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Monday, March 13, 2017


Whenever we're at a weekend family staycation, I always make it a point to wake up early for the buffet breakfast.

Yup! Even if we stayed up alllll night lowng partying (Tugs! Tugs! Tee Hee!), I will still scream for everyone to wake up because we don't want to miss breakfast.

Because why should you???

Besides being the most important meal of the day, breakfast would always hit on something that will get you full and happy. And in a hotel, it's the only buffet where they will serve garlic rice AND creamy scrambled eggs -- two things I feel should be required in EVERY meal. So yes, I would never miss an opportunity to have breakfast. It would always have the dishes which would mostly have my favorites!

Usually though when we're in a hotel breakfast buffet, Andrei would just order ala carte since he has such a wittle wee appetite. But for this morning, the Yub and I decided that since we're celebrating his birthday, he could also partake in the buffet with us and get what he felt like eating.


Ah eh... Kidding. #hulika

Seriously though, I'm glad that the little lords were able to enjoy breakfast with us at NOBU HOTEL in CITY OF DREAMS. Normally, its hard to make them sit still and eat during mornings. And if they do eat, they're as fast as a hurricane because they're in a hurry to swim.  But in NOBU, they loved the food that I did not have to force them to fill their plates or wait for us. They happily hopped from one station to another and tried out the variety of breakfast food with the Japanese touch.

When you can, do try out the breakfast buffet at NOBU HOTEL. It's delicious breakfast food plus your usual Japanese favorites that's served on a whole new level!


Tugs! Tugs! 

Good morning NOBU HOTEL!!! It's time to have breakfast!

The NOBU restaurant reception.

Waiting for our table to get ready. We requested one that is near the buffet. He he he he he hee!



Not too shabby!!!


Could you see us?

Time to eat!

The NOBU Egg Station!

Always a popular stop for breakfast goers especially if you want to have your kind of omelette!

Beside the Egg Station is the NOBU Pancake and Waffle Station!


Japanese Waffles!

They also had the ordinary waffles and pancakes!

For the Main Entrees, NOBU has Garlic Rice (a MUST in every breakfast buffet if you ask me).

Potato Confit!


Roasted Cauliflower with Jalapeno Dressing!

This was so YUM!

NOBU Okonomiyaki!

This was CRAZY good too!!!

Scrambled Eggs with Salmon Pastrami!

DEFINITELY not your ordinary scrambled eggs!

Chicken Sausage!

Nobu Sausage!

NOBU Pastry Station!

Freshly Baked Breads!

Plus more!


A mouth-watering selection of desserts Almond Jelly Parfait, Strawberry Sago, Blueberry Chia, and Yoghurt!


Toppings for your muesli!


Fresh juice!

Little Andrei and I settled to our seats. My bunsoy already got himself a bowlful of the Taho (Yub was not able to take a picture of it from the buffet >:( ) and vowed to get a second bowl ASAP!!!!

My NT's (New Teenager) first plate!

Looks great ah!

My husband immediately went for the omelette station.

My plate! My very first plate!

And some buttery waffles!!!!

I also got Taho, a second serving of rice and creamy scrambled eggs, and many more. But one of my favorites that morning was the Okonomiyaki! It was scandalously delicious!! It became my 2-serving special that day!!!!!! SARAAAAAP!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in NOBU HOTEL for breakfast!


I asked NOBU if they could give Andrei a simple cake with candle (because we wanted to sing to him) and they gave us THIS!

Wow! So nice!!! Complete with Origami too!

The boys tried to read HAPPY BIRTHDAY in Japanese!

Thank you so much NOBU HOTEL!!!!

We sang to little Andrei again and again and again....

And he blew the candle again and again and again too!!!!

We didn't notice though that the Origami was ALIVE and it attacked the kiddies!!!


Tee Hee!

We really loved the breakfast at NOBU hotel! The spread may not be as long as other buffets but each dish had a gourmet style and taste to it that added to the stylishness of the place. Would certainly love to eat here again. It IS NOBU after all!

(Ala kolehiyala with braces) "Uy we're sho shoshy na haaa..."

Kidding!!! Ha ha ha ha! Sorry gutom lang to. 

Aseana Avenue corner Macapagal Ave., E
ntertainment City, Roxas Blvd, Paranaque, 
Parañaque, 1700 Metro Manila
Phone:(02) 800 8080


  1. Japanese food is life! But wait, no bacon on breakfast buffet?

    1. Hulloooo Erika!!! I know, right??? :) I think I noticed that after we finished eating na lang because we enjoyed the food. Ha ha ha ha ha! Ngayon ko tuloy na feel that something WAS indeed lacking. It's either bacon or danggit for me!


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