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MARCO POLO HOTEL is celebrating the bold flavors of Italy with FESTA ITALIANA! From June 7 to 18, 2017, feast on the mouth-watering dishes prepared by award-winning guest chef Andrea Delzanno from Marco Polo Hong Kong.

And that's what we just did!!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES were able to indulge and savor these delectable Italian favorites served for a limited time in CUCINA. We felt so happy that we almost posted a selfie with the caption #blessed (inangku) because Chef Delzanno's creations were all molto delizioso. Not only that, we also got to satisfy our cravings with CUCINA'S buffet spread.

Check out our fun night with MARCO POLO's Italian feast plus MORE below!!!  


ERICJAZ FOODIES are with our KTG mates The Food Alphabet and Frannywanny!!!!

He he he he he! Somebody agreed to dress alike!

Chef Andrea Delzanno shared a few words of what inspired him to come up with these bold dishes for FESTA ITALIANNA. Beside him is MARCO POLO MANILA General Manager, Mr. Frank Reichenbach!

And now let's begin!

CUCINA appetizer station.

For the FESTA ITALIANA, CUCINA is serving some Mixed Seafood Salad with Lemon Dressing!

I'm sure you'll agree that these are not your ordinary seafood selection.

The shrimps, Squid, and Octopus were sweet and was complemented by the refreshing tartness of the lemon. 

Another light appetizer is the CUCINA Melon wrapped with Parma Ham. The subtle saltiness of the cured meat worked well with the sweetness of the fruit. 

The CUCINA Tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella Caprese is another refreshing starter that will go well with your white wine.

Now for the main dishes!!!

CUCINA Braised Chicken Cacciatora Style!

This colorful pot of tender chicken simmering in a thick gravy with plump tomatoes, olives, and basil is just so wonderful to stare at.

I'm thinking if it's best to have it with rice... or with bread... Or BOTH?!

Another FESTA ITALIANA main dish is the Garoupa with Tomato Sauce, Olives, and Potatoes!

The flaky and moist fish was broiled in the thick red stew. As a result, you'll enjoy the robust and fullness of the sauce with the light and tender meat.

CUCINA Deep Fried Seafood with Aioli Dip!

Crunchy and appetizing especially with the creamy dip!

I love noodles (or all carbs for that matter) so I went straight to the pasta station and ordered a Vongole Spaghetti to be cooked up and delivered to our table.

Because why wouldn't you? This looked absolutely simple BUT glorious!!!!

I think I've mentioned before that my least favorite food is Pizza. I don't know why I'm such a weirdo with that. 

But when I eyed a piping hot pizza with the cheese all gooey and smoking, I immediately got a slice. A girl could still change her mind after all. 

I'm not overly fond of lamb but to have it slow roasted with garlic and vegetables made me get a fatty slice.

Because I cannot help it especially if I eye something big and juicy.

Oh and perfectly pink in the middle. That's my deal maker in going politically incorrect I'm sure.

I recently saw Ratatouille by Disney that's why even if this was not included in the special menu, I just had to have a taste of it.

It may not be cooked the same way Remy the Rat did but it had cheese so I'm sold!!!!


I BET my tummy would be big as this after our dinner. 

I went back to my table so excited! I'm going to indulge in my favorites!

It was awesome that FRANNYWANNY and her hub are back in the Philippines for good. Yay!!! Hope to see a lot of them in the future!

The Chinese Community of KTG (he he he he) going Italian at CUCINA!!!!!

We may be here for the Italian food but sorry when I see sushi and sashimi, I just HAVE to have it. And since we're in CUCINA, I would be crazy not to because their seafood is always fresh!

My plate!!! My FESTA ITALIANA plate!!!!

Everything you see here is just effin delicious!

My Vongole pasta!!!!

It was not as spicy as I hoped it would be but it was still oh so good!!!

Before digging in to my plate of entrees, I focused my attention first to the bowl of Traditional Tomato Soup with Garlic Bread and Parmigiana!

Again, I'm not overly fond of Tomato Soup because personally it feels like I'm just sipping on catsup.

But HELLO!!! The one that they have in CUCINA was thick and had the hallelujah flavors of roasted sweet tomatoes. Add to that a sliver of pesto oils and a dollop of cheese, and yowza! My new best friend before my battle with food. He he he he he he he! Yup! So comforting AND enlightening at the same time!!!!

Tasting plates of FESTA ITALIANA'S Mushroom Risotto was also served and I just had to get a taste because it wouldn't be a "carbohydate-high" if I didn't.

You might get turned off with the appearance, but this was also mighty yum! Besides having that hint of truffle flavor, the overall earthy taste of mushrooms blended so well with the herbs and cheese. 

Egad... I'm so tempted to finish this ALSO!

Since I've been stuffing myself crazy with carbs, I'm going to balance off everything with this cut of Roast Beef!


I didn't thought I could still manage but yes, it's time for dessert.

And Chef's specialty for the night is an amped up version of Tiramisu!

I think I'd look at the chic design of my Tiramisu first before diving in.

I'll just keep myself company with these two.

The desserts were so perfect with my foamy cappuccino!

Our FESTA ITALIANA was more fun because of my mares!

It doesn't hurt too that we have these pogi guys as our dates. Ha ha ha ha ha!

What a great night with my KTG mates and have a truly bold Italian food experience with FESTA ITALIANA!! Thank you so much Ms. Judith and MARCO POLO HOTEL for having us! 

Just the thought of what we had earlier makes my mouth water. It would be grand to have it again and again until June 18, 2017!!!

Make your reservations ASAP if you're craving for that delectable Italian meal. 


From June 7 to 18, 2017!!!

Monday to Friday
Lunch P1,500.00 Dinner P1,800.00

Lunch P1,500.00 Dinner P2,650.00

Lunch P2,650 Dinner P1,800.00

 Meralco Ave, San Antonio, Pasig, 
1600 Metro Manila
(02) 720 7777

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