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Thursday, June 22, 2017


Another delicious treat that I received for my 42nd BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS was from my dear Best Gal Pal Mariane in our favorite, THE METRO CLUB in Rockwell, Makati City. Although I have to admit, the conversation went on like this...

Me: "BGP, treat me naman in Metro Club for my birthday o!"

BGP Mariane : "Okay!!! :)"

Tee Hee!!!!

That's the thing about having best friends: you could just blurt out whatever you're feeling (and wishing) without fear of being embarrassed or judged. Because you have already seen each other's best and worst.

And trust me, there are far more worst things that my BGP Mariane caught me doing rather than a mere (and cute) "Treat me!" He he he he he he!

Oh and it's my BOITHDAY anyway! So there.

Yep! She has seen my "brattiness" also.

He he he he he!  

ERICJAZ FOODIES with bunsoy Andrei and Team Mina at METRO CLUB!!!!

It was very late when we arrived in METRO CLUB so it's a good thing that their cafe was open till 11:00pm. 

You might remember METRO CLUB from some of our past suprise events like "Ate Jojit's Bridal Shower", and "Mati's Birthday Party".

I swear, this place was just so convenient and served delicious food. What's not to like????

It's open till late pa kaya FERPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!


Manong Fred and BGP Mariane!

Best Guy Pals Pao Pao and Andrei!

Here, BGP Marian told Pao Pao not do the wacky.

To which Andrei decided it was his turn naman. 

Brienne of Tarth and Tormund the wildling!

Yep! STILL re-watching GAME OF THRONES! He he he he he!


Food is HERE!!!

I told BGP Mariane that I'll order everything in sight and I almost did. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I got the METRO CLUB Tekka Maki (P150.00) since I always have the need to have sushi in my system.

Even if this was not a Japanese resto, METRO CLUB whips up a great Tekka Maki!

Yummmm.... This is ALL mine!

My bunsoy Andrei got the METRO CLUB Carbonara (P165.00)!

Yup! As long as it's cheesy and creamy, Andrei would get it. Carbonara is his default order ALWAYS!

Pao Pao and Andrei were crazy for fries and each got a plate of it (P95.00). This was gone in no time!

For my main dinner I got the METRO CLUB Steak (P450.00) because this was what we had the first time we ate here.

I'm surfin' and turfin!!!!

I asked the Chinese Dimpol to take a picture of me and Manong Fred made this Mr. Pogi sign.

Me:  "Grrrr! Manong Fred! I want to have a picture with all of the food!"

Fred: "Okay fine."

And then he did THIS!

Hay BGP Mariane. Ang dami naman nanligaw sa yo bakit itong si Manong Fred pa sinagot mo. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!


METRO CLUB Cheese and Garlic Pizza (P225.00)!

Team Mina already ate (since we arrived so late sorry!) but the Chinese Dimpol still offered to share this big pizza with them.

We loved the pizza because it had that tomato sauce that was sweet and Filipino friendly. There was a lot of gooey cheese and the garlic just complemented every creamy and tangy bite!

Yehesssss! We likey!

BGP Mariane recommended the Pineapple Shake (P55.00) so the Chinese Dimpol tried it.

Yup! It was SOOOO fruity and refreshing!

Yohooo! LET'S EAT!!!


BGP Mariane asked Manong Fred to arrange a birthday cake and song for me to which he strongly said NO!!! 

Tapos while everybody was doing the 32 sign, he did the 42!!! :(


While Andrei did the 40 sign.


Mag-Ninong nga kayo!


When we had dinner last February, there was a controversy when President Trump put catsup on his steak.

Now I always want my steak medium  rare and I usually have it with just salt (if it's an expensive cut), but if the President wants catsup on his steak, he could have catsup on his steak! Malay nyo naman it's what he enjoyed when he was a kid? (#don'tjudge)

So I did the same too!

He he he he he he!

And in no time...

BURP! That was soooooo good!


Ooops! I spy a pizza pie. 


For dessert, we got some Blueberry Cheesecake!

I loved how the Blueberry Cheesecake had the right richness to it. Every spoonful was just luscious and not cloying at all!

So perfect with coffee!

Even my bunsoy loved it!!!!!

Even if Manong Fred didn't want to arrange a birthday song for me, I was still all smiles being so surrounded by L-O-V-E for this birthday dinner. There may be no writings but the Blueberry Cheesecake was a perfect token that night. Even my Ninang, BGP Mariane's mom, joined us via Skype!!! I thanked her for the great dinner.

Oh! I also shared the same birthday with Rose, BGP Mariane's angel for Pao Pao. Kaya naman pala mabait e!!!!!


Thank you soooo much BGP Mariane, Tito, Ninang, and Manong Fred (fine) for my Birthday dinner treat at METRO CLUB!!! We all had a SUPERKADUPER fun time!!!!!!!!


Guadalupe Viejo, 
Makati, Metro Manila
(02) 890 5997

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