Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Say what you want about our country's favorite side dish, but personally, THE RICE IS ALWAYS RIGHT! Yes, it could be an Atkin's diet nightmare but really, who could resist how EVERYTHING seems to be perfect with rice?

Certainly not me.

And now with THE YELLOW BOX RICE COMPANY, the ordeal become harder with their packed boxes of meaty, saucy, and uberly delicious rice toppings. It certainly is a big thumb's up for those searching for a hot-off-the-grill complete meals with the convenience of those handy Chinese take-out boxes. And did I mention the price is something so pocket-friendly? It surely is. Just more and more reasons to try out the new YELLOW BOX and join the rice brigade.

Now have we already tried it?

We most certainly did!

Check it out!


It was Sunday, family day. And THE YAPPY BUNCH just finished with church. With that, the important question was posted...

Where should we eat???

Our tummies led us to YELLOW BOX in Katipunan Ave, Quezon City.

It just opened but students and officeworkers near the area are already loving the very "sulit" rice toppings!

The YELLOW BOX restaurant only had a limited number of tables but the place was spacious, bright, and gives a fun view of the numerous cars getting gas.

YELLOW BOX is self-service and you have to place your orders at this counter.

Hmmmm... Now what should we get???

YELLOW BOX menu 1...

YELLOW BOX menu 2...

YELLOW BOX menu 3...

My happy bunch excited to eat!

The YELLOW BOX staff immediately got cooking and you could see your orders whipped up on the glass windows.

We noticed that the raw meats were portioned already for easy cooking.

Auugh! Everything smelled wonderful and mouth-watering. I'm now officially hungry!!!!!

Fried Rice!!!!!

My boys were hungrily staring. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And in a nick of time, YELLOW BOX food is ready!!!!

Our orders looked and smelled glorious! We just can't wait to dig in!

The early favorite of the group was YELLOW BOX Beef Salpicao (Jr - P99.00 / Reg P123.00)! And rightfully so -- the beef strips were appetizingly tender and flavorful of garlic, butter, and soy sauce. Add to that the juicy sauteed mushrooms for that veggie fix. Yummmm!

What I also love about the YELLOW BOX meals is that the sauce from the toppings drips and mixes down into the rice that's why it's always a flavorful spoonful every time!!! So friggin good!

Little Lord Andrei ordered the YELLOW BOX Chicken Teriyaki (P89.00 jr / P112.00 reg).

This was seriously great too with the sweet chunks of Chicken breast fried with sesame oils and teriyaki sauce. Like with the Beef Salpicao, YELLOW BOX cooked this up saucy and flavorful that even my non-veggie eating son munched up heartily the beansprouts.


Master Mati got a taste of this and wished to order it next time too!

Like me, the Chinese Dimpol loved breakfast food that he immediately got the Corned Beef with Egg (P155.00 regular). The packed YELLOW BOX was steaming hot with the garlic rice, egg, and meaty corned beef! 

My husband was obviously happy with his order in between his mouthfuls of food! 

Master Mati was curious about the Beef Yakiniku and had it big (P99.00 jr / P123.00 reg). 

The thin slices of marinated beef were so perfect with the fried rice along with the sauteed bean sprouts. He purposely saved some of it to eat for dinner!

My favorite rice dish of all time has got to be Mongolian Barbecue. I get so crazy with the mixture of crunchy vegetables and fried meats with my own blend of sauces. Although YELLOW BOX does not offer that (yet???), I'm loving the comforting deliciousness of my Mongolian Chicken and Squid Barbecue Rice (P95.00 jr / P117.00 reg). I let my KTG mates taste it too and they savored the crunch and festiveness of my box!

Everybody's got their own favorites but mine has gotta be the YELLOW BOX Pork Sisig (P95.00 jr / P117.00 reg). The pork ears and face were chopped and fried up with onions and peppers. Seriously, I kept on raving how good it was especially that the fatty flavorful oils mixed with the rice. 

So good!!! To add more excitement to it, I would have every spoonful with the sliced chili!

Other YELLOW BOX meals that we tried out were the Daing na Bangus with Salted Egg Rice (P123.00)!

The crunchy skin was addicting!

A Filipino classic is made more convenient with YELLOW BOX Adobo Rice (P95.00 jr / P117.00 reg). You would find yourself going back to this pinoy favorite dish especially with the chunks of pork simmered in soy sauce, garlic, and vinegar. The addition of the chopped tomatoes was a welcome contrast to the richness of the seasoned adobo. 

Extra rice please! He he he he he he he!

Feeling a little bit adventurous? Try out the YELLOW BOX Bagoong Rice (P95.00 jr / P117.00 reg). 

Chopped pork with green beans and sauteed over rice mixed with fish paste. For extra flavor power and texture, have a spoonful with the green mango. 


And last but not the least, the YELLOE BOX New Orleans Jambalaya (P123.00 reg)!

Chicken, spicy sausage, green beans, and ham fried up with cajun sauce with a kick! 

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords (and the KTG) in YELLOW BOX!!!!

Excited to eat!!!

Yup! Like me!

What a delicious Sunday with the little lords, THE KTG, and YELLOW BOX!!!

Drop by Petron La Vista (near UP TOWN CENTER) or call for delivery (within the area) to try out YELLOW BOX!!!

I'm sure, you'll also see how "The Rice is (deliciously) Right!!!"

Second Floor, Petron La Vista, 
Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
02 7811668 / 02 5722858


  1. Hi Miss Jaz! Been lurking on your blog for more than a year now, ngayon ko lang naisip magcomment, lol. I feel like I'm a part of your family whenever I read your posts. More power to you and your blog; I will always be a faithful reader.

    PS. Si Master Mati pumapayat? Binata na kasi? Haha.

    1. Hi Dear Yanna!!!! Heyyyyy! How are you???? I'm so happy you commented!!! Pareho pala tayong stalker. Talent ko din yan! Pero promise, mas grabe ako. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Kidding!!! I'm so happy that you take time to read my silly little foodie blog! It really makes me kilig that other people appreciate and take heart something that I truly love doing. Thank you sooo much. You surely made my night. And I'm honored that my blog made you part of my wacky family. Mas weird kami in person I tell you. Thank you again!!! Hope you'll post more comments soon and that we'll meet each other soon!!!! :) Mmmwah! God bless you always!

      Yes he's pumapayat. And grabe, he suddenly became so tall!!! He stretched without me knowing it! Haaaaay! Time flies by so fast :(


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