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Many times I've seen LE PETIT SOUFFLE invade my Facebook and Instagram feed with its mouth-watering pictures of their dishes. And many times, I would mentally schedule dinner there with the Chinese Dimpol. Good thing that for my birthday season, my mareng Gail asked me where I wanted to go for her dinner treat. Without batting an eyelash (but with pa-cute efforts), I immediately chose LE PETIT SOUFFLE because well, the timing was JUUUUUST right.

YAY! I was able to discover what those picture-perfect Facebook and IG posts were all about. And yep, it was SO perfect for my birthday dinner date with Team Campo!


LE PETIT SOUFFLE is located at the second floor of SM Megamall's Fashion Hall. You'd never miss the sign with the bright canary yellow colors!

LE PETIT SOUFFLE serves up French-Japanese fusion food that's visually fashionable as it is sumptuous. 

The vibe of the restaurant was like a cafe in "A Midsummer Night's Dream". I'm loving the yellow accents here and there.


Pareng Jun and Mareng Gail!

Arya and the Hound!

Still re-watching GAME OF THRONES and I swear, it's THE BEST SERIES EVER!!!!!!!!!!

Team Campo has been treating me for my BOITHDAY (and vise versa) even before our kiddies were born. It's a tradition that will last until we're grandmothers.

By that time, oatmeal na ang nililibre namin sa isa't isa! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Ordering up!


Menu 1...

Menu 2...

Menu 3...

Menu 4...

Menu 5...

Menu 6...

Menu 7...

Menu 8!!!

Since I'm nearing my Senior Citizenship (he he he he he) I know that I should start eating healthy. With that, veggies are ALWAYS in order when I eat out. As per our server's recommendation, we got the LE PETIT SOUFFLE Sesame Crusted Tuna Salad (P345.00)!

Fresh Tuna on a bed of greens and veggies. This will certainly be one refreshing starter!

The salad went so well with the Sesame Mayo dressing adding a creamy nuttiness to every crunchy bite. I swear, I could have just this and be a happy diner!

Mareng Gail for the LE PETIT SOUFFLE Squid Ink Rice (P395.00)!

Fluffy and creamy egg with blanched plump seafood. If you're already happy with the topping, you'll savor the rich squid ink paella under it. 

Add a spritz of the citrusy lemon or have the Tuna Salad on the side to cut the heartiness of this dish. Either way, this is definitely a must order in LE PETIT SOUFFLE!

I often see foodies rave about LE PETIT'S Carbonara Souffle (P355.00) so I just HAD to order this bestseller.

I was wowed with how they served this kiddie favorite especially with the fluffy egg souffle. I certainly took my time in mixing it because it just looked so darn beautiful!!

Pareng Jun was in the mood for meat and got the LE PETIT SOUFFLE Pork Bourguignon (P455.00) to share.

Tender chops of pork stewed with carrots, bacon, mushrooms, and egg over Japanese rice. Carnivores would surely enjoy this!


ERICJAZ FOODIES with Team Campo for my birthday treat! YAY!

Finally, I had the courage to mix up my carbonara!

The chewy fettuccine certainly held up its own with the gooeyness of the heavy cream, cheese, and egg of the carbonara. Like the paella, this dish is so rich that it is best paired with a light salad!

Galit muna!

My plate! My carb-laden-plate-but-I-don't-care-because-it's-my-BOITHDAY plate!

If you're wondering about the Chinese Dimpol, he got the Cheese Souffle Pancake (P200.00) for his dinner.

Yes because dessert could be a meal in itself too! He he he he he he!

Kidding! He shared from us also.

Would you believe that I wasn't able to try this??? My loving husband forgot to offer!! Grrrrr!!!! Oh well. I'm sure that based on the pic, this is YUM!!!

And after a few forkfuls, it's time to chat up a storm again like what we would always do!

Aba... pati si Chinese Dimpol feel na feel ang kwento!

And in no time....


Mareng Gail's bill!!!

Thanks my for birthday treat mare and wow, may gift pa! My birthdays are certainly MORE fun with our yearly tradition!

Love yewness!!!!

Second Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, 
SM Megamall, Ortigas, 
Mandaluyong City
02 9446541


Would you guys believe that even if we got so full from LE PETIT SOUFFLE, we had dessert of coffee, waffles, AND chicken wings pa???

Syempre we cannot just let the night go without MORE chika and coffee....

But the chicken wings are a welcome addition to it. It's our take on the popular Chicken and Waffles. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Frankie's Wings are Team Campo's new favorite in SM Megamall and they urged us to try it. The wings were so "crispyeffinlicious!"


I looooove desserts like these! He he he he he he!

And as usual, our chatter lasted on until we closed the mall that night -- the "tanders" are all past their bed times! Ha ha ha ha ha! 

Yayyy! Thanks again mareng Gail and pareng Jun!!! Growing old is always MORE fun with you guys around (especially that you're older than me....)


Mwah! Mwah! Tsup tsupness!

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