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There is a new burger joint in Ortigas when you're in the mood for something healthy and irresistibly delicious!


In fact, that's what it means!!!!

H.I.D Burgers originated from Cainta, Rizal, and now it has a total of 11 branches all over the Metro!

The latest is in City Golf Plaza in Ortigas City!

Wohooo! This is so near us!

It was actually the grand opening of H.I.D Burgers in City Golf Plaza and ERICJAZ FOODIES was invited for this delicious event!!!!


As mentioned above, H.I.D. stands for HEALTHY AND IRRESISTIBLY DELICIOUS burgers because you're not going to find ordinary greasy meat patties here. 

All burgers are made of chicken so its lesser calories and healthier! 

But if you're having doubts if H.I.D. BURGERS will satisfy your craving, believe me, IT WILL. 

Inside H.I.D. BURGERS, the mood was casual, laid back, and easy going.

I fancied the use of metal roofing or "yero" for that industrial look!


The Chinese Dimpol and I are there for our early lunch with foodies, THE LAST DON, and ANIMETRIC!


H.I.D. BURGERS menu 1!

H.I.D. BURGERS menu 2!!!

Planning to hang out with friends and office mates in H.I.D. BURGERS? Game on! Only P280.00 for a bucket of 6!!! 


Many from our group got the H.I.D Cheesebomb (P155.00 premium)!

Just in case you can't tell, that's 2 burger patties under that over-acting smothering of cheese!!! He he he he he he he!

Hence the name, CHEESEBOMB!!!

What we loved about the healthy burgers in H.I.D is the use of pandesal for their bun. There's really nothing like hot pandesal on mornings with coffee. But add it with meat, veggies, and gooey cheese? Now that's out of this world! Every bite just gave us an instant "Mmmmmm...... Sarap!"

Another best seller in H.I.D. BURGERS is their BLT (P155.00 premium)!

It's bacon, lettuce, and tomato goodness with your chicken burger patties!!! Yummmers!!!!

Another popular order was the H.I.D. Bacon Mushroom Melt (P145.00)!!

For those who like it plain and simple but with the essentials of a great burger! He he he he he he!

As for me, I love cheese but I also love veggies and spice in my sandwiches so I got the H.I.D. BURGERS Chicano (P145.00 premium).

I enjoyed my burger because it was hot with the peppers!!! Sarap! Also, the salsa gave it an extra layer of texture and sweet/sour flavors to complement the meaty char-grilled taste of the juicy patty. 

And yes, I can't tell that it was chicken!!!! Even if I was already informed, I still thought it was beef! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Winner! Winner! Burger dinner.... este.... lunch-er??

To go with our juicy and ultra delicious burgers, we had baskets of H.I.D's Fried Potato Wedges with Cheese and Bacon (P160.00)!

The potato wedges were coated with a light flavored breading and served fresh off the fryer. It is then topped with the same rich and gooey melted cheddar concoction on the burgers. This delicious mess is sprinkled with the crispy bacon for that salty and creamy combo for every bite!

And just in case you're a crazy person and want to eat something else in H.I.D. besides burgers, they have several flavors of Fried Wings (6pcs P180.00 / 12pcs P360.00) to choose from!!!

The first basket of wings served were the Garlic, Chili, and Patis wings! Yep! You heard (read) that right! FISH SAUCE!

Besides the savory and lip smacking sauce on the wings, I loved the crispy fried coating that's not thick or too thin -- it was juuuust right and went so well with the dressing. 

I was able to eat the chicken only after taking a lot of pictures and eating my burger so it's not hot anymore. But it was still so tasty, crunchy, and the meat yummy juicy. The fried chicken wings were so delicious too with the creamy garlic aioli dip. Oh wow!!!! I think I had about 3 or 4 wings even after having 1 whole burger. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!  

Good thing there was no rice in H.I.D. BURGERS or else I would've ordered one to go with it. Because that's how disgustingly big my appetite is!!!!!

Here are the other Chicken Wing flavors!

Honey Sriracha Wings!


Honey Mustard!

Classic Buffalo Wings!

My mouth is drooling right now. 

Another side dish available in H.I.D. Burgers is their Chicken Nuggets (6pcs P90.00 / 12pcs P175.00)!!

Hot and crunchy bites of fried chicken breast poppers!

If you're thinking that it's like the nuggets from fast food restaurants or grocery freezers, you're wrong! The Chicken Nuggets actually tasted home-made that it's something I could get for my kids' baon!

Getting tired of chicken? Try out H.I.D's Hungarian Sausage Slices (P150.00)!

It's the same sweet, spicy, and juicy sausages that they put in the combo H.I.D. Burgers!

I could imagine how these appetizers are great beer companions too!!!!


The Chinese Dimpol was so excited to dig in!

His Cheesebomb burger innards!

This is the H.I.D. Combo where we added the Hungarian Sausage to the Chicken Burger Patty!

Mah burger!!!

I don't usually wear make-up, but when I do...


If you're familiar with H.I.D BURGER's other branches, they have a wall post recording the first 100 customers of their branch.

And ERICJAZ FOODIES was there!!!!

Too bad our blog name didn't fit one line. Ha ha ha ha ha! 

(Did you see how I attempted by starting with the letter "F" then went, "Naaah never mind" and wrote "Foodies" on the next line instead. Ha ha ha ha! Eng! Eng!)

The little lords were supposed to join us that Saturday but suddenly they didn't feel like hanging out with the "oldies". Ha ha ha ha ha!  So this was an insta-date for us!!! Sayang though because it would've been nice to see their names on the board too!

(While I was blogging this however, Master Mati passed by and saw the pictures. He immediately asked when we could go to H.I.D. Burgers because he wanted to try the Cheese bomb and Chicken Wings, ASAP! I guess we're going there this weekend!!!).

Thank you dear THE LAST DON for inviting ERICJAZ FOODIES in H.I.D BURGERS!!! You are always so fun to be with and your pics are SOLID!!!! Let me just say that you are now my favorite blogger!!! Mmwaaaaah! He he he he!!!

And thank you pretty Sshy Suguitan and hubby Don for having us!!!!!!!

Picture by THE LAST DON

City Golf Plaza, 
Julia Vargas Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City


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