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Restaurants are popping up here and there that it's so easy to get lost in the "What's what" and the "Who's who". But if you've been going online these days searching for the "next big thing" in the Metro, one name always sprouts up:


Noooo, I was not calling the Chinese Dimpol over. Eeewwness. But I am just stating the restaurant that you should be trying out.


HEY HANDSOME only opened last August 2016 and the reviews are just scandalous, but in a good way! There just seems to be a lot of noise about this new hub in the Fort that serves a mix of Malaysian, Indonesian, and Chinese dishes. It is always packed and almost all of the foodies I know are just delirious with the food served.

So with that, it is just high time for me to try it out.

And yes, with a handsome Chinese guy in tow!


If you think the restaurant owners are just too full of themselves, overly confident, OR thinking about the Chinese Dimpol when they conceptualized this, you are soooo wrong.

This is actually a play on how hawker style restaurants would call potential customers -- sorta like "Hey Joe!" or "Hey Mister!!!". But of course, the way they do it, they put something to make the customers feel good about themselves or "kilig". He he he he he! Hence, the handsome!

If you still don't get it, the concept is like "Teh, teh bili na kayoooo" in markets or the familiar "Dibidi dibidi" if somebody is offering you, pirated movies. He he he he he he he he!

As predicted, it was once again a busy night in HEY HANDSOME with the cozy place getting jam-packed in no time.

It's very advisable to call in for reservations if you want to be seated pronto! In HEY HANDSOME, they have 2 batches for reservations: 6:00 and 8:30pm. We were scheduled for the second "wave". 

AND! The HEY HANDSOME Squad is here!

The chefs and owners all in handsome black were all busy.

The very pretty Chef de Cuisine Queenie Villar was there and was non-stop in putting out the dishes. The only time she wasn't in the kitchens was when she would visit diners from table to table to ask how everything was.

It's great watching Chef Nicco Santos in deep concentration to make each dish perfect. I love it when the people who cook up our food shows much passion in doing so because believe me, we would feel it in the deliciousness of the grub!

Now we REALLY can't wait to start eating!!!!!!!!!!!!

In HEY HANDSOME, they don't just give you a copy of their menu, servers really bring it to you!

A big chalkboard containing the complete dishes of HEY HANDSOME are presented and you will have to choose from it.

No worries about "turning" the menu page because EVERYTHING is in there!

Oh and don't pity the "handsome" servers, they are so willing to carry big loads if it meant the comfort and convenience of their diners!!!!

Kidding aside though, I'm impressed that HEY HANDSOME servers are very knowledgeable about their dishes. You could ask them just about anything about their menu and they'll give you confident answers. 

Now that's a REALLY good sign!

HEY HANDSOME menu 1...

HEY HANDSOME menu 2!!!

Feel the dishes are limited in HEY HANDSOME? I assure you, they're not. 

These entrees are ALL SOOOO GOOD that you wouldn't search for more.

Trust me.

While waiting for your food at HEY HANDSOME, take a look at their cocktail's menu.

I'm not really up for getting drunk that night (actually, on ALL nights. He he he he he) So I just ordered a mocktail of Cherry Pop (P150.00)!

This is actually very refreshing AND addicting especially with the tartness of the lemonade and sweetness of the cherry. How I wish this was bottomless but it was not. He he he he he he he eh he!

The Chinese Dimpol and I also tried the HEY HANDSOME Donkey Punch (P130.00) which tasted strongly (but deeeeelightfully) of passion fruit per scorched gulp. 


Yup! Because THE KAIN TULOG GANG are ready!

(l-r) Babe For Food, EVAN PETERS AND EMMA ROBERTS (Watching American Horror Story now), The Last Don, Nines Vs. Food, and The Hefty Foodie!!!

First on the table is a bowl of HEY HANDSOME Small plate of Fried Egg Salad (P250.00)!

Now what's so impressive about a fried egg you ask? Well the way they cooked it up in HEY HANDSOME will just blow you away. I swear, I never expected something so simple to be THIS FRIGGIN GOOD!

The fried egg is crispy but a bit gooey on the inside with a light batter coating. It is then mixed with crunchy greens and herbs plus a hefty serving of ground sausage. All this gets complemented with a tangy sweet dressing that had a light taste of fish sauce in it. 


I'll demonstrate to you how I say that and with facial expressions when we see each other. He he he he he he!

Are you a fan of tofu? They HEY HANDSOME's Soft Soft Tofu (P280.00) should be on your list.

The slivers of the delicate milky and creamy tofu were sensuously drizzled with sweet soy sauce and served with century eggs. This light but still satisfying HEY HANDSOME creation was topped with a towering serving of bonito flakes that added a tinge of saltiness per spoonful with the tofu!

Perhaps the small dish I liked least in HEY HANDSOME was the Beef Pancake (P400.00) only because I'm not a fan of having soft crepes with meat. But the shredded stewed beef filling was really good.

Of course, the fried Roti served with the creamy yoghurt dip was something else. This was very addicting to munch on since I'm always a fan of the crunchy vs. creamy face-offs. 

Maybe next time, I'll open the pancake and eat the beef with the Roti!


My ultraelectromagneticpop favorite for the night however was the HEY HANDSOME Laap Phet (P400.00)!

You may argue that it doesn't look much right? At first glance it's somehow a cross between a wedge salad that's been dumped with dry bolognese sauce. 

Oh you better book a schedule for confession because you have been a VERY bad, bad boy.

