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Sunday, January 12, 2014


Sometime last year (try to guess when based on the length of my broomstick hair) my 2 gorgeous friends met up with little ol' me for a night of gabbin' and grubbin. My kumareng Gail and I, both very "practical" (read: stingy/"kuripot") wanted to eat somewhere where the food was good but prices cheap.

So I suggested in my alluring bedroom voice "Why not WEE NAM KEE?"

She agreed wholeheartedly (not because of my "alluring bedroom voice" which actually sounded more like Minnie Mouse's squeak) but she has read and heard about the delicious legend of WEE NAM KEE and was raring to try it. So there we went on a beautiful Friday night and we're so happy to have an awesome time helping ourselves to scrumptious Singaporean food with non-stop laughter on the side.

DUH and it's not because of my voice!


WEE NAM KEE is really more of a hawker street food kind of restaurant in Singapore but I'm glad that they tweaked their interiors here to be more comfortable to diners. 

Pareng Jun, Mareng Gail, and Mareng Ann!

Me and the Chinese Adonis! He he he he! Like my hair?

We got to WEE NAM KEE a bit late so Gail and hub went ahead and ate already. As for us, IT'S TIME TO ORDER!

WEE NAM KEE meynuh!

You go to WEE NAM KEE for the Hainanese Chicken! You should NEVER miss ordering their specialty!

WEE NAM KEE meynuh 2!

They were about 10 minutes to closing and I know the usual horrors of how restaurants could be mean to "last minute" diners. Still, WEE NAM KEE waiters at Shangrila Mall were still very gracious and accommodating that they almost insisted we eat there!

Unlike other Singaporean restaurants which serves Hainanese Chicken, WEE NAM KEE has an abundance of their triad of sauces on the table that you could help yourself with as much as you like.

WEE NAM KEE's Hainanese Chicken is already very flavorful but you could also make it MORE exciting with their chili sauce, ginger oil, and hoisin!

Why hello there WEE NAM KEE Chicken (Quarter P248.00)! I'll be eating you till your bones get dry!

You have a choice to have it steamed, roasted, or a combination of the 2. My hungry husband requested to have the roasted one without my knowledge (I preferred it steamed). When I asked him about it he reasoned that I was busy talking to the two that he just ordered what he liked. 

Sneaky. Sneaky.

Of course, you cannot eat WEE NAM KEE's Hainanese Chicken without their rice!

I was in the mood for some Singaporean Chili crab so I just ordered the next best thing in WEE NAM KEE.... Their stir fried clams with spicy sauce (P280.00)!

Oh this was SOOO delicious! Imagine your favorite thick sauce in Singaporean chili crabs -- this was DEFINITELY it!

Come to me!


My plate! My beautiful WEE NAM KEE plate!

I love everything about it!

Even the cucumbers!

Oh I will be sucking you senseless later!

Excuse me. I was not talking to you, you pervert.


Our simple but VERY satisfying spread at WEE NAM KEE.

While we ate, the Campo's canoodled.

That's what we get for arriving late... A "sweet" show.

Such a great night!!! My husband can't stop eating while I also went on talking!

My second plate of WEE NAM KEE food!

Like I said, me and my kumares can't stop talking...

... and talking...

Until the food was all gone!

Clam carcasses! Tee hee!

Sorry for the blurry receipt pic! I guess my hands shook from all that food. Ha ha ha ha!

Very cheap right? And we were full beyond words!

And if you have been following my silly little foodie blog, you would know how my lady friends and I are SO addicted with taking pictures. 

Don't worry we won't show that here.

But here's a bit when we went around the new wing at Shangrila mall. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

I apologize for my hair. 

Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice
Shangri-la Plaza Mall
Shangri-la Plaza Mall, East Wing, Shaw Blvd cor EDSA
Wack Wack, Mandaluyong

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