me out for our yearly Mother's Day date. And naturally, the choice for us that night was the long awaited COCO ICHIBANYA!!!


My date is here!!!!

We went straight to COCO ICHIBANYA in Greenhills.

Thursday, September 21, 2017


On weekends the Chinese Dimpol and I try our best to jam up some culture in our little lords so as to veer away from their gadgets. We feel that it's a more worthy adventure rather than taking them out for the usual mall or shopping getaway. He he he!

For one particular Saturday, we planned on bringing them to the newly renovated Planetarium but the crowds there were horrendous!!!! We lined up for the 2:30pm slot at about 1:00pm and while the guard was counting the batch for that showing, the Yub joked that the last person to be admitted would be the one in front of me.

Well what do you know? IYON NGA NANGYARI!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! The very person at my front was the 200th guest for that day. Kaya, if we wanted to, we would have to go for the 4:00pm show.

NO way.

So with that, the Chinese Dimpol decided to drive around. He was really adamant to take the boys somewhere that they'll learn from. And after some driving, we chanced upon a museum that we have never been before in the Manila area.


For this month, they're featuring the different maps on the Philippine seas.

At first I thought this was going to be MEH. But really, it was sooooo interesting!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Ever since we went to TASTY DUMPLINGS in our last Binondo Food Tour, I cannot stop thinking about it. Seriously! That ginormous breaded and fried pork chop with the juicy innards just gets me drooling every time. That's why I swore that when we're near the area, we'll DEFINITELY go to TASTY DUMPLINGS again.

And so we did!

This time, it's more fun because we're with the boys!


We're going to TASTY DUMPLINGS!!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Whenever my college friends and I getogether, it has become an unwritten rule that we should always plan a dinner at our favorite TGI FRIDAYS! Call it sentiment or what for the restaurant we always used to go to 20 years ago (yup that long) but another reason of course is that we cannot resist helping ourselves with some of their famous Chicken Fingers when we can!

The Crazy Girls at TGI FRIDAYS!!!!

Monday, September 18, 2017


The event that every beer-drinker and party-goer are waiting for is now here with OKTOBERFEST 2017, and in BROTZEIT, even the "food lover" is going to have a festive great time! Last week, that's what THE KAIN TULOG gang awesomely discovered during the launch in their Edsa Shangrila branch -- we got to experience OKTOBERFEST, BROTZEIT style.

Yup! Eat! Drink! Party! BROTZEIT has delicious menu items that will make your OKTOBERFEST more exciting!


It's happening tonight at BROTZEIT baby!

Friday, September 15, 2017


Growing up, I've always had fond memories of PILITA'S RESTAURANT in Cavite City. Besides signifying that we are near my father's hometown (where we loved having our summer vacations in), it also served delicious home-cooked Filipino food that was so satisfying after a long travel.

Now, there are other more popular restaurants that have settled in Cavite city. But for me, it's still going to be PILITA'S when we're in this side of the country. Even if their list of dishes may be simple compared to others, PILITA'S always served up comforting food that make me nostalgic at every spoonful.

Yup! As  long as we're going to my father's house in Cavite, we'll always find a part of our foodie home in PILITA'S! 


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