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DENNY'S, America's popular diner, is now here in MANILA!

Yup! You heard/read/saw that right. It's here in MANILA and it will be doing all things awesome for you, the DENNY'S way!

So get prepared to be seriously and deliciously full of America's comfort food plus MORE from morning, noon, night, midnight, wee hours of the morning, break of dawn, then morning again!!!! That's because DENNY'S is ALWAYS open (read: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)!

And just to be clear... 

After your late drinking with friends... YOU COULD GO TO DENNYS!

When you have finally finished that loooooooong all-day marathon of Game of Thrones...  YOU COULD GO TO DENNY'S!!!

If you want to have a power lunch in the Fort...  YOU COULD GO TO DENNYS!

Before attending "simbang gabi"...  YOU COULD GO TO DENNY'S!

AFTER your "simbang gabi", and you want to chill before going to work... YOU COULD GO TO DENNY'S!!!!

Because really, ANYTIME is still the BEST time to go to DENNY'S!!!!! And after you've popped your DENNY'S "cherry", you'll want to go again, and again, AND again, because food is just unforgettably good!

The first time THE YAPPY BUNCH were in DENNY'S was during our US trip IN 2014. It was a very busy day for us and we were looking for someplace to eat that was kid-friendly but was still open late at night. That is how we chanced upon at DENNY'S.

We loved how it was the typical diner restaurant that we often see in American movies where platters of hot breakfast grub are available even during ungodly hours. I remember enjoying our orders at DENNY'S. Like, A LOT. Even the little lords loved it! It was one of those restaurants that we "marked" to go back to the next time we're in the US. That is why we're so happy that we could get a taste of their sumptuous dishes without needing a plane ticket.  And it's in Fort! Somewhere we ALWAYS go to!!!!!

So if you want to have a taste of seriously slammin delicious American food plus more, GO TO DENNY'S. Yup! DENNY'S is here for you anytime, ALL the time!!!!


NAKS! He he he he he he he he!

It's true though! Let me give you a hug. Yihiii! 



ERICJAZ FOODIES was invited during the media night of DENNY'S, a day before their grand opening.

The vibe was busy, happy, and hungry!!!! Everyone was just excited to dig into that hot DENNY'S food!


The look of DENNY'S Manila is also casual like it's US counterpart with bright colored leather seats, an open kitchen, and wooden tables. 

But the warm lights, fashionable food portraits, hip interiors, makes it a more inviting hangout with your friends, family, and workmates!

DENNY'S is now your newest place to chill and watch as the busy Metro life go by. Now you could just let them rush away. You have all the time in the world to finish your hot pancakes!!!!

It was raining but good thing my way to the Fort was smooth sailing so ERICJAZ FOODIES was there with new haircuts and all.

Pareng THE FOOD ALPHABET was also there but missing his lovely wife. Sayang talaga! It was traffic almost everywhere!


DENNY'S Menu 1...

DENNY'S Menu 2...

DENNY'S Menu 3...

DENNY'S Menu 4...

(Yup! DENNY'S also serves Filipino goodies!!!)

DENNY'S menu 5...

DENNY'S Menu 6...

DENNY'S Menu 7...

DENNY'S Menu 8...

DENNY'S Menu 9...

DENNY'S Menu 10!!!!


THE KTG is here...


One of my early favorites in DENNY'S is their Pancake Puppies! Each round golden fried nugget is moist and just rich in the goodness of what we love about this breakfast favorite!!!! Trust me. I was a skeptic at first when the Chinese Dimpol said it was good, but after my first bite, I zoinked me two or more pieces afterwards!

DENNY's Chicken Sausage Quesadilla (P395.00)!

Grilled Chicken breast with roasted peppers and onions then mixed with loads of melted cheese and fresh pico de gallo! If you want to have the perfect bite, give it a dip on their ranch dressing.

In the mood for something healthy? Try out the classic DENNY'S Grilled Chicken Caesar's Salad (P375.00)! You could never go wrong with this chilled bowl of crunchy vegetables, crispy bacon, shaved parmesan cheese, and that wonderful garlic and anchovy based cream dressing. Yummers!

