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Tuesday, January 29, 2019


While I was deciding where to stay in our BAGUIO TRIP, my kumareng Gail recommended that I check out NEWTOWN PLAZA HOTEL. She said that the rooms rates were reasonable and that the beds were big. She added that breakfast was included in the booking and it was delicious!!!

Oooooh. Really now????

So I booked because of all of those reasons and was generally happy with the hotel when we checked in.

Lo and behold, the FOOD ALPHABET family was also staying there for the weekend and I learned that it's actually their second time there. Of course I asked how they found the hotel and they gave me the same answer: room rates were reasonable and the beds were big. But what really put a twinkle in my kumpareng pogi's eyes was when he said "Breakfast IS included and it was great!!!"

Aba dalawa na nagsasabi non ah!!!!

So I went down with my family hungry and excited for our breakfast in NEWTOWN PLAZA HOTEL. It was, of course, my favorite meal of the day (besides and dinner and lunch... Ha ha ha ha).

How did I find it? Read below and see. You'll all see!!!!!!!


The breakfast in NEWTOWN PLAZA HOTEL was served in their restaurant, ELEMENTS.

Checking their buffet rates, I'd say that the prices are indeed very reasonable. 

When we arrived yesterday, there were a lot of people checked-in at NEWTOWN PLAZA HOTEL. I'm pleasantly surprised that not all were having breakfast with us that morning. 

There were only 2 breakfast buffet stubs per room and since the bunsoy was our special guest, we paid for his meal.

Breakfast rates were about P700.00 so we paid half of that amount for my bunsoy baby.

I remember mareng Gail telling me that NEWTOWN PLAZA HOTEL also had a heated pool. Hmmm....  I wanted to try that out but we had a lot of plans for the family that day.

Chaka naman, as much as we love swimming, we didn't travel 11 hours for that!!!! #anakng.... Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

AND we're seated!!!


Mommy and Master Mati!

The Chinese Strawberry (he he he he he... or kulangot??), MEEEEEH, and the bunsoy baby Andrei!

I agreed that the NEWTOWN PLAZA HOTEL had a sulit breakfast for the price!!!! You just need to be there early because sometimes they don't replenish some of the food items....

Bread Station!

Main Grub Station!

Corn Beef...

Fried Bangussss...


Chinese Station!


Broccoli and Cauliflower fried in Garlic!

Szechuan Chicken!

Pancit Canton!!!


The Dimsum were quite good. Yun lang when they ran out of it they said they cannot make anymore because one of their equipment was broken.


Egg Station!!!!

Yep! Breakfast is perfect with eggs!!!!!

Juice station!

Hot drinks station!

And before piling up on your plate, don't forget this friendly ELEMENTS reminder.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and Mommy at ELEMENTS!!!!

My plate! My first plate!!!

As much as I wanted to eat my usual buffet breakfast amount, I controlled myself because we'll be going around that day. Didn't want to get a ouchy and growly tummy IF.... YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN (wink wink).

My handsome teenager!

I don't have any problems with his appetite and he could always eat his way in a buffet. 

I could not say the same thing for my baby bunsoy the picky eater. Hay naku!


Uuuuuyyy... One plate wonder lang ako!

The next morning, we had an early breakfast because we wanted to drive home ahead of the others.

There were more people down for breakfast so we had to get a table that was farther from the buffet. DRATS.

It's okay. It was in an enclosed area so we had more privacy!

The ELEMENTS buffet spread had the usuals but they changed some of the items....

Seafood Congee!


Fish Tempura!


Bakchoy in Garlic!

LET'S EAT!!!!!!

Breakfast is more delicious with the family!

Uuuuuy! Sweet kunwari kami.


Some may say that breakfast in ELEMENTS is not that impressive because it didn't have Japanese stations or cheese stations or cold food stations.... But we all had quite a meal at a price that's almost half compared to other hotel buffets.

Not only that, most of the food items served for our two days was quite delicious. Best thing too was that my Mom and the boys enjoyed it so that's what matters. 

And since we're all so full with happiness (he he he he he he pun sorta intended), we're so ready to start our touristy day!!!!!



 Corner, Leonard Wood Road, No. 42 Claro M. Recto St, 
Baguio, 2600 Benguet
0917 655 9005



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