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Tuesday, April 18, 2017


One Friday in February, my friends from the "Quezon City Chapter" got together to feast on Chinese food at what, they would claim, to be my very early birthday celebration. When asked for a venue I decided to  name out the restaurant where our office mates would always order take-out from whenever we're craving for some Chinese food!

And that's in SHANGRI-LA restaurant in West Triangle. Quezon City!!!!

It will actually be my first time to eat in the restaurant at SHANGRI-LA after just ordering their food for take-out for many, many years!

SHANGRI-LA has been around for decades and besides being popular with walk-in diners, they also have many function rooms for events. 

Inside SHANGRI-LA you get that old Chinese era vibe especially with the used of their lucky color -- red!

Enter the dragon!

Oooh! Peking Duck AND Chicken!

And another staple in Chinese restaurants -- live seafood in aquariums!!!!

SHANGRI-LA boasts of many celebrity customers. But I guess they're most proud of their visit from the Pope that they even saved the utensils he used!


And rightfully so!

The Chinese Dimpol and I were there after work and the place was still empty. Come 9:00pm it suddenly became jampacked! I don't know why their peak hours are at this time.

As soon as we sat down, we were served with SHANGRI-LA complimentary peanuts and house tea!

My friends were near na so I just ordered for everyone.

And everyone's here!!!!!

The little lords was supposed to go with us but they joined their Lolo and Lola instead. It's good na din because Chinese Dimpol was coming from Bulacan that day. We just told them that we have a surprise when we go home so they should wait up!!!


Pareng Jonahs and Johans!

If you're wondering what our surprise was, we took home Johans with us for an impromptu sleepover!!!! 

The boys got so excited and proceeded to play with each other non-stop!

Best friends Dani and Tiana!

BP Group Quezon City Chapter -- Chel and Ann!!!

And of course, THE BLUE MAN GROUP!

I swear, we didn't talk about having matching outfits!

First on the table were 3 orders of my favorite Century Egg (P150.00). I used to only eat these with congee but now, I mix it with rice, I mix it with dimsum, heck, I even eat it by its lonesome.

The richness and the earthiness per bite is just so worth the eggy calories! He he he he he!

When we have SHANGRI-LA take out at the office, we always have their Asparagus with Garlic!

These are always so satisfying especially with the oils and crunchy asparagus that's loaded with garlic!

SHANGRI-LA Beef with Oyster Sauce with Brocolli (P540.00)!

One of my Chinese food must haves!

SHANGRI-LA Chicken (medium P320.00)!

This was popular both for kids and adults!!!

SHANGRI-LA Pork Spare Ribs with Garlic and Peppers (P480.00)! Crispy with juicy meat inside. So flavorful and perfect with the rice!

SHANGRI-LA Shrimp Balls (P480.00) served on a special nest!

Our hosts love this and this won my Andrei's heart too! Will definitely order this for him next time!

SHANGRI-LA Sweet and Sour Fish (P480.00)!

Like what my Dad would always do, we had the sauce separated so that the fried fish would maintain its crispness!

SHANGRI-LA Pancit Canton Shangrila style (P390.00)!

So saucy and full of fresh seafoods and veggies!

When there's a birthday, you should always have noodles for long life!

SHANGRI-LA Yang Chow Fried Rice (P60.00 per cup!)

You could never go wrong with fried rice in Chinese Restaurants!

Our super mouth watering Chinese grub at SHANGRI-LA Chinese restaurant!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with Team Virrey and Team Quitoriano!!!

Before diving in, pareng Jonahs offered a prayer of thanks and prayed for me as well.


Galit, galit muna!

My plate!!! My small but happy plate!!!

Almost there....

The little dalagitas were doing a "Fear Factor" challenge and tried out the Century Egg.

It's so good! Trust us!

BURP! We're done! 

We may have a lot of leftovers but that's because the food was just too much!!! This was our delicious lunch the next day! He he he he he he!

The SHANGRI-LA bill!

We were all heaving and puffing from all the delicious grub that we pigged on that night! It's great my friends we're able to join us for a lot of Chinese food and declared it my early birthday celebration!



4 Times Street, 
\West Triangle, Quezon City
02 3739888 / 02 3739889


  1. Happy Birthday Ms. Jaz! Sorry, medyo busy lang ako kaya ngayon lang ako nakapag comment pero lagi pa din ako nagbabasa ng blog mo hehehe... ^o^

    Happy birthday po ulit!

    Panalo talaga ang Shangri-la kasi wala silang service charge plus good food! Nakakagutom tuloy hihihi.

    1. Hiya dear Christine!!!!!! It's okay (I know you're busy) pero syempre I got excited when I saw you have a comment! Yayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't worry magsasawa ka sa birthday specials ko. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I haven't posted it yet but I already did it all. Coming soon!

      Mismo!!!! Bukod sa super sarap yung food nila, service is still fast (even if they don't have sc). Love their food!!!!!!

      Mwah mwah! Thaanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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