Wednesday, October 19, 2016


We just finished dinner at VILLAGE TAVERN with Best Gal Pal Mariane and Manong Fred when we realized that we just saved the best for last....


And for that night, there was only one candidate for us as we have been reading a lot of great reviews about it. Yup you got it. FREEZER BURN -- the new baby of Chef Miko Aspiras and Chef Kristine Lotilla, the cool tandem that gave us Scout's Honor.

FREEZER BURN is indeed the place to be at BGC. Even if temperatures were below normal in the Metro, people were still flocking the small hub to get a taste of Chef Miko and Kristine's uber creamy creations. I for one got under the "spell" too because even if I was supposed to be on a diet, I gave a very resounding yes that would've brought Sally Albright to shame when FREEZER BURN was brought up.

So it was definitely a luscious and delicious nightcap for us that time in FREEZER BURN. FINALLY, we were able to taste (and enjoy) what the hype was about!!!!


The lines were ultra long in FREEZER BURN that night. But BGP Marian and I still went for it!!

FREEZER BURN had a very small area with counters and seats. While we were lining up, I got more excited while checking out what the other diners ordered.

Entering FREEZER BURN is like getting inside an ice cream truck especially with the colors and designs!

YEY! Finally I could see the menu!

FREEZER BURN menu 1...


I was slightly disappointed that they didn't have coffee in FREEZER BURN. It's okay though because there was a coffee shop beside it.

Lining up with my Best Gal Pal!

While our boys saved our table outside.

Hmmmm... I feel the need to bonk both their heads. He he he he he!

Kidding! We asked them to buy coffee and tea for us later on.

Hmmm... Now what should we get in FREEZER BURN?

Should we go for their specialties or just ice cream with toppings?

Ice Cream flavors in FREEZER BURN are not your usual run of the mill types!

Cookies and Junk Food...

Corn and Cheese???

Butter Ice Cream??

Ketchup and Mayo????


(Don't worry. I'm just using the above word for comical purposes. I don't say that out loud. He he he he he he!)


Same with that too.

FINALLY! Chocolate! My favorite!

FREEZER BURN had an open kitchen where you'll see your orders being whipped up.

BGP Marian treated me that night well because maybe I was looking cuter than usual. 

Yup! The wonders of using deodorant.


We got this and just waited for the FREEZER BURN signal!

And after a few minutes....


While Manong Fred got our ice cream, the Chinese Dimpol caught me talking to myself while making my coffee.

What the....?!!!!

Now that's my look of death.

BGP's missing her hub already. UUUUUY!

My FREEZER BURN Ola (P295.00)!!!

One full scoop of very decadent and rich chocolate ice cream with about 4 pieces of churros!

The chocolate ice cream was so fudgy and decadent that you could use it to "dip" your churros!

I loved that the FREEZER BURN churros were crunchy and not greasy at all. I could actually eat it by its lonesome and not be cloyed by it.

If you want an alternative to the chocolate fudginess, you could go for the vanilla sauce that's in the syringe.

As for the BGPness, she ordered the FREEZER BURN 3 scoops!

She got the butter, the Maple, and the Cookies and Junk Food!

We all loved the Cookies and Junk Food and the Maple. We liked the Butter flavor the least because it was salty. Those who wanted more bite in their ice cream would love it. As for us, we'll go more for the sweet flavors. He he he he he!

You may think that the FREEZER BURN servings are not enough. But for us, since they were all so rich, we were all satisfied!

In no time, we're almost done!

Manong Fred was hesitating to finish off the shy piece.

As for the butter, we finished it off little by little.

Afterwards we fooled around with the Snapchat filters!

Yup! We just discovered the beauty AND fun of SNAPCHAT! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

When you can, do follow us on SNAPCHAT. I try my best to be normal in it. He he he he he he he!

Truly an enchanted and luscious evening for ERICJAZ FOODIES with our BGPs (Best Gal/Guy Pals). 

Soon we'll be back at FREEZER BURN to try out more flavors!!!!



Add me on Snapchat.... He he he he he he he he!

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