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MARCO POLO HOTEL, recently awarded 5 Stars by Forbes Travel Guide, certainly knows how to make things better ALL the time! Take for instance their popular buffet in CUCINA restaurant, they have added new dishes that would surely get your mouth watering to indulge in something VERY tasty!


Surrender yourself to CUCINA' s TASTY INDULGENCE!!!!

My family was celebrating my birthday week and we're excited for this treat from MARCO POLO HOTEL!

We're here to try out their newest sumptuous dishes in their popular buffet.

After settling in our seats, we got all got ready to fill our plates and INDULGE!!!

I immediately checked out their new dishes in the menu!

CUCINA' Braised Beef Roulade stuffed with Cream Cheese, Shrimp, Fishl and Shellfish meat!

I'm sure I don't need to describe how rich and hearty this stew is. The thick and flavorful gravy may speak for itself especially with the tender meat!

Boneless Pork Knuckle stuffed with Foie Gras and served with Pineapple Salsa!

This is one ingenuous combination that I'm wondering why it took so long to be created. Imagine, 2 favorites all rolled into one? 

Yep! The pun there was SO intended.

Woah! Look at that creamy foie gras!

Last one is the Surf and Turf Blanket of Salmon, Minced Beef, and Sun-dried Tomato!

I feel that this is similar to the classic Beef Wellington but with a lighter and more refreshing take to it.

Now I'm so excited to sink my teeth into these dishes later!

For dinner that night, we were also with other foodies that made the night more fun!

(YES! Andrei and Mati have their own blogs now namely THE YAPPY FACTS and THE GAMING LOGIC! Do check them out please! Please! Their posts are not about food and are really interesting to read!!! THE YAPPY FACTS are Andrei's list/trivias of anything he fancies at the moment. Right now it's BEATLES and ZOOTOPIA. As for THE GAMING LOGIC, it's Mati's reviews on games, books, and movies!! Read their fun stuff when you can!).

YIHIII! It's the FOOD ALPHABET family!

It was great to see dear Pepe and Mareng Joan there, who just came from the salon kaya ANG GANDA NG HUUURRRR!

Of course, besides the new featured dishes, THE YAPPY BUNCH went around CUCINA buffet to feast on their delicious dishes!

Little Andrei had achy tooth but still managed to have 2 plates of his favorite Salmon Sashimi!

I know who'd go for this!

My foodie MATI!

Yummm... Salads in a bottle!

I'm glad that CUCINA serves up their Tuna Sashimi sliced and on a wooden platter. When I see other hotel buffets have the actual carcass of Tuna on the buffet table, it really turns me off. I don't know about you but somehow when it comes to meats, I don't want to see where it's coming from (especially that I'll be eating it raw).

I'll make an exception for shell fish though!

Because there's nothing more satisfying that digging for the soft and juicy meat of crabs, shrimps, and mussels!!

Master Mati loves seafood the same way as I do and he wasted no time in filling up his plate with mussels and having it grilled with butter!

Yup! A good taste that boy has!

In their breads and cheese station, I got attracted with their cured meats!

But cheeses are my heart's desire!

Ooh! Ooh! And Salmon!!!!

When you're in CUCINA, don't forget to get a big serving of their Seafood Paella!

The chewy rice really sucked in the intense and rich flavors of their seafood broth. What I loved more about how they cooked their Paella is that there was an abundance of socarrat at the bottom of the pan!

Ooh! Cheesy and gooey pizza!

I have a lot of favorite cuisines but when I see Indian in a buffet, I would always try it out too.

The Dal Makani reminded me of American Chili but with more exotic seasonings. This was uber spicy so it paired so well with their cucumber with yoghurt!

Andrei was in the mood for some Grilled Fish and placed an order with the chef. Sadly this never arrived even if we already made about 2 follow-ups. I guess CUCINA would have to develop a system for a more fuss-free and fast way of cooking up the raw meatsl. Mati also ordered up some Squid and Mussels which took a loooong time to be served. Good thing the grilled foods tasted oh-so-good that it was worth the wait! He he he he he!