Because upon looking closer you don't just see (scoffs) a meh salad with pshhh, bolognese. What is graced before you is grilled cabbage with spicy fried minced duck meat topped with fried greens, herbs, flowers, and peppers. This beautiful creation is again drizzled with that wonderful vinaigrette that matches the meaty duck meat perfectly.

I wasn't really expecting anything so powerful but when I scooped a generous amount of the minced duck meat with the cabbage, I was MIND BLOWN after my first bite.



Sorta like "WALANG HIMALAAAAA" level!!!!!!

It was soooooooooo delicious!!!! The duck meat was spicy but had that fried stewy taste to it that worked so well with the vinaigrette and freshness of the herbs. Then, when you bite it with the grilled cabbage slice, it mellows the strong flavors with the slightly charbroiled taste of the crunchy vegetable.


I think I got about 3 or 4 servings of this. Easily my numero uno that night.

Will DEFINITELY come back for THIS soon!!!!!!

Kahit manlibre pa ako!!!! :)

My appetizer plate!!!!

Oh the sight of the fried egg is making me drool again.

And here's my 3rd serving of that blasted spicy minced duck!!!!!!

The first main entree served to us at HEY HANDSOME was this lovely plate of Nasi Lemak (P720.00)!

I'm used to Nasi Lemak served with chicken but the moist and tender Sea Bass was a most welcome change!

This Malaysian dish served with coconut rice, pickled cucumbers, and sambal sauce was topped with a brightly hued soft boiled egg for extra gooeyness on the already rich dish. To temper the strong flavors of this entree, you could pluck out a piece from the peanut brittle to give it all a sweet finish.

This was my husband's favorite of all in HEY HANDSOME!!! 

If you're in the mood for more duck then go for HEY HANDSOME Bebek Penyet (P780.00)!

Fried Duck meat and glazed with its special juices served over coconut rice, pickled vegetables, and sambal sauce!

Another mighty bestseller in HEY HANDSOME that is good for more than one hungry diner!

So fun to be eating and gabbin with Justin of Cebu-based blogger BABE FOR FOOD! She's in Manila now but I seriously advised her to stay here for good.

Yup! As in forever. He he he hehe he he he he eh!

Bakit??? May forever naman ah!

Next up is the HEY HANDSOME Nam Tok (P700.00)!!!

I'm really cutting my meat intake these days (WEH???) but these fall off the bone ribs made me instantly forgetful of that "vow".

The barbecued short ribs were glazed with sweet barbecue sauce then packed with garlic, nuts, herbs, and many seasonings! It is then served with flavored rice and sweet/sour vegetables. 

Hay! Could I eat using my hands here? As in no utensils and doing it like my ancestors did??? :)

Perhaps one of the most beautiful dishes served to us that night was the HEY HANDSOME Beetroot Paneer (P560.00)!

This beautiful creation is also the healthiest one as it is all veggie with the exotic beetroot-based paneer sauce over spiced yoghurt. 

For an extra healthy bite, HEY HANDSOME paired this up with Tabbouleh Quinoa... Light, refreshing, but strongly satisfying!!!!!!!!

Though I'm no vegetarian, I ship this.... IN MAH BELLY.

If you're feeling extra carnivorous-y for your meal, try out the HEY HANDSOME Buah Keluah (P640.00)!

Very tender lamb stewed in hearty sauce with Buah Keluah seasoning. 

This sumptuous meat is served with coconut rice, pickled onions, and special squid ink kropek that's made in HEY HANDSOME!!!!

Awesome huh???!!!!


This is me going for my 4th serving of the Spicy Duck Meat. Soooo delicious!!! I loved that it has a strong spicy bite at the end. You could request to lessen the heat here if you want.

HEY HANDSOME FOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Later on the HEY HANDSOME bartender asked if we have a special request from the bar. THE LAST DON answered "Surprise us!!!"

I think they served him a different kind of whiskey sour. He let me have a taste of it, and it was mmm-mmm good!!!!!!

We were full already but the dessert options at HEY HANDSOME were unique and really something to try out!!!!

Just like the Durian Cream Puff (P250.00)! At first I was not really buying the black puff because it somehow made me think of squid ink but after getting over my weird imagination, I was in for a sweet surprise!!! The spoonful of durian cream was so velvety and had that confusing taste of garlic and caramel that it is known for for. One thing's for sure, after putting everything in my mouth and identifying the complex tastes coming together, it was soooo nirvana going down.


If you want something "safe" and familiar you should try out the HEY HANDSOME Yoghurt (P200.00) that is also flavored with black sesame and beetroot. A nice and healthy alternative!

But if you want ANOTHER rich dessert maybe the Kueh Lengkuas (P220.00) will answer your craving!

Merengue, caramel brittle, coconut ice cream....

Too pretty to eat? Not quite. It still deserves a trip down my intestines.

Gross but true.

While we were chatting, eating, drinking, whaddayknow? Ms. Dedet of Pepitas Lechon joined us!!! Yohooo! KTG unite!!!!

What a great insta-date night!!!!

We may have different tastes in food but the Chinese Dimpol and I both found something that we loved AND savored in HEY HANDSOME!!!!!


Could we go back handsome??? :)

THANK YOU SO MUCH HEY HANDSOME for having THE KTG and ERICJAZ FOODIES! It was really an epic night of gastronomic proportions! One of our best meals this year!!!!!!!!

Guys do try HEY HANDSOME! Food is different but deeeeelightfully delicious!!!! 

Magfeefeeling pogi ka nga sa sarap!

He he he he he he he!



G/F Net Park Building (IN FRONT OF KPUB)
5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, 
Taguig, Metro Manila
(+632) 946-3815

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