Craving for something a bit more exciting? Go for the DENNY'S Chicken Cranberry Apple Salad (P395.00)!

This was a refreshing new choice for me because each forkful of the crisp vegetables was made more delightful with the sweet fruity dressing and chewy bites of the candied cranberries. 

"Mapapabuhaghag ang buhok mo sa sarap!"

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

When in an American diner, I would sometimes crave for a big, juicy burger with EVERYTHING on it!

In DENNY'S they went a bit too far with their Spicy Sriracha Burger (P495.00)!

I mean really. They could just put lettuce, onions, tomatoes, mayo, and we'll all be happy because their burger patties are already thick, meaty, and so flavorful. But NOOOOOOOH. They put MY burger eating on another level by adding pickled jalapenos (my favorite), and creamy sriracha sauce (ANOTHER favorite) to a tower of bacon, cheddar cheese, and their toasted brioche bun!

Could you just imagine how DA BOMB each bite would be???

I CAN (Munch! Munch! Gulp! Gulp! Gobble! Gobble!).

We paired the explosive burger with a tall glass of DENNY'S Chocolate Milkshake! It was smooth, creamy, fudgy, and had the right amount of thickness that wouldn't choke you should you bite more than you should! He he he he he he he he!

The milkshake was so good that I chugged it all down like a lady!

Tee Hee!

Like my jacket?

Of course, when you're in a diner, you should never miss feasting on platters of their hot breakfasts. I know I wouldn't because it IS my favorite meal of the day (besides lunch and dinner... tee heee!)!

In DENNY'S everyone kept raving about the Choco Overload Peanut Butter Pancake Plate (P395.00)!

Thick butter pancakes smothered in nutty peanut butter and chocolate fudge. Honestly I found this too sweet for my taste but I could imagine how my kiddies would go wild over this.

Well while they concentrate on THAT, I'll just polish off the bacon and eggs!!! He he he he he he he he!

Next time I'm in DENNY'S I'm going for the French Toast Slam (P375.00)!

2 whole fat pieces of fried French Toast dusted with powdered sugar and served with fatty country sausages and eggs. 

YEHEESSSSS.... Me likey!

The DENNY'S Ultimate Omelet (P395.00) is something to try out too! Fluffy eggs are stuffed with chopped bacon, sausage, roasted peppers and tomatoes, with melted cheese!

To wash down all that food, you could order the DENNY'S 

Or Lemonade!!!!


To officially end my DENNY'S pig-out session, I had a cup of their rich coffee!!!

Aaaah... That was a good meal!

Of course, the Chinese Dimpol and I had more fun with the cool people we met during the media night of DENNY'S!!!! 

This table was soooo kalog!!!

These guys too!!!!

Of course, one of the highlights of my night was finally meeting Chef Cy!!! I am such a fan (read: stalker) of his hilarious snapchats!!! Now I could stalk him MORE!



DENNY'S was brought to the Philippine shores by THE BISTRO GROUP, who also gave us TGIFRIDAYS, ITALIANNI'S, FISH AND CO, VILLAGE TAVERN, BULGOGI BROTHERS, ETC ETC! You know that DENNY'S is going to be awesome especially with these top ladies who are so passionate in their work but still so fun to be with!!!

It was great meeting and hanging out with these super kind and cool gals!!!!!!!! 

Thank you Ms. Raquel and Ms. Jeans for having ERICJAZ FOODIES!!!!

Yihiii! Pretty dear Donna was also there!!!! As usual you're blooming!!! Missed youuuu!

It's always a treat seeing Ms. Lisa!!!! She's always so lovely, so warm, and just sooo nice!!!! Missed you also and hope to see you again soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN TO THE BISTRO GROUP!!!!!!!!! You have another great catch for us hungry foodies!!!!

Of course, thank you to Spanky (invisible) for inviting ERICJAZ FOODIES!!! Our smiles (and tummies) sums up our night!!!!!!

Foodies may have found a new hang out in DENNY'S! 

Delicious food anytime, ALL the time!!!!!!

DENNY'S, WE WILL BE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ground Floor, Uptown Parade, 
9th Avenue Corner 38th Street, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
02 7724371

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