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Wednesday, June 7, 2017


The little lords were SO excited for a certain movie this year and no, it's not Thor Ragnarok, Power Rangers, or 50 Shades of Blech. It's actually THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE and they were counting the days till its showing.

Why? Because..... (in a gravel voice) it's BATMAN.

So when the movie finally started showing, it was a perfect gimik for our FAMILY VALENTIMES NIGHT. The boys wasted no time too in dragging us to book tickets. We scheduled the movie on a Friday and told the little eager lords that we'll be getting the last full show.

Why last full show??? They whined.

Because we're still going to EAT and THAT is more important. Snacks and drinks in the movie are a-OK. But as our actual dinner in the theater? QUE to the HORROR.

Without missing a beat, the boys agreed to my theory like it was Einstein's law of Relativity. They got me. They really got me. And with that, we hurriedly went around Promenade, Greenhills for a place to eat. That's where we ended up in WEE NAM KEE!

It's been a while since our last meal in WEE NAM KEE but it's one of the restaurants that has always been so "sulit" with me. The price is always affordable and the food delishes -- it's where I first encountered the famous Hainanese Chicken too.

So YAY! We were a happy group that night. We had our ideal FAMILY VALENTIMES DATE with movie, dinner, and...... (in a gravel voice) BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!



It was a Friday that time and WEE NAM KEE was full. Good thing we were able to get seats, PRONTO!

Ordering up!

I swear, I make the weirdest faces when I make my orders.


ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!

The Chinese Dimpol and Master Mati!

Mati wore his favorite BATMAN shirt for the occasion. Yup! He's a Marvel geek like me!

Baby Andrei and MEEEEEH!!!!!!!

While I was about to take a group picture, my boys saw somebody from outside.

I wonder who those losers are that got the boys so excited. 

Oops! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Kidding! Ate Jojit and hub Anthony!


We invited them to eat dinner with us but they just finished (yipeee... hi hi hi!). They agreed to join us for the movie and that got the boys so excited. They love their Tita Jojit and Tito Anthony.

First on the table is the Chinese Dimpol's order of Salted Egg Chicken Topped Rice (P275.00)!

The chicken nuggets were fried to a delicious crisp and generously coated with the salted egg cream sauce that had the right tanginess to it.  So perfect with the rice! Yum!

As for me and Andrei, we shared my favorite WEE NAM KEE Steamed Personal Set (P199.00). I just got from Yub's big tub of rice so Andrei got the cup above all to himself.


Much to his utter disappointment of course. He's my little finicky eater boy!

As always, WEE NAM KEE Steamed Hainanese Chicken are fall off the bone tender and moist. 

I loved that WEE NAM KEE has all the condiments available per table. At least I could get all the sauce and chili that I want!!!

When you're having WEE NAM KEE Hainanese Chicken, these three are your perfect meal companions!

Besides getting from his Daddy's Chicken, Master Mati had the big bowl of WEE NAM KEE Classic Laksa!

There was certainly an abundance of noodles, balls, and meats for this noodle soup. 1 bowl could satisfy 2 cutie pie diners... LIKE US!

WEE NAM KEE also gave us extra soup. Yup! They read our minds.

Of course, I was so happy that I did not remove the soup ladle from the bowl. What a lazy picture this is.

I got most of the vegetables from Mati's Laksa and put a big dollop of the Spicy Sambal sauce. SARAPPPP!

THE YAPPY BUNCH with Ate Jit and Anthony!

Oops! My Ate caught me giving her the bunny ears. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Hindi ako yun!!!!!!!!!!!

We were all finished eating. But Andrei still had food on his plate. He was blaming me for his slowness because I gave him a lot of food daw.

Ahhh FINISHED!!!!!!!!!

The WEE NAM KEE bill!!!!!

photo from the internet

What a super fun family Valentimes date with the boys and two lovebirds. I don't know about you, but THE LEGO BATMAN is a perfect date movie too. 

(In a gravel voice) Everything is awesome.

Wait... That's another Lego movie ata. He he he he he!

Ground Floor, Promenade, 
Greenhills Shopping Centre, 
Greenhills, San Juan City
+63 9177008765 / 02 5318191

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