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Wednesday, January 16, 2019


We recently got tickets to watch the latest Broadway musical presented by the Atlantis Theatrical Entertainment Group entitled WAITRESS and I invited the usual suspects to go with me -- Mommy, Ate Jojit, her hub Anthony, AND the Yubhub!

I actually haven't heard about this supposed to be popular Broadway musical until now. Based on the ads though, it seemed entertaining and even if I did't know the songs, I'm sure it will be something that my Mom and sister will like.

I CANNOT say the same for the boys though. I recently discovered that when it comes to our plays, they have this secret "jak en poy" in determining who will go with us. Of course, if we didn't have  a driver or we really needed a bodyguard, they have no choice. But if we just happen to have an extra ticket, they'll certainly head for the hills. HA HA HA HA HA!

That's why when my good friend Aning learned that we're going to watch WAITRESS she asked if we could get her extra tickets because she really wanted to go with us.


Now THAT was Anthony's opportunity to escape. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! As for the Yub, he said we needed a bodyguard (aka he secretly wanted to watch) kaya he'll go with us. Maybe he learned about the naughty story? I don't know. But it's great that he'll be joining us!

So yep, we had a great Fridate with WAITRESS. It's always fun bonding with my Mom, ate Jit, and now Aning, over a Broadway play.

If there's nudity, the Yub will SURELY agree. He he he he he he he!

THE WAITRESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were not able to take pictures inside the theatre but woah we LOVED IT!!!

In a nutshell, WAITRESS was about this lady who worked in a restaurant who could make mean pies. She's pregnant and unhappy in her marriage because her husband was a loser. She found excitement when she met a SUPER HANDSOME DOCTOR who was enchanted with her and her succulent pies.

In the end, yaddah yaddah, she cannot continue with affair because of the usual I LOVE ME reasons. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! But yep! That's what happened!!!!

We all enjoyed WAITRESS sooooooooooo much!!!!! There were a lot of funny scenes and Joanna Ampil made the lead character so lovable. I'm glad we watched this tonight.

The Yubhub was extra happy too because it had a lot of naughty jokes. Ha ha ha ha ha!

WAITRESS finished late. But as per our tradition, we went to our usual after-show hang-out for our super late dinner.

NORTH PARK!!!!!!!!!

Actually, we were supposed to go somewhere where they served pies. But since it was late, most restaurants were closed already.

Good ol' NORTH PARK was open 24 ours. YAY!

We went to the new wing of NORTH PARK in Makati Avenue (where Shakeys used to be). It's more spacious than their branch beside it and had higher ceilings.

I know NORTH PARK gets full always but since we were there at like 11:00pm, we were able to get a table pronto!

Me and Aning!

My Mom was actually feeling under the weather and asked to go home with my sister. She said we should go ahead with our dinner plans.


First on the table is pot of NORTH PARK Lechon Macau over Egg Fried Rice (P273.00)!

This is always good! Don't forget to order the Hoisin Sauce and Pickled Radish on the side.

Since we wanted something hot in our tummies, we got the NORTH PARK Beef Tendon Noodles (P186.00 / regular).

This was almost boiling hot when it was served to us. So perfect to slurp on with our rice!

Whenever we're in NORTH PARK, I never fail to order their Pinsec Frito (P143.00)! Always crunchy and very comforting. I love dipping it in the sweet and sour sauce.

We also had a basket of Shark's Fin (Aning's favorite) and a plate of Century Egg.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with my best bud Anne in NORTH PARK!!!


My plate! My NORTH PARK plate!!!

Grabe! I ate noodles pa ah.


Since we all had senior appetites na (he he he he) we just shared the food. We got so full and bondat after.

Si Yub, napaCOKE sa sarap!

How's that for product placement?

He he he he he!

When I got home I asked the Yub to pass by MCDONALD'S drive-thru some Apple Pie! It may not be the same one like in WAITRESS but at least it's still the luscious pie I'm familiar with. He he he he he!

Till our next "play"-date!!!

Hopefully Mommy and Ate Jojit join the dinner next time too!

(Para sila magbayad.... BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA)!!!!



1200 Makati Corner Kalayaan Avenue, 
Poblacion, Makati City
02 73737 / 02 8905952



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