Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Ever since BGP Mariane and Manong Fred returned from the US, we would always meet. Yup! Sometimes everyday! You might say that we are just "making up for lost time" from our 3 month separation. To be honest though, I'm sure we are just making excuses to hang out whenever we can. After we meet up, our last question would always be "When uli tayo magkikita ah???"

Of course, that's just the way we wanted it. There's really no limit to the enjoyment of hanging out with true friends who will also give the same time and effort to be with us. So for this Friday night, even if we were already together on Thursday, we will be meeting up for dinner again. And since it has been ages since we've been there last, the venue was naturally one of our new favorites...


 Yup! AGAIN!

We were first to get a table. And upon taking our seats, we were immediately served with Crusty Bread with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar.

Loved that the bread is still warm and crunchy on the outside.

A little later, BGP Marian and Manong Fred arrives!

The group is complete!

Oops... Sorry Fred. I swear I didn't do that on purpose....


In VILLAGE TAVERN, BGP Marian and I would always order the Thai Chicken Salad. But since we wanted to try something different, we went for the Grilled Prawn Avocado Salad (P475.00)!

The shrimps were slightly spicy with the taco seasoning but the creamy dressing was able to tone it down.

I'm beginning to love Nacho Chips in salads. It always adds more crunch and flavor in the dish.


The avocado cubes also gave the VILLAGE TAVERN salad buttery bites at every forkful!

BGP Marian was craving for burgers and had the 2 pc Wagyu Sliders (P295.00)!

The Wagyu burger was juicy while the bun was buttery and crusty.

This got the thumb's up from Manong Fred!

I was craving for some noodles and asked if we could order a pasta dish. I let them choose and Fred went for the VILLAGE TAVERN Creamy Chorizo (P450.00)!

I really didn't expect to like this but we loved it! We can't stop raving over the creamy and rich spaghetti with the meat bites of the chorizo. It's like a the perfect taste of carbonara that we needed on that hungry night!

As for the Chinese Dimpol, he doesn't eat salad and carbonara so he just ordered a TAVERN Flatbread Pizza (P495.00)

The flatbread was crisp and was able to hold the loads of cheese and toppings!

Ground beef, pepperoni, mushrooms, mozzarella, peppers, cheddar, and so much more!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with BGP Marian and Manong Fred at VILLAGE TAVERN!

Our table of food!

My plate! My VILLAGE TAVERN goodies plate!

And we're done!!!


And our VILLAGE TAVERN bill! We split it in half.

We loved our new orders in VILLAGE TAVERN! At least we have dishes to add to our usuals the next time we meet up....

... which is tomorrow???



Second Floor, Bonifacio High Street Central, 
7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
02 2469069 ext:904

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