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Friday, June 2, 2017


It's my brother's birthday one Saturday and my family all converged to Powerplant Mall for dinner. Although I was a bit sad that it was not in our favorite KIMPURA (food does that to me), I was (a bit) fine with the birthday celebrant's choice for that night....


My only concern then is that if our group was going to fit the restaurant since our number requires a long table. But TUAN TUAN was able to accommodate us juuuuuust fine!


Ate Jojit, Daddyowzers, Andrei and his weird smile, Mommy!!!

Karen and the birthday celebrant, Kuya Jay, also doing a weird face.

Funny Rocio and Kuya Jon!!!!

Kuya Jon, Anthony, Ate Jowjits, and Master Mati!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Lady Brienne of Tarth and Podrick!

Yup! I'm rewatching the series.

First up is an order of iced tea for those who are famished. He he he he he!

My brother ordered the TUAN TUAN Pan Fried White Turnip in XOXO Sauce (P220.00)!

I'm not a big fan of turnips so I let the grown-ups have this. He he he he he he! They said it was good so, YAY!

TUAN TUAN Pan Fried Halibut Belly with Soy Sauce (P388.00)!

This is a must order because every soft morsel of the fatty fish is packed with soy flavor. Very yummers withg rice!!! Just be careful of some stray bones though.

TUAN TUAN Honey Garlic Spare Ribs (P298.00) were perfect with fluffy white rice!

Perhaps a new favorite for my YAPPY BUNCH is the TUAN TUAN Honey Garlic Chicken Wings (P248.00)!

My bunsoy Andrei loved it!!! He zoinked almost all of the pieces in front of him and ate with gusto. And for a picky eater like my Andrei, THAT rarely happens!!!!

We also had the TUAN TUAN Solo Laksa Set (P498.00) which comes with Deep Fried Fish Fillet and Iced Tea!

Mati and I love Laksa and Laksa loves us!!!!!

The deep fried fish fillet went well with the creamy and rich broth of the Laksa!

I apologize for the crappy picture because my family doesn't like it when I take pictures of the food. So I have to zoink my way through it. He he he he he!!!

Here's an order of the TUAN TUAN Solo Original Fish Soup with Sliced Beef Brisket!

The other peeps liked this but I was more for the Laksa!!!!

Of course, when in TUAN TUAN, though shalt not forget to order their Snowy Buns!!! We loved the Pork so much (P128.00) that we immediately ordered extra for take-out!!!

Somebody ordered TUAN TUAN Minced Duck Snow Buns (P188.00). It was good but not really a favorite like the pork variety. Wawa tuloy magisa lang siya. Nobody wanted to get the last piece.


Si Kuya Jay.

Ay okay. Go Snow Duck Buns! He he he he he he!!!!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with my family celebrating Kuya Jay's birthday at TUAN TUAN!!!!

This was Andrei at the start of dinner and taking a dainty bite of his Honey Garlic Chicken Wings.

Here he is after zoinking everyone's share. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

As long as he's eating, we're happy!

My plate!!!!!!!!!!!! My still-full-from-my-BINONDO-TRIP-plate!!!!

We're not a family of heavy eaters anymore. Would you guys believe that even if we loved the food, there were still leftovers? Haaaaay.... 

The Chinese Dimpol only had pork buns since he was still full from our morning BINONDO date. I don't blame him because if you ARE going to eat at TUAN TUAN, you should ALWAYS have this savory babies!

My Mommy was happy seeing Andrei gobble up his food that she gave him her share too!!!

The TUAN TUAN bill!!!!

This was supposed to be Kuya Jay's treat but Daddy intervened the payment.

Yay! Daddy rules!!!!

Let's order more!

After dinner, Kuya Jay's family, Ate Jojit, Anthony, the Chinese D and I stayed behind because we're going to watch

JOHN WICK 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes. It's going to be in all caps because it's THAT awesome!!!!

Too bad Mati cannot join us since it's R-16. He was contemplating on making his voice go lower but I doubt if it'll work.

Kuya Jay treated us for coffee and dessert at PRESS.

Awwww!!! This also looks like the lady on the picture in the TUAN TUAN!!!

Even if I already had coffee, I passed by my favorite STARBUCKS Kiosk near the movie house to get my movie drink. I love the baristas at this branch, namely Rein and Devon, because they're always soooo friendly and they already know my order. Hope STARBUCKS give them credit awards or something because they always give the extra mile and are genuinely nice to everyone. I often see them chatting with their other customers like they're old friends. They're very fast too with their coffee so nobody gets late when they're gonna catch a movie.

One more reason to love them is that even if it was already February, they still made me my favorite Christmas drink Toffee Nut Latte. Yay!!!! You guys rock!!!!

See you next Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now it's time to watch Keanu Reeves and his 128 dead co-stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wasn't able to give Kuya Jay a birthday present and he was fine with it. He said my gift could just be the John Wick tickets for his family. Hearing this, Ate Jojit complained "That's my gift na lang since it's cheaper!!!"

Tee Hee!


Forgetfulness has its usefulness!!!!


(Belated) Happy Birthday Kuya Jay!

Third Floor, Power Plant Mall, 
Rockwell, Makati City
+63 9064332196

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