Thursday, October 20, 2016


Could you have burgers for breakfast?

Why not?

It has carbs, veggies, and protein -- essential food groups that will get you energized for the day. Of course, greasy cheeseburgers are not really the traditional choice but you CAN and MAY have it.

ESPECIALLY if you're in the ERICJAZ FOODIES family! Tee heee!

Such was our predicament last Sunday when we heard mass at Santuario de San Jose. We were late so we did not have any parking space. After dropping us off, the Chinese Dimpol decided to park in the nearby BURGER KING and just had a slight walk going to church. We don't normally do that (park in an establishment where we won't be going in) but the Chinese Dimpol didn't have a choice since all slots and side streets were full. I think he was just hoping that going to church is a valid reason. He he he he he he!

After mass, we were all thinking of where to eat for our late breakfast. Normally we would have something light like Krispy Kreme or Pancake House because we will be having our usual Sunday lunch with my family in an hour. But when the little lords saw that we were parked in BURGER KING, they all made the unanimous decision because they felt it was "mean" to park somewhere and not eat in it.

Yup! That's us! Even establishments have feelings. He he he he he he!

At first I was not sold on the idea because burgers for breakfast are so heavy it would feel like having rocks in my tummy. But then like I said, it would still have the essentials to fine tune our stomachs before our family lunch later. After all, you could never really go wrong with burgers! So yes, it would be nice to have something different from our "Sunday-after-mass-breakfasts." And in the name of diversity (by chance and justification), that would have to be BURGER KING.

Oooh yeah! THE KING IS HERE!

BURGER KING in Connecticut St, San Juan just opened and we liked the "new" vibe of the place.

I would have to say that this branch looks different from the other BURGER KING restaurants because of it has more of a coffee shop feel to it.

Ordering up!


Me and Master Mati!

Little Andrei and the Chinese Dimpol!


Food is here!

The Chinese Dimpol would only have burgers if it was bare of vegetables and complicated sauces.

He just got a BURGER KING cheeseburger with no ketchup!

The Chinese Dimpol was already so happy with his simple burger.

As for Mati, he got curious with the 4-Cheese BURGER KING Whopper!

Would you believe me if I tell you that my sons are not burger-kiddies? Yep! They would prefer sushi over a freshly grilled burger. 

They're mutants I know! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

So imagine my surprise when Mati ABSOLUTELY loved his 4-Cheese Whopper from Burger King! He really can't stop raving about it.

He liked it so much that he was suddenly enveloped with his big brother loving and asked Andrei to try it.

Believe me, these two fight and bicker all the time that THIS is such a rare and monumental event for me! He he he he he!

Even if the burger was so cheesy and good, Andrei still went for some BURGER KING Nuggets and Fries.

He loved anything crunchy and the crispy coating of the nuggets was something he munched on happily!

As for me, I got the BURGER KING Junior Whopper!

In my younger years (naks) I would always get the huge BURGER KING Whopper! But since I'm (trying) to watch my food intake, I demoted myself to the junior size.

Now how am I going to bite into this messy burger????

We all enjoyed our burgers and nuggets with the BURGER KING French Fries that were hot and nummy!

Of course, we're going to wash down all of that tasty burgers and fries with Coke zero!

Don't worry. This is just for me. The kiddies had water and/or juice!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in BURGER KING Connecticut street!

That morning, the little Andrei was really begging for some Chocolate Ice Cream for his late breakfast. We said he could only have ice cream when he has finished his chosen meal for that day. 

My Andrei was so glad to have finished the BURGER KING nuggets because he really enjoyed the sundae with gooey chocolate sauce. He was scraping the bottom of his cup in no time.

Like our mantra, we don't care if a place is dingy or classy, we ALWAYS have fun as long as we're together. So BURGER KING may just be a simple fast food joint that I shouldn't even be blogging about, but my YAPPY BUNCH had a lot of fun chowing down on burgers that are not from Ronald nor the Bee. It surely made our Sunday late breakfast extra memorable.

And yep! At least we're also not "mean" when we parked in their area for mass.

He he he he he he!



Connecticut Street, 
Greenhills, San Juan City

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