I did not fret so much over the lost fish because I was too busy ogling at thing shiny thing of beauty.

Thick... Fatty... Juicy... So pink on the inside. ME. WANT. NOW.

I just realized that when it comes to desserts, I'm NEVER a fruit person. (Save of course for ripe mangoes... yum!). I would always go for something cakey and chocolatey! He he he he he he!

Tonight, I'm feeling this Chocolate Fondue! I wonder if I'll get banned in CUCINA if I dipped my finger into it like how they do in Willy Wonka's Candy Factory?

The Chinese Dimpol and I actually just came from a fiesta where loads of food was served in my aunt's house. We hoped to only eat small servings of the featured dishes and be on our way.

Note the word HOPE.

The little lords were happy that they could feast on their favorites like Sashimi and Seafoods all they want! Yohooo!

My first plate of appetizers!

Mati's mussels!


I thought at first the baked Salmon will just be MEH but this was my WOW moment for the night! It had super moist meat that was made more rich with the Wasabi cream. Eating it with the tomato Salsa added a unique freshness on the dish! Yummers!

Of course, not to be left out is the Pork Knucles with freakin' Foie Gras! Will you just look at that skin??? The crispiness is already popping out of the picture!!!!

To think that this is already glorious dish to begin with. But then, it's stuffed with Foie Gras? SACRE BLEU my dieting tummy!

My full plate beckons!


While the adults were busy eating and gabbing, the little lords were playing with Sky!

Sky loved his Kuya Andrei! Awwwww! He kept hugging him!

I heard that the noodles were good so I got me a bowl and filled it with seafoods and chili! 

I wasn't able to take a picture of it but I wiped cleap my plates of Indian food and pasta!

My dessert consisted of Creme Brulee and Chocolate Crinkles doused with the Chocolate syrup from the fondue. Yummm! I think I had 3 of those! So addicting!

Dear Mareng Joan arranged a birthday surprise by requesting for a cake from CUCINA!!! 

Then they all sang to me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Of course, Andrei blew the candle. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! 

It was a very fun night with my YAPPY BUNCH, foodie friends, AND awesome food at CUCINA! Thank you too for making my birthday Sundate more special!

Make your reservations ASAP at CUCINA to try out these new spectacular dishes!!!

Level 24, Marco Polo Ortigas Manila, 
Meralco Avenue & Sapphire Road, 
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
(+632) 720-7777


  1. Happy Birthday Ms. Jaz

    You are one of the bloggers I really like (promise!) Your reviews/kwentos are so interesting. You are so authentic in answering our comments, nakakatuwa. You made us feel so at home sa blog mo and not all bloggers do that. You made sure that you spend time chatting with us. And for that, here's my birthday wish for you.

    May you have more candles to blow, more foody kwentos and reviews, more readers and a baby girl na din hehehe...

    Happy Birthday!

    1. Yay!! Thanks dear Christine!!!!

      Don't worry, mauumay ka sa birthday posts ko ha ha ha ha ha!!! Promise ang dami. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I'll publish it after I finish sa mga bata. Nauna lang this one because people need to know na about Cucina's new dishes asap. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      Thank you so much again dear Christine! Me naman, everytime I check out my account, i go right ahead sa comments because really, nakakilig. I love reading your messages and appreciation at something that I put my heart in doing. Promise my blog is something so personal... Tipong online diary ha ha ha ha ha! I know I should be earning from it pero hindi e. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Talagang love ko lang talaga irecord everything.

      Naks! Thanks for the kind wishes on the candles to blow... more kwentos... reviews... readers... este baby girl?? Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! Let's see!!!!

      Thanks again dear Christine! Mmmwaaaah! Like I said, humanda ka sa birthday posts ko, mauumay ka! Kidding!!!!!


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