Wednesday, October 12, 2016


It is day 3 of our DAKAK PARK AND BEACH RESORT adventure and we are set to depart for Manila after lunch. But even if we are supposed to pack and get ready for the flight, we are still relishing all the fun and excitement that the resort has for us!

And we are capping our beach activities in the DAKAK AQUA SPORTS CENTER!

It was a beautiful and peaceful morning!

The waters in DAKAK may be inviting but I just don't feel like swimming.

I would rather check out the DAKAK AQUA SPORTS CENTER to see what water activities that we could do.

It starts taking in resort guests as early as 8:00am which is perfect if we wanted to catch the morning sun!

After Ziplining in DAKAK ADVENTURE ZONE, I am now fearless. Without thinking of the possible consequences, I am going to parasail!!!!

YOHOOO!!! Let's do this!

Straight jackets, este, life jackets were required to partake in the DAKAK AQUA SPORTS CENTER fun!

I recommended that while the other half of our group are jetskiing, some of us will go on with the parasailing!

Woah! What a wonderful view!

Like when I tried out the Zipline, I told Tita Josie that we should just go ahead before we change our minds. Ha ha ha ha h ah ah!

We were so clumsy getting all hoisted up!

I can't bring my camera because I might accidentally drop it with the winds up there. Same goes with my golden cap that's why I had to cover my big "treasure" (aka forehead. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!)

And off we go!


At first I thought it was going to be scary but really it wasn't! Again, I felt like flying!

At first I told the Dakak staff to just keep us close by. But when it was no big deal, I signaled that they could take us higher!

And higher...

Eeep! Now we're really high!

When we were at the highest possible point, that's when I felt a bit scared. Of course, the view was something but I was nervous that a strong gust of wind might suddenly take us off on our smooth course and we'll fall somewhere!

Even if we'll fall just in the waters, you'll never know. He he he he he! I heard that the weight of the parachute will make it difficult for us to swim and worse, breathe!

Good thing nothing of the sort happened!

There came a point when everything was all well with us that Tita Josie and I just chatted. He he he he he he! 

And it's time to go back!

For some reason, I felt like I'm doing a superhero landing!


Up next for us is the Jetski!

Would you believe that this is the first time for me to try this?

Honestly, I was not really fond of water sports before because I'm afraid a big helluva shark would spring out from nowhere and chomp me up whole.


This time though I'm thinking it might be a long while before I have a chance to do some serious Jet skiing, so I agreed!

At first it was me and my partner Tita Josie who went around the jetski. 

Later on, I drove the big thing myself!

With the help of the Dakak staff of course!


Now I know what's the hype all about! Feeling and controlling the speed are just awesome!

That was SO fun!!!!!

Now why was I so hesitant before?!!!!

When everybody's done with parasailing and jetskiing, up next for us is the Banana boat!!!

We all lathered up with some extra sun screen but dear Larlene at the far end, went a little too far. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

At first Larlene was teasing me about how white my face was even if I told her she also went overboard on the lotion. We both thought we looked the same because there was just no way for us to check -- nobody had a mirror and we're lazy to ask our companions.

When we saw the pictures, we finally saw who the REAL kabuki woman was!


Oh well! At least she won't get a tan on that area. He he he he he he he!

And we went ahead with fast AND bumpy Banan Boat ride!

The DAKAK instructed told us that if somebody were to accidentally fall from the boat, all of us should dive in the waters so that they'll know one of us was overboard.

When dear Larlene fell, Kris was in front of her. At first she wanted to fall in too but since none of us moved, she stayed put. 

Of course, we knew about Larlene's fall because of Tita Josie (who was initially taking our pictures) and with Kris, who yelled at everyone. 

When we learned that Larlene fell, guess what we did? 

We laughed hysterically! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h ah aha!

Of course, we felt a bit concerned that she went overboard but still, I'm sure you see the humor in the whole situation. Another funny thing was, nobody followed the instructor and just stayed put in the boat. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Sorry Larlene!!! 

At least you gave us more great memories with our Banana Boat ride.

Also, the lotion on your face finally washed off and revealed the beautiful you! Naks!

Tita Josie then took her place for the second leg of our Banana Boat ride!

Wohoooo! It was soooo fun! 

We were all screaming and waving at everyone we saw!

Good thing that no white sharks sprang out of the waters to gobble us all up! Busog na busog siya sa lusog namin niyan!

It was my first time on a Banana Boat and I LOVED IT!!!! Would wanna ride again next time I go to the beach!

After Parasailing, Jetskiing, and banana boating, THAT'S when I relaxed by the shore.

Aaaaah... This is the life talaga!

My DAKAK PARK AND BEACH RESORT getaway was really a memorable one because I found myself doing things which I swore never to do before. Besides being with my great TAPE INC family, I was able to reach the new heights of adventure.

Oh the pun was SO intended! :)




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