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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


F1 HOTEL MANILA, the Kain Tulog Gang's home away from home, invited THE YAPPY BUNCH to stay for the weekend.

And hey, it's not just any other weekend...

It's the LUZVIMINDA celebration in F1 HOTEL!!!!

LUZVIMINDA is the 5th gastronomical series in F1 HOTEL MANILA highlighting Filipino cuisine. This may be in line with the Independence Day but this delicious event will go for the whole month of June.

And ERICJAZ FOODIES will be here the whole weekend to savor it with another super fun staycation with it!!!!! 

And we're back at F1 HOTEL MANILA!!!!!!

We had a very fast check-in in the Premiere Lounge of F1 HOTEL MANILA.

There, we had our early morning snacks of pastries with juice and coffee!

Snacks for some, breakfast for me. He he he he!

Afterwards it's time for us to go up!

When we got to the room, the living room was already set up for the little lords!

They're always thrilled to get a corner of their own!

The Yub and I would be relaxing in this bed!

What a beautiful sight after a tiring work week.

F1 HOTEL MANILA does not give ordinary welcome fruits -- they always treat us to luscious desserts! And since it's the LUZVIMINDA weekend, we got a plate of  Filipino specials like buttery ensaymada, polvoron, and sinukmani!!

After a short rest, we all proceeded to F1 ALL DAY DINING!

It's time for the LUZVIMINDA buffet!

F1 ALL DAY DINING welcomes three chefs to take charge of cooking up mind-blowing Filipino dishes that covers the archipelago. 

(l-r) Chef Mike Zaguirre will serve us Luzon, Chef Dennis Uy will take care of Visayas, while Chef Kalel Chan will be cooking up for Mindanao!

We were all so excited to eat!!!

Now let me share with you our favorites....


FROM LUZON (Chef Zaguirre)!!!!

Lumpia Kapampangan Sisig!

Crispy Pata Roulade!!!

I'm sure I don't need to go into details why this dish will make your eyes (and tastebuds) pop!

Balaw Balaw or Nilatik na Hipon!!

What we got here are finely chopped shrimps that are fried up with coconut shavings and milk. It was seasoned so well that mixing it up with steamed rice is already a delightful meal in itself!

My ultimate favorite comes from Chef  Mikel with his Adobong Short Ribs sa Gata! 

It may sound simple but this was DA ULTIMATE HOTDIGGITY BOWMB!!!


I was about to spoon some of it on my plate when the chef recommended that I put it on a bowl so that I could really enjoy the tender meat with the rich gravy -- sorta like a very hearty stew. And he was right. I was in heaven spoonful after spoonful. This was my top dish that blew my big forehead away. I certainly hope that chef decides to sell this soon because I know I would still be craving for it after June 30.



FROM VISAYAS (Chef Dennis Uy)!!!!


Humba Cebuano!

Cochinillo De Cebu!

Inangkupooo!!!! I heard a lot of raves from this juicy and crunchy pig. So this lechon better steer clear from me otherwise buto ka na lang agad!



 FROM MINDANAO (Chef Kalel Chan)!!!

Sinuglaw / Ceviche with Palapa!

This was supposed to be an appetizer but I ate it with rice. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Bihod Pate with Botarga!

Grilled Bagaybay on Oysters!


Oops... Tagalog nga pala dapat...


One of my top favorites is the Bulalo Tiyula Itum!

You got the broth that was cooked Tinola style but with the addition of blood to make it richer. Then, if that wasn't "deadly" enough, you got fatty bones with bone marrow. 


Ginataang Curacha sa Aligue!!!

My hands were so messy from this but they're not complaining.

Rib Eye Rendang!!

Meat was perfectly pink and roasted oh so tender. The Rendang sauce gave it that extra ooomph prompting you for another helping. 


Of course, F1 HOTEL MANILA Executive Chef Mr. Decker Gokioco was there for F1 ALL DAY DINING'S usual best sellers. 

But that doesn't mean he wouldn't come up with something ingenious too!

Phyllo-wrapped Salmon with Itlog na Maalat and Lato Tempura!!!

Moist and juicy salmon meat complemented by the creamy salty of the egg!

Another superb creation by dear Chef Decker!

And now let's eat!!!!

My bunsoy Andrei was wowed by the ginormous tuna!

My little lords were so ready to experience LUZVIMINDA!

Yummm! Baked Oysters!

I ordered another batch and just had it fried up with butter and garlic. 

My plate!!! My LUZVIMINDA plate!

I cannot have any meal without salad. He he he he he!

The Bulalo Tiyula Itum!

Auuuugh! Extra rice please!!!!

I'm loving the nationalistic getup of F1's servers!

Now it's time for some coffee and dessert!

As usual, baby Andrei headed for the Taho!

Lunch should be short but it certainly went on and on and on as I chatted with the lovely Frannywanny... Between Bites... and Mrs. Food Alphabet!

At the same time, the cutie kiddies didn't mind that we were taking long because they were doing their own thing as well.

What a delicious lunch buffet for LUZVIMINDA!!! Seriously, one of the best I've had from F1 HOTEL MANILA!!!!

To be honest, I was only expecting a few dishes to highlight the Filipino theme of the F1 ALL DAY DINING. But I was surprised that Chef Mikel, Chef Dennis, Chef Kalel, and Chef Decker made it a point to have a unique Filipino spin on almost all of the dishes served in the long buffet line that day. My KTG mates and I were all almost groaning and oohing throughout lunch because we really enjoyed the gastronomical offerings of LUZVIMINDA!!! It's really something you should try out because you owe it to your Filipino selves not to be deprived of such ingenious nationalistic creations.

He he he he he!!!

Make your reservations ASAP as this LUZVIMINDA buffet will only be up to June 30, 2017.

Lunch and Dinner are both priced at P1,699 nett per person.

Mabuhay ang LUZVIMINDA buffet! MABUHAAAAAY!!!

He he he he he he! 

More of our super fun LUZVIMINDA staycation with THE KTG soon!!!!!!

32nd St, Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila
+632 928 9888 / +632 908 7888

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